Magento Ajax Login

Magento Ajax Login


If you are looking for a way of making login procedure easier which doesn’t interrupt customer’s shopping process, Magento Ajax Login extension will probably meet your needs well. This is a comprehensive tool to reduce login time and improve customers’ satisfaction by elegant pop-up which allow visitors to get registered, sign in or recover their password in a few seconds.

With Ajax Login and Register, after just one customers’ click the Login button, a sleek & friendly pop-up window appears instantly. Visitors can create an account, log in, or recover the password directly from the pop-up window. This benefits your customers that they can close the popup at any time they want. Without being redirected to the Login page, thanks to that your customers can register while viewing any pages of your store.


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- Encourage customers to register

- Reduce customers’ login time

- Improve customers’ shopping satisfaction

- Boost sales based on the increase satisfaction of customer


- Quick login, registration, and password recovery processes

Effective Magento Ajax login tool enables customers to quickly sign in from any site pages even when they are shopping without being redirected to a login page. Besides, customers will satisfy with the function of fast and simple password recovery right from the login pop-up window.

- Registration form

Just take some simple but reasonable steps, customers can easily register to your online shop. Moreover, the Newsletter Subscription section – let visitors subscribe to newsletters of your store and be always in touch with you. This is how Magento Ajax Login extension helps you be close to your customers.

- URL redirection

This module not only allows you to redirect clients to any pages after successful logging in, registration, or password recovering but it also enable your customer to stay on the current page as well. This option will help you draw customers’ attention to the pages you want or let visitors stay on the current page without interrupting their shopping process. Choosing which way to set up is solely up to your decision.

- Easy and flexible settings

Ajax Login in Magento is very easy and user friendly. Only take several minutes to make login faster and increase customers’ satisfaction. By saving customers’ time and restraining redundant barriers on the customers’ ways of purchasing, and that makes the whole shopping process more efficiently and conveniently.

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