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There are a lot of modules available which do this job. But the major issue of all available modules is the responding time.

If you were a local store owner – would you ping the customer after 7 days – or would you ping them if you see that they are up to leave the store?

You can be pretty sure that if the customer leaves your shop he will place his order at a competitor within the next 2 hours.

We currently run own developed software and we ping the customer after 15 minutes – and even after 15 minutes there are many customer tell us that they did not complete the order for certain reasons but meanwhile placed their order somewhere else.

So how did you came to the idea to notify the customer after 7 days? Did you ever take 7 days to make a purchasing decision except for cars and real estate?

The 7 days was a starting point, if people would like further customization or feel that 7 days is too long. I have no issues with changing it. Also everyone’s scripts are different and someone may say “hey, 7 days is prefect to notify my customers about there shopping cart”.

i want to buy this plugin is it work on magento 1.7.2

yes it does.

mine does not have all of those.

@ chrengelke :D gud job.

Hi, can you send a screenshot of the email and configuration screen too ?

It’s all hard coded into the script.

really cool ! i wish you all the best for your sales