Magento 2 Image gallery + Product Photo Gallery Extension

Magento 2 Image gallery + Product Photo Gallery Extension

Magento 2 Image Gallery extension allows you to add photo gallery to your product and category pages. A dedicated photo gallery page displays all the images that are categorized in tabs. You can attach products and categories to swiftly create product image gallery. Enable popup or light-box as a magnifier for a clear product picture. Enable a carousel and configure lots of settings to beautifully present the photos to your audience.

  • Create an exclusive Photo Gallery Page on your website
  • Add photo Galleries to Products and Categories
  • Display photos in a Popup or Lightbox
  • Multiple attractive Photo Gallery display Styles
  • Display Social Sharing Icons with images
  • Restrict photo gallery to a Store View
  • Customize the Photo Carousel for higher usability



Add Photo Galleries to your eCommerce website

Magento 2 gallery extension allows you to create photo galleries to your eCommerce website by uploading captivating images. The plugin creates a dedicated page that showcases appealing photos to grabs users’ attention and diverts them back to products and CMS pages.


Attach Photo Galleries to Specific Products

You can attach relevant products to photo galleries while creating them. The filter search allows you to find products by name or ID, and quickly attach them to a photo album. It facilitates the potential buyers in viewing images and photography relevant to a product of their interest.


Assign Photo Albums to Categories or Subcategories

With Magento 2 Image gallery extension, you can attach photos to an entire category or one of its subcategories with a few clicks. The drop-down menu simplifies the attachment of categories to the photo albums. Let the users know and find products with the attachment of the relevant categories.


Display High-Quality Photos in a Popup or Light-box

The Magento 2 Photo Gallery extension is equipped with a magnifier features that allows you to display photos either in a popup window or a light-box. Select a magnifier type and configure the settings to make the gallery display more fascinating and attractive.


Social Media Share buttons Increases Your Social Exposure

Let the users of your website share their favorite images and gallery items to the social media network they use the most. This encourages your potential buyers to share images with their social circles on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest, and maximizes social media exposure of your business.


Manage the Display of Photo Albums for Specific Store Views

Restrict a photo gallery to a store view and decide which images to display in a region. Magento 2 Photo Gallery extension gives you the freedom to exhibit images to the users of different store views. Show your product or general photography to the relevant people and block the rest of the users.

\\ You can enable and customize a carousel to beautify the display of photos on your website. Turn on the slider with auto-play to show off more images and engage potential customers. Enable the navigation buttons so that users can slide back and forth the images manually as well. \\

Configure Image Settings for a Perfect Display

You can configure various image settings to ensure the photos display perfectly well to the end users.


Magento 2 gallery extension is empowered with basic SEO settings to ensure your rich photography and captivating images make it to the top of search engine result pages. You can configure details like Page title, SEO URL Identifier and Suffix, and Meta Keywords and Description.

  • Add name, description, and sorting order to photo album
  • Enable thumb on the front end
  • Permit images to display per page
  • Enable auto or manual Ajax load
  • Enable tabs, filters, and thumbs layout
  • Enable full-width gallery
  • Enter grid size
  • Configure title, position, animation, alignment, and color scheme of the caption
  • Enable photo zoom along with its speed and effects
  • Enable social media icons, configure its position and style as well
  • Allow Gallery Image Popup
  • Enable product related photo gallery display
  • Enable category related photo gallery display