Magento 2 Auction Extension

Magento 2 Auction Extension

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Magento 2 Auction Extension (M2 Auction Module) is an awesome Magento 2 Extension which brings a great solution to build an online auction system effectively. You have more features to create a powerful system for auction online such as joining in an Auction Online or Traditional for the product and service like on eBay and Amazon auction, the buyer can bid on those products to increase potential product competition.

This Lof Magento 2 Auction is better than Magento 2 Auction Extension Free, you can edit, manage the auction and set Automatic or Standard Auction which supports all product types with ease. Increase time on site drastically, more participants, and followed by the significant sale raise !!

Magento 2 Auction for outstanding online bidding strategy

This Magento Auction is a powerful Magento 2 Extension with perfect code design, essential features and easy to use. It’s made for all Magento 2 online businesses, including wholesalers, B2B companies, etc to build an online auction and let the buyers offering and bargaining prices for some kinds of products.

Coming with lots of stunning and essential features, Magento 2 Auction offers a great solution to create a Auction Online or Traditional for the product and service on the business Magento website.

Encourage potential customers to start the bid for their wanted products, increase customers’ engagement and time on site by planning outstanding oneline bidding strategies thanks to Magento 2 Auction. The extension help Magento stores to cleverly create, adjust and manage Auction campaigns that serve specific business purposes on different time around the year. Store admins are free to Organize online auction or traditional auction to satisfy different customer groups & business purpose!

Moreover, Magento 2 Auction allows eCommerce stores to set up the three most popular auction campaigns by using only one extension, including Standard Auction | Reserve Auction | Increment Auction,. Each kind of auctions will be suitable for certain business purposes and customer groups.


This Auction Extension for Magento 2 brings a flawlessly auction bidding workflow system on Magento 2. Simple process for bidding: Set auction, Request bid, Determine highest bid, choose winner.

Learn How M2 Auction Work in your Magento 2

Click here to discover all features of Auction Magento 2. How Landofcoder Magento 2 Auction Extension works in your Magento 2.


Auction with Mobile-first

This M2 Auction extension is optimized for mobile friendly websites which brings a great customers’ experience on any device screens. All auction features look great on mobile, desktop, macbook, tablets and other devices.

Attractive Auction Page

Using M2 Auction Extension, you can create an attractive page auction with all products in the auction campaign in a neat and clean layout. Customers can find all bidding details on this auction page about start and end date/time, the countdown, highlighted bidding time left, current bid amount, the bid placed, the number of products, option to install standard or automatic bid,...

3 Types of Auction Support

Auction Extension for Magento 2 supports 3 Auction types: Standard Auction, Reserve Auction, Increment Auction. It’s easy to set an auction type which is suitable for your desire.

Standard Auction: This kind of auction is very popular and easy to conduct. You can enable this auction in the “Auction” function of the admin panel after installing the Magento 2 Auction Module. The working principle is that you will start the bid at a certain price, and the bidders will bid on the product. The bidder paying at the highest price will be the winner.

Reserve Auction: In this kind of auction, the sellers can set an acceptable price at which you are willing to sell your products to the customers. Any item for auction will be purchased only after the bidding price is equal to or exceeding the fixed amount.

Increment Auction: This kind of auction is quite similar to a standard auction in which the offer price is raised for each bid. However, in an increment auction, the bid must be raised at a minimum amount each time. This “minimum amount” is called increment bidding and it can be set and adjusted flexibly by the admin. The admin can also enable or disable increment auction for each product.

Unlimited Auction on Product

Create unlimited auction and such as Add, Edit, Update, set time With M2 Auction Extension you have full management on adding unlimited new auctions, edit, update and set detail time for auctions.

Available Auction For Current & Upcoming Product

This Auction Extension displays auctions for both current & upcoming products that help you measure which products are on trend or hot? What are real customers’ needs? Then the shop can target the right potential customers with hot products.

As a result, sales can be boosted drastically. Also, it is the best way to increase time on-site, traffic which has a big impact on site ranking for each search engine.

Restrict Customers Rebidding & Spam Bidding

Customers have to wait for each bid, they can not spam or rebid too much or use a tool for cheating. They have to wait a second time for the next bid. All suspicious auction operations can be prevented with Magento 2 Auction extension.

This Landofcoder Auction extension allows store admin to set status for each bidder who has suspicious operation action. Plus, customers will be requested to wait for certain minutes to continue bidding if they make too many bids in a short period of time.

Email Reminder To Customers Before Bidding

The bidding system automatically sends email reminders to customers before bidding to help them catch their chance to bid and get a reasonable product. The customers need to be announced about their auction result via email and their accounts on your website so that the winners can prepare to finish their purchase.

The Magento 2 Auction Extension provides you numerous templates of email notification & messages to send to the customers. You can simply adjust & make them suitable for any purpose.

Fully Support Rest API

M2 Auction has a Rest API to allow other apps to connect with your Magento 2 store and collect data easily without login admin. This Auction Extension for Magento 2 support with API. After purchasing the module, we’ll send you the rest API if you request.

Email Reminder for Bidder

It is so essential to notify bidders if there is someone to place a high bid. They can re-bid again with a high bid that increases the rate of being the winner. With the support of automatic system notification, bidders can know the status of the auction campaign, other bidders. Customize email notification to bidder when others place a high bid, be a winner, upload customize email template and content message.

Easy to Check Bidder’s Detail & Bidder Accounts

This M2 Auction Extension lets you know the detailed bidding of participants. Check bid details and bidders’ accounts for each auction campaign. You can easily check and look for any kind of bidders’ information like auction product, bidding price, bidding status. By this way, you can follow the status of your placed bids quickly as well as have an overview of your customers and then identify the group of potential customers for auction.

Import & Export Auction CSV file

If you have big data for auction, and you are looking for a quick way to import data for your Magento 2? Let Landofcoder Magento 2 Auction Extension help you. It’s super time-saving and cost-saving by importing and exporting the Auction file if you want to upload a mass of data auction.

RTL Support

Auction for Magento 2 is well-supported in multiple languages and RTL languages for international and globalization purposes – Essential features for any ecommerce business website in global.

Dedicated Support

Coming with us, you will get the most enjoyable customer experiences. Our dedicated support team is always here to help if you have any issues.


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