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Hi, This page says “Software Version Android 3.2”, but I just purchased and it is Android 5.0 supported only, if I downgrade version then Material design issue comes and it says for material design you must compile with api level 21. What should I do to add support for as low as API level 11 ?

No problem, please contact me by support@gocoders.net and I’ll send you the new package. I’ll update source code on Codecanyon soon. Tks. =)

Hello GoCoder,

No doubt your app is great and best looking. But the content of the app looks blown on certan devices. Galaxy S6 its good. Galaxy S5 its blown 10%, Nexus 5X its blown 10%, Motorola G3 its Blown 300%.

I have sent a mail to you regarding the same. Please help to fix the issue.

Answered by e-mail as requested.

Thanks a lot. Will test the solution provided by you

nice!!! any plans for in app purchase or subscriptions?

Thank you, jpatinop! I have no plans for now.

Hi I already purchase this magazine app template today. Is it possible to add admob? and could you help me how to add admob banner and interstitial to the project since there is no documentation about admob on help file. Thanks

Hi. Thank you for your purchase. I can do it for you for free. Please send your api key for support@gocoders.net. I’ll send a new project with admob. Tks.

Hi. I already try to build the apk and I have same problem as farooqqzed mention on above comment. When I try to target lower API e.g. API level 15 or lower than API level 21 it has issue on style.xml and it said that it has to compiled with API level 21. Is there any solution to target API lower than API level 21? I need to target API level 15 above.Thanks in advance.

I just sent the project with AdMod and good for API 13 by mail for you. All for free. Thank you! =)

Could you please send AdMob integration project?

Sure. Plase send an email to support@gocoders.net. tks.

Sure. Plase send an email to support@gocoders.net. tks.

Hi, I want to show the App name and Session in an language other than English. How to do it?

For example i have added: <string name="session_01">"??????? ?????????? ?????????"</string> in the strings.xml file. The content is in UTF-8. But when i navigate to ViewerActivity.Java file, i can see it is not displayed properly. it is broken. Please help.

Hi. I can’t understand your problem. Can you please send some print screen for support@gocoders.net? Tks.

Admob is impossible to establish? Please send me ledokol73@gmail.com

I think very long time. Please send the sizes of images that should be in the folder tmb and pag

Answered by email.

Hi, do you have IOS App?

Not yet, sorry.

I Will Purchase if the Project Build on ECLIPSE IDE

You cannot import the project directly but it’s not to hard to achieve it:

- Create a new Android empty project in eclipse.
- Overwrite the fresh res/ folder and the AndroidManifest.xml file, with the ones from the Android Studio project.
- Copy the content of the java/ folder from the Android Studio project (it should contain your package name folder structure, like com/example/app/, and the java files of course) in the Eclipse src folder.
- Link your needed libraries if it’s the case.

Basically the Android application fundamental elements are the java files, the manifest file and the resources. From there you can build back a project in your favorite IDE.

Oke Thanks…gocoders

You are welcome. =)

Hi I am looking to buy this app but I have two pre-sale questions. 1. Is it possible to change content or update news pages of this app? Secondly is it possible to have GCM to send notification whenever there is news pages update?

I look forward to your response


Hi globaintraco, 1. For change the content you need to recompile and redeploy de app. 2. That feature is not implemented on app, but everthing is possible for a Android developer, you just need to be an Android developer or to have a budget to hire one. =)

Thank you! Excellent app)

Thank you a lot! You’re welcome. =)

very slow

Sorry? What you talking bout? Can you specify the device that you are using?


arubh Purchased

Admob implement codes and pdf image not fit on the screen Send me Update Code Email – Shashikant683@gmail.com

Hi arubh. Please use e-mail for support (support@gocoders.net) requests. Thank you. =)

This page says “Software Version Android 3.2”, but I just purchased and it is Android 5.0 supported only, if I downgrade version then Material design issue comes and it says for material design you must compile with api level 21. What should I do to add support for as low as API level 11. please tell me how to add admob banner and interstitial and please tell me how to project Project Build on ECLIPSE IDE. How many pages max add in one app because i have my book 1000 pages and i want to convert in app. I write a email please reply back in my email.

Once again, please use e-mail (support@gocoders.net) for support requests. I just sent the download link by e-mail to you. Tks.

please reply me…. on email.

As always, returned by email.

Hey friend. I am interested in you application. If i buy it will integrate Admob banner and Interstitial for me? Also fix the API problem the guys were talking about earlier? Thx

Hi, ukeepit9. Once you buy, just send an e-mail to <support@gocoders.net> and I’ll send a link to donwload the Android Studio Project with Admob and good for API level 13. Sounds good? The guy that complains is just a dumb guy, you can see the other reviews to comprove the real feedback. =)

Hi, I want to buy this app. But i need to know does it have ADMOB integrated and is it eclipse or Android Studio project. I am interested in eclipse project as i don’t know android studio. Please let me know ASAP.


I’m sorry, but it is not a product problem if you do not know how to use the CD command on cmd prompt. =)

Well I know CMD a bit but there was something missing that i was doing wrong which you already told me now what i was doing wrong so i am Happy that you finally solved my problem. Many Many Thanks:)

You’re welcome! =)

i can put pdf file in the app ? and the app show the pdf ?

Not exactly. You convert the PDF into images, then use PageGen (included on package for free) to generate pages and then put the files in the app source. You can read the help file if you want, here: http://gocoders.net/Codecanyon/MagazineApp/help/


i am looking forward with this app but have some pre-sales question:
1. does this app will have a backend
2. does the app has ios version. very much keen of having ios version too

1. No, Magazine App is a stand alone app. If you look for a more complete app, you need Publication App (https://codecanyon.net/item/publication-app/17605185). 2. Sorry, not yet. Just Android for now. Thank you. =)

Hi i have 2 questions… Can this app have a little starting menu (a very simple 3 buttons that can be changes in jpg or something like that) for example: “see full book”, See sections” I dont know .. “extras”.... ?? and the second question… can it have a little animation when you go trough pages like when you changing the page of a book?... can it be done? What would be the extra price if this could be done? Thank you =)

Hi there! Can you please send the questions to support@gocoders.net? We can discuss better by email. Thank you. =)

1) demo preview does not work . 2) Can we add login page (only for subscribed users) 3) please send me a demo apk bazilbycom20@gmail.com

Hi there! 1) If you look in the bottom of demo page, there is a link for download APK demo. 2) Sure, we can do it. If wanna a budget please send a email to support@gocoders.net. Thank you a lot! =)