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Where are the multimedia overlays?

Overlays are not available in the Wordpress version yet. These are only available in the standalone Javascript version.

I can’t upload my PDF/it shows up blank

While Magalone does not limit the PDF size, most server configurations limit the PHP upload size to 8 – 16 MB. You need to contact your hosting provider to increase the limit in order to upload your document.

I get the error “No upload.php file found or incorrect file”

Your server/hosting configuration or a plugin/extension is not allowing Magalone to communicate with the upload.php file. Usually if you have a security plugin installed it is most likely the culprit, otherwise you will need to contact your hosting provider.

Can I have more than one Flipbook on a single page?


I get an error that starts with “Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘[’...”

You need at least PHP version 5.4 or higher in order to run Magalone. Contact your hosting provider to upgrade your PHP runtime.

I don’t see a button to add a flipbook in my post editor

Currently Magalone only supports the default TinyMCE editor. The button might not show up if you use a different editor.

The upload stays at “Preparing…” and does not advance.

This can have two common causes:

  1. Your server has gzip compression enabled, this blocks the PDF library that we use from correctly reading the download progress. Turn off compression for the Magalone folders. If you don’t know how to do this, contact your hosting provider.
  2. You have a custom 404 error page set that omits the 404 status header. Since Magalone checks for a 404 error to determine whether a flipbook has already been generated, this makes Magalone think that no further processing is required. Disable the error page temporarily, or for the Magalone plugin folder; or adjust your error page so the 404 status is still being sent by the server. If you don’t know how to do this, contact your hosting provider.

If none of these apply to you, kindly call up the developer console in your browser:

  • Safari: Ensure that “Show Develop menu in menu bar” is enabled under “Safari” > “Preferences” > “Advanced“, then Press Command-Option-C to open the Console.
  • All other Browsers: Press F12 and click on the “Console” tab in the new window.

Copy the contents displayed here and send them to our support. Don’t forget to include a link to your website so we can have a look at it ourselves!

Everything works fine but half my pages (not all) are missing!

During the flipbook generation, Magalone makes a lot of requests to your server. If you have a flood/(D)DoS protection service or plugin you need to add an exception for Magalone or disable it temporarily. Sometimes these plugin block the Magalone generation requests inadvertently.

Pages take forever to load and show up in pieces!

Depending on the complexity of your PDF document, pages can take a long time to render. Especially if you export your document directly from a desktop publishing software such as Adobe’s InDesign, the exported document can often be very taxing to display.

You can try simplifying your document, or barring that enable the “No PDF” checkbox when inserting the shortcode in your post/page editor. This will make Magalone show only the pre-generated images for the pages instead of rendering the full PDF.

I am using plugin/theme XXX. Is Magalone compatible?

Magalone only requires that you use the default TinyMCE editor in order for the Shortcode insert button to show up. Any other plugins should not pose any problem unless they are security/protection plugins, in which case you might want to take a look at the other questions.

Can I protect/hide/encrypt my PDF document?

No, such a feature is currently not supported.

Do I need XXX installed to make a Flipbook?

No. Magalone only requires that your server allows file uploads. Any and all processing and rendering is done in your browser.

Can I host my documents on another server/cloud storage?

No, this is currently not supported, you will need to add your documents through the Magalone Wordpress admin panel.

I have enabled the page flip animation but it is not flipping!

As indicated, for the animations to work, your document needs to have a uniform page size. Even if just one page is 1 pixel different in height/width, Magalone will disable animations automatically.

I have links/anchors in my PDF document? How can I make them clickable?

This is not currently supported but will come in a future version!

The document generation is stuck at page X of Y!

Most likely your PDF document is corrupted or has a very unusual format. Try uploading one more time, otherwise try exporting your PDF document with different settings.

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