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I updated to 1.1 but still windows explorer ERROR No upload.php …?


i dont get contact or any reply

afater update 5 april still IE 11 not working..????


I buy Magalone for 32$.

Upload works great but i don’t see in Post or Page the mini-logo from Magalone to add the PDF!

Please help!

Herman Van Aken Belgium


I buyed Magalone For Wordpress: My Purcharge code = 53cd2a20-cec9-4f2e-99a6-188757014b24

The upload works great but i don’t see the mini-magalone icon in Page or Post edit Bar.

Please help me quick.

Herman Van Aken herman.van.aken@pandora.be +32 475 28 31 06

By upload PDF there are always 8 pages… even when I upload a PDF with one page.

The thumbnails doesn’t change. Please provide me more detail how to install this Plugin correct.

Even in the MCE editor … there is no Magalone overlay.

I use Visual Composer… If I can’t use it in my project. Please refund



Hi, Can I get a decent answer? Thanks in advance. Herman.

Hello webx2,

the first and second problem is probably caused by improper permissions for the wp-content/magalone folder, which doesn’t allow magalone to delete or override files.

Magalone is not tested with Visual Composer. If you can’t use Magalone you can request a refund from your purchase history. Unfortunately we cannot do this on our own.

Best regards,

The Magalone Team

Please can you help us out dont get it working in IE 11

I downloaded new and installed it again still 1.1…;((

Please let us know when we can download the new version 1.3 at codecanyon?

Would be great to have this working today for my client.

Hello Amsterbram,

we have no control over the review process, so we cannot give you a time when it happens. But it should be available now.

Best regards,

The Magalone Team


I have some pre sales questions:-

1. Is this plug in works on any word-press theme/templete? 2. In the demo “default view” full screen isn’t working, will full screen and page resizing works on live server? 3. Does this plugin have pdf page limitation?


Hello Allydege,

1. It should, yes.

2. Fullscreen has problems with the iframe hosting by EnvatoMarket, it will cause some browsers to not show the dialog to allow Magalone to go fullscreen since it is an external site. You need to click the “remove frame” at the top of the screen, it should work them.

3. No, there is no limit to the amount of pages, but depending on the size of your PDF document you will have to contact your hosting provider to up your PHP file upload limit (usually 8 or 16 MB) to allow the upload of the full document.

Best regards,

The Magalone Team

Purchase code: 1d3d53a7-fd39-412d-ba93-0a5581969ada

Hi, I have purchased and installed your plugin but am having a few problems:

I need to display more than 1 pdf on a single page? Is this possible? When I try it only shows the second one. On the second one, it also then does a weird ghosting overlay of the first one on top of it… Switching from one document to the next when I scroll through. See: http://vicimediagroup.com/print/


Hello ViciMediaGroup,

it is currently not possible to display more than one Magalone Viewer on a single page; you will have to spread out your content to multiple pages.

Best regards,

The Magalone Team

Would it be possible to get a refund then? I don’t see that listed anywhere and it is essential to our needs.


Cod: 61dea2dc-a6d2-4efb-8e27-113d166e9b6d

Good night Sir.

I need help, I bought the plugin according to the code above. But I can not use the same. I can not upload files. Is there a process to do in the installation? Type permissions on what file? It simply after selecting the PDF gets a progress bar that never loads.

I look forward to returning as soon as possible, Grateful!