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Thanks @DEV-Themes.

Please share your ionic app link for install. How to config payment gateway.

Hi mila_kumar, This app doesn’t have any backend implementation. However we are bringing another version of the same, with WooCommerce,Wordpress,Card.io and Stripe Payment Integration within a week. For this app to try, you can use ionic view app. ID: 744952EC

Hi mila_kumar, here is the another version of Maestro with payment gateway integrated: https://codecanyon.net/item/maestro-full-android-ios-ecommerce-app-integrated-with-woocommerce/18785241

Awesome! Any estimated time for the woocommerce version release? Will it be full integrated?

@virtualgraph We are planning to submit for review tomorrow, Hopefully, by 14th it will be available. and yes, it is fully integrated with woo-commerce including signup and sign in with Wordpress Rest API.

Great! Waiting for full integration :)

Wow! Great work mate! And good luck!

@YSB thanks mate

YSB, check our advanced version of Maestro with WooCommerce, Wordpress, Card.io and Stripe Payment Integration. https://codecanyon.net/item/maestro-full-android-ios-ecommerce-app-integrated-with-woocommerce/18785241

demo or .apk file ?

we are providing ionic view id for try out, which is compatible with ios and android. http://view.ionic.io

thank you we are waiting

Thanks @emremen you can try out this template with ionic view now with ID: 744952EC

good work, very nice ! all the best for your sales ;)

@EricProchnow Thanks mate.

with back-end ?

@ youngcyber This version is without back-end implementation. We will be releasing an advanced version with backend implementation within next few weeks.

Hello youngcyber, check out advanced version of Maestro with backend and payment gateway: https://codecanyon.net/item/maestro-full-android-ios-ecommerce-app-integrated-with-woocommerce/18785241

How much will the WooCommerce file cost?

WooCommerce Version is under review by Envato team at the moment. It will be around $52 – $59.

Hello GoodOlang, check out our advanced version of Maestro with WooCommerce and many more new features. https://codecanyon.net/item/maestro-full-android-ios-ecommerce-app-integrated-with-woocommerce/18785241

Will the woo commerce version be allowed to use the existing payment gateways enabled in WooCommerce. and all of the plugins?

I need the ability to use the custom payment solution. Can u help with that?

Sure, We do custom work as well. send us an email with your requirements at hello@pinrotech.com

Hello Whardson, please check out advanced version of Maestro with payment system and many more new feature. https://codecanyon.net/item/maestro-full-android-ios-ecommerce-app-integrated-with-woocommerce/18785241

Do u have the ability to use Wordpress with the app to show Blogs on the app

Yes, you can get posts from Wordpress in your app

No push notifications?

Not for this version, but it is due for next update when it is available.

When do u think that will be?

All depends on how long Envato takes to approve our woo-commerce version. After that, we are hoping to release a bi-monthly update

Hi i just bought this, and the app doesnt run on ios, its just stuck on the splash screen with a spinning loader, any thoughts ?

sounds like, missing plugins. Please follow the documentation for installation. If still having problem, send an email to support@pinrotech.com with your purchase code. Thanks

Magento version planned ?

yes, but it before that we need to develop for ionic version 2.

Good Luck With Sale :)

Hi, is it compatible with WooCommerce ? like connecting with API Key ?

Do u plan to update the app?

So I will have to pay for the seperate app?

And this version doesn’t have a payment gateway integrated at all?

Ionic 1 and Ionic 3 have a different architecture. So Ionic 3 would be a completely new build and we would post it separately. This version currently has Stripe payment gateway integrated.

Any idea when Ionic v3 version will be available? Interested in purchasing.

We are working on the new version. Since it’s a major release and we could not provide a specific time frame now but the new version will be available to all of our existing customers for FREE.

Just to make it clear, Ionic 3 version has a completely different architecture and will be available as a separate product. You could follow us for notification as soon as a new product is posted.

We’ll keep on maintaining current version and will be adding more features in the future as updates, which will be available for free to all buyers. Thanks.

Hello .. Before buying – I want to apply ios and Android full files and not just the interface I want payment pages and shipping and everything .. I want link information and cost