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Hello, works well on a ipad pro?

Hello, Sorry for the delay. We haven’t tested it with iPad pro. However, with slight modification as per Ionic documentation, you might be able to make it work well with iPad. Thanks.

does it support multi vendors?

Thanks for your interest in Maestro. WooCommerce doesn’t expose third-party plugin functionalities. If your multi-vendor plugin supports REST API, this can be implemented with custom development.

I want to test this in the ionic View App but the code doesn’t work. I get an error ‘no public access for ID found’

Please send code for testing app.


Please use ID f3150e08 to preview. Some of the features might not work in ionic preview due to unavailability of a few cordova plugins in there. Please use to APK from the link below to test on Android device – https://www.dropbox.com/s/0fxt2ha9eik00gj/maestro3-woocommerce.apk?dl=0


1. Is this native app (For android & Ios) Or it just fetches data from web url ? 2. Does it support opencart version or only supports woo-commerce ? 3. Can you also add a feature of chat in this app ?

Thanks for your interest in Maestro. 1. It’s a Hybrid App built with Ionic Framework version 1. 2. It supports woo-commerce only. 3. Surely we can. Please send an email to hello@pinrotech.com with your requirements for a quote.

Hello, I’m interested in using this but my main desire is to have delivery and pickup built in. If I would use a plugin like this: https://wordpress.org/plugins/byconsole-woo-order-delivery-time/ How would that integrate with this app?

Hi Nelson, the plugin doesn’t extend WooCommerce REST API functionality. So, it would require custom development with API logic to implement the feature.

Thank you for explaining that. I also have found other plugins, some made by WooCommerce that allow delivery and pickup. Would those integrate with this app?

They won’t unless the plugin says it extends WooCommerce REST API.

why this hasn’t been updated.

Thanks for your interest in Maestro. If you mean why this hasn’t been updated to the latest Ionic, it’s because Ionic 1 and Ionic 2+ have completely different architectures and so do Angular 1 and 2+. So, Ionic 2+ item, currently Maestro Ionic 3, has been uploaded as a separate product.


if possible when we buy the product and we give you itunes and google dev account, create and publish the app for we ?

Thank you and have a nice day,

Shopizor.com Support

Thanks for your interest in Maestro. Surely, we can help you with that at an additional cost. Please email hello@pinrotech.com for a quote.

Hello, is it possible to integrate Razorpay payment gateway?

You can integrate other payment systems in the app. You should follow the technical documents of each payment system. Thanks.

Please i want to purchase your app design but i want to confirm if it can work for a multivendor website, i will be using the wordpress mltivendor plugin or yith multivendor plugin, and also i want to confirm if it works directly with the wordpress website i want to build an app for

Thanks for your interest in Maestro. It doesn’t work with multivendor plugin out of the box. Please check with the plugin developer, if it extends WooCommerce REST API functionality. If yes, you can integrate it with custom development.

Hi , is it support RTL ?

Thanks for your interest in Maestro. It doesn’t support RTL out of the box. To implement RTL, you have to follow Ionic guidelines. Most of the features are implemented with Ionic components, which would work straight away, although you might require some changes to the custom styles.

Hi there, Can I build this app using PhoneGap? Do you have documentation? I want to see before I buy as I wasted my money few app codes and they are useless. Please advise if you app code can be used on phonegap to build Ios and Android app?

Hi, it’s possible to build with PhoneGap making some changes to the config.xml file. However, Ionic build service is quite straightforward and we don’t provide support to build with PhoneGap.

Hello there, I bought this template some time ago I managed to connect it to my Wordpress eCommerce site without much effort! Really recommend this template!

On the other hand Ionic updates very quickly and this template unfortunately is out of date with the latest Ionic version. Will you update this template? If not users like me who have purchased the older template, can we download your new template in Ionic 3 as a compensation?

Thanks in advance!

Hello, thanks for your purchase. I believe you know Ionic 1 and Ionic 2+ have completely different architecture and we had to developer Ionic 3 version from scratch. So, this app for developers comfortable with Ionic 1 and Angular 1; and Maestro 3 is for developers comfortable with Ionic 3 and Angular 4+. Ionic still supports version 1. I am afraid, we cannot offer Ionic 3 for free.

Will there be updates for ios 11? After buying this product and download the files what eles should i buy or do establish my store for example do i need api?

Thanks for your query. This app works with iOS 11. For the app to work, you would need a WordPress site with WooCommerce. This app comes with a web-service, that you need to upload to a server and connect to the app. Details documentation is provided with the app.

Pinro apps are 4, with price difference so can you tell the price differ please?

does this app send notifications to users?

Thanks for your interest in Maestro. Push notification is not implemented. You would require further development for it.

do you have any apk file for ionic 1 ? or view for 1 ?

does this app support woocomerce multi vendor? i mean does it show vendor name in product details…? does it show vendor page with all vendor product?

Thanks for your interest in Maestro. WooCommerce API doesn’t expose third-party plugin functionalities out of the box. It would require custom development.

What Ionic version use for this app? What is the difference with Maestro 3 version?

Thanks for your interest in Maestro. This one is build with Ionic Version 1. Maestro 3 is built with Ionic 3. Ionic 3 has different architecture, so does Maestro 3.