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I still have to sign in first when i use the Ionic view app ?

No. You can view the app by entering app id in Ionic View app. Thanks.

I’v done than, but I need to Login first.

Please clear app data and try viewing it again.

Hello Does this app work with woocommerce affiliate external products? Thak you

This app at this time doesn’t support any extension as woo-commerce API doesn’t expose that by default.

Hi, i am looking to buy your plugin, i have few question. 1, Will it convert my wordpress(woocommerce) website to app? 2. Will the same payment gateway will work on app. 3. How i will host the app 4. Will it create IOS, anderoid and window all app

Thank You

1. The app will connect with your website’s WooCommerce functionalities of your WooCommerce website exposed by WooCommerce API.

2. Payment gateway has to be configured separately on App, right now Stripe has been integrated with the App.

3. You don’t need to host the App as the information will be available from you existing wooCommerce site. Obviously, you need to publish the app to Google Play and AppStore for your clients to download and install.

4. Only Android and iOS platforms are added but you can easily add Windows platform, please check out Ionic Framework documentaion.

I have some questions before I buy.

1. Are the categories and products synced from Woocommerce? 2. Some of my products have free shipping some have paid shipping (two shipping methods). If a costumer adds a product which has free shipping and one product where they can chose the shipping method does the app support this kind of case? 3. Can I send push notifications to users? 4. How many category levels does this support? I have the order like this: Category > Sub Category > Sub Sub Category. Does it support 3 levels? 5. Can users sign in with the same username they have in website? 6. When signing up, do these information get stored in the woocommerce site? 7. When they buy, add to wishlist, cancel order etc; are these information synced to woocommerce site?

Thank you.

1. Yes, categories and products are synced from WooCommerce.

2. Dynamic shipping method is not configured yet. We will look into that in the future updates.

3. Push notification is not implemented, but it’s on our list for the future updates.

4. Only parent categories have been configured on the menu list. But can be easily converted to show sub-categories as the information is available on API call.

5. Yes, they would use same credentials. 6. Yes, the information is stored on the site. 7. Customers cannot cancel orders from the app at the moment. But when they buy, buying process, confirmation emails etc. are handled by WooCommerce. Wishlist stays on phone storage, as it’s not yet exposed in WooCommerce API.

Hi. Maestro support russian language? And I can run Maestro in Microsoft Visual Studio? Or only in Ionic? Thanks!!

Maestro is developed in English and API call returns data in default language from the API. So, if you are considering Russian language only, it should work. But it would require custom development for multi-language support. Thanks.

And yes, you can open it in Visual Studio with necessary Ionic plugins installed.

Hi, One pre-sale question. I am from India and stripe payment gateway is not supported in our country as of now. We have payumoney, razorpay and paytm as options. Can these be integrated in the app if yes then how ?

You can integrate other payment systems in the app. You should follow the technical documents of each payment system. Thanks.

hi i sended to you email please answer support@pinritech.com

Hello, email address is not correct. Please email to support@pinrotech.com

hello please help me with this function.php I added codes but nothing change still no products and I have XMLHttpRequest error

Your ticket has been assigned to one of our Developer. We will reply shortly.

Hi, Sounds really amazing, very keen, I just have a few questions 1. Do i need a Woocommerce Website? 2. If so, the does it link to the app? 3. I have allot of Woo extensions, will it be active on the App? 4. Do you offer custom payment config for custom payment gateways, ie- for South Africa?

Thanks mate. 1. Yes, WooCommerce website is required. 2. The app will connect with your website’s WooCommerce functionalities of your WooCommerce website exposed by WooCommerce API. 3. This app at this time doesn’t support any extension as woo-commerce API doesn’t expose that by default 4. Please email us your requirement to hello@pinrotech.com for custom development.

hi! Excellent work. Just a few questions:

1. Can users chat? 2. Can users comment on products? 3. Any push notifications? 4. Regular notifications? 5. Can users sell their own products?


Hi, we are not offering these features yet. Thanks.

Awesome! Any estimated time for the Magento version release?

I have sent several emails to request a custom development and I did not get an answer yet.

We have not decided release date. Can you please send us an email for your requirement, we will get back to you asap. Thanks.

Hello, I have a quick pre-order questions, 1. will this work with any type of payment gateway integrated? 2. Can I change the look and feel of the app to my preferred color and fonts? 3. Does it work with my custom shipping set up? 4. Finally do you offer customization service?

Hi, thanks for reaching out. Payment gateway has to be configured separately for mobile apps. Surely you can change colors and fonts. You can change colors by changing variables in well organised SASS or you can change it in CSS; however, you prefer. Custom shipping has to be configured on the app. Please send your requirements to hello@pinrotech.com for custom development. Thanks.

hi can i use this app as catalog mode i.e. no add to cart? thanks

Surely you can with a slight modification – remove add to cart button and skip login/signup.

hi product variable not showing correctly.why? only 1 color visible in circle

Please send details to support@pinrotech.com with variation response on from API if possible. A member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks.

Yes, we can. Please email your requirement to hello@pinrotech.com for custom development estimate. Thanks.


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In you downloaded folder, navigate to server folder and change $appId, $appSecret, $site_url, $consumer_key, $consumer_secret variables in _variable.php file. You have got $consumer_key, $consumer_secret generated from Woocommerce API setup. $site_url is where your wordpress site is running and $appId, $appSecret are your own.

Where do I find my App ID?

Thanks for your purchase. $appId, $appSecret are for the security of the API and you can choose whatever values you give to $appId, $appSecret. Just make sure same values are given to your Ionic app.


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Thanks so I should just choose any random strings. This is not something that I get from WooCommerce correct or any other place. I make this up?

Yes, you make this up for your API security.


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Yes I second the Magento release. PLEASE!!!!!!!!

Thanks for your suggestion. We are adding it into our roadmap.


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hi! /Users/emiryayla/Desktop/app/platforms/ios/e-commerce/Classes/AppDelegate.h:28:9: ‘Cordova/CDVViewController.h’ file not found (when add platform iOS ) please help


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hi its posible to make on every purchase %5 discount, in check out page


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up here my code and say me please its possible to take category images

Replied to your email to Pinro Support. Thanks.

Does this scale to work with tablets also