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whardson Purchased

My app is showing the currency of GBP but my Woocommerce store is in dollars

GBP is static on app template as currency values are a bit buggy with WooCommerce API. Please change them in templates files.


whardson Purchased

Does the Editorial Page need to be named “Editorial”?

You can change it to whatever you like. But please remember, current app configuration call for products in’ editorial’ category for Editorial Page. So if you want to show products from a different category, you have to change slug name in MainCtrl in www>js>controllers.js


whardson Purchased


Can I add different color variables for different products?, when I checked the demo I found out that all the products have the same three color options!

Thanks for reaching out. Surely you can. Those colors are the values given to the product variations on WooCommerce. So whatever color you add to the variation, will be shown on the app.

Does it work for hosted Wordpress like pressable.com? Or do I have to have it in my own server.

Thank for reaching out. Yes, it should work as long as you can install plugins on your Wordpress site and enable API consumption in WooCommerce


dssaraph Purchased

Hello, I’ve purchased this app today and I’m unable to open the zipped folder. I’m getting a message saying the zip is invalid. Please help.

Just downloaded the zip file and tested. It works fine. Please send an email to support@pinrotech.com with your purchase code, we’ll email you the zip file.


dssaraph Purchased

Just sent an email. Thank you.

Replied back with a download link that expires in 48 hours. Please check.


whardson Purchased

I am having build problems. Here is the error for both ios and android

Creating Cordova project for the iOS platform:

Path: platforms/ios
Package: com.ionicframework.ecommerce821645
Name: XYZ

iOS project created with cordova-ios@4.3.1

Error: Invalid character in entity name Line: 8 Column: 114 Char:


whardson Purchased

Changed the ionic app id. It is (624c8bd7)

Please check your email for detailed reply.


whardson Purchased

It still didn’t work. I sent u an email back.


whardson Purchased

Is the Card.io required?

For the current configuration and card scanning, yes it is required. If you don’t wish to use this plugin, you have to modify payment page template and js to meet your need.

Followed the steps provided but the categories and products aren’t showing up

Uploaded the server file on my server, changed the values mentioned!

I use the same Woocommerce website with another ionic app and it works fine!

am I missing something? Do I have to do anything after uploading the server file and changing the values in app file?

Can you please email our support team at support@pinrotech.com

Any idea when Paypal will be available? what else will be available in next version? Great app, but i need Paypal!

Thanks for your interest. We are now focusing on Ionic 2. Once we are done, we’ll integrate PayPal on both of them.

Hi there. Can you integrate with SenangPay or MolPay, Malaysia payment gateway for custom work?

If it already has an API then it is possible to implement with custom development. Preferably either a mobile SDK or just a REST API.

Just a quick heads up for anyone that runs into the same issue I was having… Was getting the error messages:

npm WARN e-commerce@2.0.0 No repository field. npm WARN e-commerce@2.0.0 No license field.

When trying to server/emulate on ios.

Traced it back to /plugins/com.keep.cardio/plugin.xml

In the description tag there is a ‘&’ – just remove it.

Thanks for posting your workaround. Although, we haven’t found this in development.


whardson Purchased

When I go to my settings page I get a index.html pop up error. Please advise I sent u an email on this a couple of days ago.

Replied to your email. Please check.

Does the inventory management work on the app? Because the app allows me to buy products that have zero inventory!

If you can issue the refund I’m going to contact the support!

Please contact support. Thanks.

I did!

Does it support multivendor like Dokan For instance i i mean seller profile

Thanks for your query. WooCommerce API doesn’t expose third party plugin functionalities. You might require custom development to integrate their SDK or API if they have one.

is this has front end website or you can help to create one ?

Thanks for your query. It doesn’t come with front-end of a site. It comes with an API to work with WooCommerce REST API with some configuration on your WooCommerce enabled WordPress site. You can find our documentation here if this helps – http://pinrodev.com/pinro-studio/maestro-woocommerce/doc/v2/


amazing app! I have some pre-sales questions:
1. do I choose the checkout/payment gateways in WooCommerce or where?
2. can I select which gateways to use for payment?
3. In my country, we use iDEAL, bancontact etc… via Mollie.
Can this be integrated? If necessary, can you quote me the cost to add Mollie? Details:

Thanks for your soonest reply.

Hello, Thanks for your query. This app currently uses Stripe payment SDK. You can integrate any payment gateway with customization as long as they have an API or SDK. Please send an email to hello@pinrotech.com for a quote.

UI looks cool. Hope User Experience(UX)also cool as UI looks. Looking forward with the theme.

1. The mean of Wordpress or Woocommerce implementation here with Hybrid Apps is something like, If we change UI/Theme of website, also changes UI at app? If we include Plugins at web, also takes effect at App? {Very Dumb Question, I know answer is “NO’, still wants more descriptive answer to understand it deeper.}

2. Works well with Woocommerce APIs, likewise if we use Payu Paisa Payment Gatway Plugin to integrate it to Woocommerce. Does it also work for app? If not, what we have suppose to do in order to work with this payment gatway.

3. You’re considering app version to be upgraded to ionic2. If I purchase now, when you upgrade to ionic2. We’ll get update?

4. Multivendor, We need to Integrate Multivendor module, How we can implement it with this app? Are you looking forward to implement this in future updates? This is our important feature, please be more descriptive with this request.

5. If we need basic support or customization with the app purchased, we’ll get it? Like how to add walkthrough or features implementations, also betterment for the app as well. Your views on this.


Thanks for your query.

1. We are not loading WordPress site in a webview, so the UI/Theme is not linked.

2. You can use any payment gateway with customisation as long as they have an API or SDK. Stripe is implemented with this app.

3. Ionic1 and Ionic2 have completely different architecture, so we will be keeping them separate on the market.

4. WooCommerce API doesn’t yet expose multivendor functionality. So, we have to wait for it.

5. Customisation service is not included with the app. Please follow the link below for documentation to get up and running with the app. You will also find explained folder structure with SASS and HTML to make UI changes.

Thanks for awesome reply. So, as per previous comments made by you, you’re concentrating on Ionic 2. Expected days of launching Ionic2 Maestro eCommerce App? I hope, you also knows milestone of WooCommerce APIs for Multivendor. Is it in process or not, or no idea about this. You didn’t mentioned doc link in previous comment.

Please follow the documentation link here – https://pinrodev.com/pinro-studio/maestro-woocommerce/doc/v2

We still have no idea of when WooCommerce API is going to include multivendor. We think it would take quite a bit of time as it’s not a core WooCommerce feature. We’ll look for a custom solution after Ionic 2.

And for Ionic 2 version of the app, I cannot promise, but we are targeting second half of next month.


will this display a woocommerce multivendor shop using WC Vendors plugin?

Thanks for your query. WooCommerce API doesn’t yet expose multivendor functionality. So, we have to wait for it.

Pre sale questions:

1. Will credit card info be saved for future use?

2. Some menus and options don’t work on the demo, do you have any full working example?

3. Are you available for hire?

Thank you

Hello, Thanks for your query.

1. Feature to save card info is not implemented. 2. Some menus/options on settings are shown as possible enhancement could be made to the app or we might implement in the future (cannot promise). 3. Yes, we are. Please email us your requirements to hello@pinrotech.com

Hi, I have some doubts. - The documentation is not complete or detailed, for example when loading the app shows a blank page, I have to load the categories from the menu, there is some document that details how to adjust the settings in woocommerce ?. - When having integration should display the variables of the articles (Color/Zise) but currently is not doing. - The prices are displayed in a currency different from the one already configured in woocommerce. - When making a purchase by the application does your app update the inventory in woocomerce? - Where I access a more detailed manual to configure woocommerce correctly for your application, I have another application testing and I do not have to do much in woocommerce. The document at http://pinrodev.com/pinro-studio/maestro-woocommerce/doc/v2/ is not detailed. Thanks.


Thanks for purchasing Maestro.

1. Showing content on home-screen – please follow the documentation in this section http://pinrodev.com/pinro-studio/maestro-woocommerce/doc/v2/#editorial

2. Adjust settings – everything you need to configure WooCommerce to interact with the app is in this section – http://pinrodev.com/pinro-studio/maestro-woocommerce/doc/v2/#install

3. Product variation is configured to work with size and color only.

4. We have found WooCommerce API is a bit buggy to get currency on some of the servers. So it’s hard coded on template files. Please change them in HTML files inside app>www>templates

5. Inventory is managed completely by WooCommerce. We just send product ID (and variation ID if the product has variations) when processing order.