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I’m interested in buying your product but I have 0 (zero) experience with mobile apps so I have some pre-purchase questions:

1. Except for the price of this product (59$), I know that I have to pay an Apple development fee (99$ / year) to have my app available on App Store. Are there any other prices that I have to pay in order to have my app available for download?

2. I want to purchase other plugins for woocommerce that enables me to setup some additional variations of the products along with some additional attributes for the products, apart from the ones that woocommerce offers. Also, I will be using a woocommerce theme from themeforest. Will any of the things detailed above affect the functionality of the app?

3. When I change a price or create a promotion or a deal on the website (in woocommerce) will that be available in the app also?

4. Also, I will have “the menu of the day” with grouped products that have a price for all of them. Will I be able to use that too?

Thank you!

Are you available to help me with any kind of support in the process of customizing and branding my app and most important to publish it on the App Store?

Kind regards,

Are you still supporting this product? Sorry for posting again but I need to choose a product and finish my project so if you can reserve 1 minute and reply my comment from above, will be much appreciated.

Thank you! All the best!

Sorry for the delayed response. We will get back to you soon with all the answers soon.


Thanks for your query. We are away on the weekends, hence the delay to reply to your query. Please find answers to your question below-

1. No, you don’t have to pay additional to publish the app on App Store. If you want the app to be available on Play Store as well, you have to subscribe as google developer for $25.

2. WooCommerce API usually doesn’t expose third party plugins functionalities. Please contact your plugin provider to make sure it would work.

3. Prices will be available straight away as all product info are shown from API call to WooCommerce. The app currently shows offer images (if available) on landing screen. Please refer to our documentation to see how it works- http://pinrodev.com/pinro-studio/maestro-woocommerce/doc/v2/#offers

4. Grouped products functionality is not yet available with WooCommerce API, so we have to wait for it.

Support – we can only provide support configuring your app to communicate with WooCommerce if it doesn’t work after following our documentation. If you require other services like customising and publishing, please send an email to hello@pinrotech.com with your requirements for a quote.

All the best.

Pre purchase question, do you have forecast when paypal is available?

Thanks for your interest in Maestro. We cannot guarantee but targeting second half of next month.


Thanks for the hard and good work..

Indeed it’s the best of its kind.. Keep the good work please.

My Concerns – Before buying:

1- is MAESTOR support latest woo-commerce 3.0.3 updates?

2- is it compatible with DOKAN multi-vendor plugin or any other multi-vendor plugins?

3- Any up coming release with new features?

Please don’t make me wait a lot. Am in love with MAESTOR.

Thanks for your interest in Maestro. 1. Yes, it works with WooCommerce 3.0.3 2. WooCommerce API doesn’t yet expose third party API functionality. We have to wait for it. Or required custom development if DOKAN provides an API or SDK. 3. Integrating Paypal, Stock Quantity Handling before checkout are on the list hoping to implement at some point second half of next month.

- Any time to upcoming release please. - Do you offer iTunes and Google play publishing service?

We are not sure when WooCommerce is likely to expose third party plugin functionalities in API.

And surely we can help with publishing in AppStore and Playstore. Please send your requirements to hello@pinrotech.com. Thanks.

send me the demo apk file for testing thanks

Please use Ionic View (http://view.ionic.io/) with App ID – 744952EC to see the demo. Thanks.

Let me know if this works with shopify stores am looking to buy if it can work for shopify stores even with using API

let me know if you are providing custom development please let me know that price as well

Yes, we can help you with custom development. Please send an email to hello@pinrotech.com for a quote. Thanks.

thank you just sent you mail regarding the quote

Hi there.

Pre-sales question here.

Can you integrate this Malaysia payment gateway ?


Yes, you can integrate it with incorporating their SDK to the app.

Do you accept custom work for this? If yes, can you quote me at my email, hello@mtcore.com

hello there i have a few questions i.dont use wordpress instead i use laravel.php for my site can i make create an ios and android app using ionic framwork.to.work.with my site ?

If you have a REST API developed, surely you can.

ionic view demo not showing

Just tested on a new device. It’s working. Please try again with a stable internet connection.


joransrb Purchased

Hey, any updates for latest ionic release coming ?

Thanks for purchasing Maestro. We are working on Ionic 3 version of the App, which would be posted separately here.

What are required plugin i have to install for successful run, in didnt find any required plugin in documentation

Thanks for purchasing Maestro. CardIO and Stripe are two extra plugins, packaged within the app. You just have to change API keys as per the documentation here – http://pinrodev.com/pinro-studio/maestro-woocommerce/doc/v2/#cardio

Is it support arabic lang abd rtl

Thanks for your interest in Maestro. It’s not a core feature of Ionic. Still, you could implement angular-translate for arabic language support.


Or using css, you could specify the direction.

.element{ direction: rtl; }

Although, you might have to do additional works for dynamic switching of the layout based on languages.

Hi, is this a full app or a template? I loaded it in ionicview and after the sign up it gives me a profile not corresponding to what i entered.

Also I saw you mention prior that ionic 3 template will be sold separately… does this mean that this product will not be updated to ionic 3?

Thanks for your interest in Maestro. Ionic 1 and Ionic 3 have a different architecture. So Ionic 3 would be a completely new build and we would post it separately. We plan to integrate PayPal into this version once Ionic 3 version is completed.


TTarek Purchased

are we expecting an update here ? to v3

Thanks for purchasing Maestro. We are working on Ionic 3 version of the App, which would be posted separately here. After that, we plan to integrate PayPal on this version.


TTarek Purchased

having issues to connect it with my live site as it is still producing errors as you hardcoded most of the categories in your code.

please do get back to me via emails and i will provide you the needed config attributes to test from your end in the hope that you can then send me a working zip

Sorry to hear that you were having issue. We replied back to your email straight away. Only editorial category ID is hard coded which is clearly mentioned in the documentation.

Installation and configuration support doesn’t come with the purchase of the app. Please follow the documentation here – http://pinrodev.com/pinro-studio/maestro-woocommerce/doc/v2/ , please also check common configuration issues and solutions at the very end of the documentation. If you have a specific issue, please let us know. Our support team will do the best to assist you. Alternatively, you can purchase extended support for help with installation. Thanks.

Any update regarding PUSH NOTIFICATION?

Thanks for your interest in Maestro. We are working on Ionic 3 version of the app, will be posted separately. We’ll implement PayPal payment on this version once the Ionic 3 version is done. You might consider implementing Ionic Push for push notification – https://docs.ionic.io/services/push/