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how do i export a .apk file?

Can you please email to our support team at support@pinrotech.com

Hi dude, is it possible to send customer to website on checkout for payment method and shipping calculation? Stripe doesn’t work in Brazil (pagseguro and cielo are the main payment methods here) and our main shipping method is by “Correios” and I guess it would be easier to send user to the website for checkout than to integrate on app… If possible, I’ll buy your code today :)

Sure. Please send us an email on hello@pinrotech.com and we can discuss more about your requirements over the email. Thanks.

Sent an email, thanks!

is it fairly simple to create a custom page/view per say? Id like to be able to generate pages that contain content that is not feed directly from wordpress.

When you say you will get back to me, “when” does that exactly mean? I havent received any communication from support.

Our support team will contact you within 30 minutes.

Support team already contacted you. Thanks.


what is blank?

No worries.

admin..can help me with installation?

please follow documentation enclosed. We will involve if our app has any issue. Otherwise installation by us will cost you separate.

How much its cost?

Let us help you on that. Please send us an email at hello@pinrotech.com

ok..just send refund request to admin.

As we discussed, your concern has been resolved. Please let us know if you require any further help. Thanks.

Yes, you can try the demo before purchase using Ionic View app. Step 1: Download Ionic View app and Step 2: Enter the app ID 744952EC. If further queries please let us know. Thanks.

HI any update about the following: Push notification, wordpress pages, quantity on product, zoom on images, apple pay, other shipping method

We regularly update Maestro. Please read our update notes for current update list. Once new update is released we will inform you. Thanks.

Hi, i am looking for a plugin which can convert a wordpress(woocommerce) store in app. Kindly tell me is it possible with your plugin also what other thing i required.


Hello, Maestro is not a plugin. It’s an Ionic e-commerce app integrated with Woo Commerce. Please read the feature list for more details. If you have any specific requirements please email us on hello@pinrotech.com

last update is available now? we can see with ionic view?

Yes, the last update is available now.


suthesan Purchased

awesome apps..with great support.thanks to Mr Ash from Pinro support…looking forward with more features. good after sales support..thanks again…!

Thanks for your appreciation.


joransrb Purchased

Hey :) You got a changelog for the recent updates?


joransrb Purchased

yeah, i saw that, so no updater after that ? it says it was updated on the 24. december… :P

Sorry for delayed response. The update on 24th December was a minor typo fix in ‘SingleProductCtrl’ for which, product details page navigated from wishlist was not loading correctly.


joransrb Purchased

ok, thanks for the info :)

can you update ionic view code with your new version.So we can check it up whats news

Updating it now, should be live soon with same ID


ktravi Purchased

Hey, the app is pretty good but I am facing a strange error. No matter which user i use to login into the app, it shows the details of the last user which has signed up on the website.

e.g If abc@xyz.com is the last person to signup on the website. Even when I log in using the credentials of 123@test.com, the app would show the details of abc@xyz.com.

Even if I skip login the details of abc@xyz.com is shown. Please help.

Please email to our support team at support@pinrotech.com. We will get back to your as soon as possible. Thanks.

Hi does it support subscription products?

If I’m using custom buying modules with woocommerce like minimum 5 qty for each purchase would that work with this code?

Also same question for custom products like upload images upon purchase would that work here too??

Hi, I’m interested in your template. But I need to integrate with Magento 1.9, is it possible? When they would be launching such integration or can be quoted externally. Thanks.

Please email us on hello@pinrotech.com for custom development. Thanks

hi this app looks great! i want to buy this app with some customizations. how can i reach you to chat about the requirements? thanks

Hi, is this a full coded app with all functionality (scan card, register, login,payment…) or it’s just design?

Fully functional app. You can test the using Ionic View. The app id is at the description. Thannks.

I tested and when i register, i’m not logged in with my account. I tried to test scan card but didn’t work. If everything is there i’ll buy app

Card scanning will only work once you install the app in your device. Please contact us if you need any further information.