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friend, I have the following problem, the eclipse not think that library ..

import com.google.android.gms.common.api.Api.ApiOptions.NoOptions;

is giving error, I looked pretty but not found anything about it .. else, mainly seemed that the project you sent me is a little different than video.

Hello Man! I really love this code… I looking for custom services man, and some suport… I add you on skype ok, please let´s talk :) Thank you man!

Description Resource Path Location Type Archive for required library: ‘libs/armeabi-v7a/libgdx.so’ in project ‘Swing Copters-android’ cannot be read or is not a valid ZIP file Swing Copters-android Build path Build Path Problem

Hi, add me to skype: gikdew! and I will try to find a solution or provide an android studio version of this game.

can i reskin in android studio??

hello do you have an android studio version. if so can you email it to: beemerdavid@yahoo.com

I want to import the project to Intelij Idea how?

or if you have intelij idea version plz send me to::madaomaraly2020@yahoo.com

Hello my friend cand you creat a video for Android Studio i cand maket work

All my games have been updated today!

hi, can you email me the latest version of the code. I get too many errors on the current one


this is a problem I have now..I fixed some other problems already thanks

never mind, I just fixed it… now another 2 errors http://i64.tinypic.com/erwy0l.jpg

All my games have been updated today!

Hola, me gustaria saber qué es lo que compro exactamente? El codigo para poder modificar la app? Tiene derechos de autor? Gracias

Compras un codigo que puedes publicar en la play store, modificar pero nunca revender a otros clientes.

can i upload this to google play with my ads without any problems ?

Hello, i can’t really understand the description. Is it easy to reskin using eclipse? Can i see the video tutorial please?

I’m afraid that i can’t understand once i bought this script.


The game looks really nice. I think about the target audience, who gonna play this one, as I work with educational resources similar to https://essayshark.com/ and need to make the adbanners work properly and get the appropriate conversion rate. I wonder if college students gonna play this.

Reskin is really possible for this them like for Article writing service and add order form

Eclipse or Android Studio to open files?