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No chartboost / Admob?

Hi, no, only iAd since it’s a Swift project. Cheers!

Hi, How would i be able to add chartboost on the game over screen? I noticed other swift templates on this website have chartboost.

We’re not experienced with Chartboost yet for Swift, you may check this thread on stackoverflow: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/26322891/how-to-integrate-chartboost-ios-sdk-with-swift
Hope this helps!

Cool style! Glws :)

Hello, do you offer a Swift source-code version of this game? Also, if I first buy Regular License and then I decide to offer In-App purcharse option to remove ads, I can “upgrade”? I mean, is the same source-code for both Regular and Extended License?

Hi, this game is written in Swift, no Obj-C.
If you think you’ll add IAP to remove ads soon or later, it’s convenient for you to buy this template under an Extended License so you won’t have to upgrade it later. The code is the same for both licenses, but if you first buy it with Regular License, then you’ll have to contact us to purchase the Extended License.

Thanks for information, I’m (graphic designer) just starting with my father (programmer) in this Mobile Videogames Industry and wanna try your product with regular license, but can you please explain that about “you won’t have to upgrade it later”, what do you mean exactly with “upgrade”, we will have to make a lot of changes to the source code? I want to be sure to avoid “rework” just for adquire later the “Extended license”, if this works well for us with “Single license” (without too much problems at reskinning step) rest assured that we will do business and work together (fvimagination + me & my father) very often :). Please explain a more little about that “license upgrade”. Thanks!

Sure, please contact us by our profile’s contact form and we’ll get back to you asap. Thanks!

Is their a way for you to implement admob with this code? Thank you

not yet, Google needs to translate their SDK into Swift

Hi, receiving error No such module ‘GoogleMobileAds’?

Thanks and thank you for updating with admob.

Ok, thanks for pointing it out, probably the .framework file is damaged, so delete GoogleMobileAds.framework/move to trash, download this one and drag it into Linked Frameworks and Libraries, into General Tab in XCode: https://www.dropbox.com/s/683g0u26xylea1i/GoogleMobileAds.framework.zip?dl=0
We’ll launch a new update asap.

thanks :)

You’re welcome!

How do you remove the adverts all together every time I try and build it fails because of an advert loader in the default code.

I want them all removed.

You may just comment:
which are into viewDidLoad method. But it would be better to also delete:
import GoogleMobileAds
import iAd
and delete all the lines of code that XCode will point out.

Okay I also get a error No such module ‘GoogleMobileAds’?

Comment or delete those imports above, their delegates and anywhere XCode gives you an error until you can finally run the game again.

Can you give me the version only iAd and not have gamecenter

or can you clean gamecenter in this version for me thanks you very much ! I’m newbie


Please contact us by our profile’s contact form for customizations requests. Thanks!

Hi, I have a doubt, are you using SpriteKit?

Hi, no, it’s pure UIKit framework. Cheers!

Hi, receiving error No such module ‘GoogleMobileAds’? Please help.

Hi, no problem, it happens because XCode messed up with Framework Search Path. Fix it in this way:
1. Remove GoogleMobileAds.framework from XCode (Click Remove Reference, not Move To Trash).
2. Click the Build Settings tab in XCode, type “framework search path” in the search field and clear the path of the column on the right side
3. Drag GoogleMobileAds.framework file again into Link Binaries in XCode.
Run the app and it should work.