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How to add more levels?

You will need to do it in Construct2. If you need additional assistance, I can help you after you purchase it. For any further question, send me an email at jogosgratispro@gmail.com.


are you include source?

Yes. The game was created in Construct2. It comes with the source file from Construct2 (CAPX) and the HTML5 files as well.

Muito bom thiago, quem diria no meio de tantos lhe achei srsr.. graças a você estou aqui também fazendo diferença :)

Boas Vendas!

Que bom que está aqui. Continue lançando jogos que tudo vai dar certo.

Boas vendas para você também!

Hi dexterfly, are you also interested in negotiating an Extended license of this game? Or you sell only for non-commercial use?


Yes. Send me an email with all the details about your project. My email is jogosgratispro@gmail.com


Hi, Thank you i purchase this code but i have some problems when i change the character . and when i add the admob interstitial in the construct 2 and export them to visual studio windows phone . the interstitial doesn’t appear

What is the error you are getting?

can i contact you in email ?

Yes. You can send me the details

i want this is code pleaseCan I modify it Eclipse program

No. You need to use Construct2

Game and gameplay look great. Please add a death effect to the main character and I will buy!

Death effect? What do you mean?

Do you see how the main character dies at 1:13m? That is what I mean whit a death effect, please add and I will buy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xOiHMIYFwJM&t=6s

How many levels are included?

There are 3 levels. You can ´play the game here http://www.jogosgratispro.com/demo/madboy/index.html

Hi Your template I really cool and easy to use. Thanks for that.

I have few questions, I can’t find by myselft.

Where could I change the picto of the game? The name of the game? Custom the facebook export?

Thanks for your reply.


Hi, I am glad you liked our game. 1) What do you mean by picto? 2) There are two ways to change the name of the game. First, you can open the source using the software Construct2. Second, you can also change it by going to the folder demo and change the image splashscreen-sheet0.png 3) You need to open the source using the software Construct2. Then you go to the event sheet es_game LINE 72. There is where you make the changes

Is it possible to have scores stored on a leaderboard?

I am not sure because the game uses to audio formats (ogg and m4a) in order to cover all devices (mobile or not). I believe it has something to do with iOS devices alone. I will check it out for you. Please send me an email so I can reply back with a possible solution

Can do – same email address as the thread above?

Hi, I would like to purchase your game. Do we get “Assets (images and sounds fx)” like with “The Flash Adventures”?

Thanks for the info. Can I replace those images with my own (to have different kind of enemies, etc)?

PS I ordered the game

Yes. Thanks for purchasing the game!

Can I pay you for some customization :)? Do you have sky.pe to talk ?

Yes. Please the game customization details to my email at jogosgratispro@gmail.com. I will send you skype when I reply to your email.


I need this game but have to replace image assets and characters for e.g instead of coin I want my character to collect chocolates , I don’t know construct but know html5 and css. Do you provide html file where I can just change the assets and it will work fine? Or I need construct to change image sources. I am not going to modify game except image sources. What you say?

Hi there,

It can be done but it is not guaranteed because of the collision points. Some images have the collision points as square/rectangle but others have different shapes that need to be setup inside Construct2.

We are available for freelance work. Please send us an email with the details for your project so we can provide an accurate estimate. Our email is jogosgratispro at gmail.