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Exellent work my friend!!! Wish you happy sales :)

Interesting, could you please tell me how many images to re-skin in total? Thank you!

and also if this is universal or is it for iphone only?

Hi, the images are:
  1. three background (one for each level)
  2. fruit (strawberry, red apple, pear, orange, melon, fruits basket, coconut, banana)
  3. special (stars, cloud, box)
In addition to the elements of the initial menu, the player (in this case the macaque), then icons and launch image.

iPhone only, Thanks.

Hello nice App…but please can you proivde the original icons in PSD to create new one? I try to reskin your Game but i got trouble becuase i have no PSD Files insde the Game.

Hi Adryan, write me privately via the profile page of Envato, so I am attaching the psd.


I try download and play Macaco jump game on iPod, the unlock background not working ? would you please let me know ? thanks.

Is it development in spirte-kit?

Yes, Sprite Kit, Objective C and Xcode.

Hi, Can I change the speed of the game (Up speed)? If I Don’t want to use the monkey, can I change the monkey to anything else easily? What about the support? Is a faster Support? Thanks

Hi, you can change the speed of the player through this code
 [_player.physicsBody applyImpulse: CGVectorMake (0.0f, 20.0f)];
on MyScene.m upgrade the 20.0f value.

Of course you can change all the graphics of the app, even the macaque. Just replace png files included in the Xcode project in the Assets folder.

Usually I always answer the same day :)

hi am facing a problem with the code.

“Here’s the missing file name: “MacacoJumpTests-Info.plist””

check the screen short.


waiting for your reply.

regards khan

Hi ranakhan123, try to re-download the project maybe the download has not been successful. I just re-downloaded the project and I have not encountered the problem

Hi, is this game 64-bits? Thank you

hello, how to to make/adjust it to bound higher because it can not reach another block. Which file and which line of code. Thanks very much

Hi Souliya, nice to meet you. The last box is deliberately set unattainable as I wanted to finish the level in this way. I advise you to act on the plist file level 0 because it is the one that is able to control the positions of the elements of the scene, so as to set the right height that you feel. The level of the plist file is as follows: EndY is the total height of the level, then there are two groups of objects, fruits and platforms. Every one of these has its own pattern and a position. So for example, to change the position of the brick must be amended: Platforms-> Positions-> Item 25 -> X and / or Y value.
X is horizontal
Y is height

This is PLIST file screenshot http://i.imgur.com/XvaVXnN.png

Cheers, Giorgio

Thanks a lot for quick reply. I’ll try! Have a great day