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pre-buy question: cart total are managed by woocommerce installation? if i have some plugin for “minimum cart import” or similar what appen?

another little question: can i add some static page form wordpress installation to app menu? like About Us, Contact or similar…. ( best of all are a blog streaming in app)

i have found a bug (i think)... i’ve tested you app with “ionic view” and i’ve try to buy a product two times with different options but the app notify me that product is already on cart…. this is a big problem for an ecommerce!

Please Refund!!

You app is

Full of Bugs
With the worst support on Codecanyon

I have sent a refund request and if i don’t receive it expect detailed review warning others.


I have purchased the code.

I have configured every thing when i run the app by command: ionic run android

following error is given: the browser generates an error code, saying: “There was a problem with the server! Please try again later.”

my config.js is sent to you by mail

one more thing when running ‘ionic serve’ it doesn’t work and nothing is displayed.


Can you reply my mail.

Hi Iam waiting for reply.

no reply yet worst support.

Does it support affiliate products

does this support payumoney payment gatway?

hi i wanted to buy this app but wondering of development and support remain active? haven’t seen responses to people inquiry lately. thanks

I configured this app and even had a couple other developers look at this and we all go the same error as above “There was a problem…..server”

Please advise.

Is this still supported? When is the next update?

Hello your product looks great, but many people are asking about – “There was a problem with the server! Please try again later” – i couldn’t see your response to any of those quests, some people are still asking for it? I guess its a CORS issue, is that fixed in the current build?

hello nice app you have there.

1. I already have a payment gateway plugin installed on my site. Will i need to code in the app to implement as well ?

Hi is this using swift??? does it shows you name on the file or folder???

Pre-Sale question:

The app is compatible with WooCommerce TM Extra Product Options plugin?

For example we have a product Pizza Custom, through woocommerce custom tributes we added “small” , “medium” and “large”. With WooCommerce TM Extra Product Options we added the rest of the options, like “toppings”, etc.

Thank you.

hello, i have woocommerce site and i use wpml? your app support woocommerce and wpml?