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i am aware that this is made mostly for touch devices but as a desktop user, i just got an idea from trying your script. here is my user experience,

halfway through doing the captcha, i got annoyed that it took too long… people have short attention span and they may abandon a captcha halfway if they feel it takes too long.

at first i thought, hmm, maybe if there was fewer dots… but that would defeat the point due to limited combinations…

on a touch device it’s fast… very fast… but here’s what i suggest as a update:

make it so each dot represents the NUMPAD keys.






7 8 9

4 5 6

1 2 3

so i could TYPE the captcha on my keyboard instead of dragging the path with my mouse. f.x. if the Captcha was a Z pattern, 7895123. with each keystroke, it would draw the pattern accordingly so I could visually see my progress.

maybe this defeats some of the purpose of the script or it does not fly your boat, i am just giving my feedback and user experience.

otherwise, a unique and nice script, good luck with sales.. bookmarked. this is THE best captcha on a user friendly experience for touch devices I have seen so far but it’s bit unfriendly towards desktop users, I think my suggestion would make it a lot friendlier. otherwise i would have to pop up a type captcha for desktop users and this touch captcha for mobile users only.

The yellow dot indicates user if he has accidentely touched the same dot again. I had added responsive css for the IPhone, css can be added for galaxy note or any other screen to make it fit, so you don’t have to zoom or scroll.

hmmm, okay, but i still don’t understand why when im trying to draw vertical line it’s drawing nothing on my phone. works fine with my mouse.

Did you tried with new demo I had just created for you or in the old one? Also for further communication, could you contact me via my profile as it is easy to communicate using that. Thanks

Nice item!!
A small suggestion, create a game with this :D
Create new levels with “new captcha”.

( bookmarked )

Thanks !!! Nice suggestion… will definately think about it. :)

nice idea and implementation. liked it

Thanks a lot :)

Cool captcha method, but it’s quite easy to “crack” dont you think. Captchas are made to counter spam bots, it wouldn’t be hard to code a program that could read the path, and imitate it.

But as i said, it’s neat :)

There are some configuration option given which can be used to change the color of line, background color of image, change color of arrows. This will make bots difficult to read. Also most of the times lines are close enough and to determine the start of the line is quite difficult. Lines are also in different orientation. I don’t say that it can be never cracked but it is quite complex so I think it will be much more complex to crack it then simple arithmetic captchas or simple word catpchas or many other captchas available here. Do you agree? Thanks

Functional but its too hard to use still, users have to redraw a few times because they are bumping into other ones. I would suggest something more simple… you need something to knock out basic bots but not drive humans crazy, and if they are going to crack it then they will crack a complex one as fast as a simple one, so maybe just 5 buttons, spread out in a circle so you cant cross them up, and only 3-4 connections..

Thanks for the suggestion. For touch screen devices, it is quite easy to draw as compared to desktop. I had made it complex to make it more difficult to crack by bots but you are right . I will give some options to user to draw simple and complex captcha both, in next version. Thanks

version 1.1 released. I had added many option including “make it simple to draw” as suggested by you. Kindly check it. Thanks

Most awesome captcha I have seen ever….great work :) #bookmarked

Nice job!
A must buy item!
Good luck with the sales!

Thanks a lot :)

I really like this Captcha. However, is it possible to number the dots similar to the key board layout like @pleiadene suggested? Even number the dots the user is supposed to connect? In your example the dots either are not numbered or start with one at top. Also, Would it be possible to allow both mouse AND numeric entry? With a change event each one could update the other and allow a user to start with the mouse and finish by entering numbers if they choose…

Dear Madhart, Now all of these options are already included in Version 1.1. Please check the http://mcaptcha.dreamsapps.com/exampleNumKeyPad.php for numkey Pad format. You can also set whether user can use simple captcha (captcha where user need not draw accross lines like connect 1 and 8 which is difficult) or complex captcha. You can also allow mouse and numeric entry…. check this. http://mcaptcha.dreamsapps.com/exampleShowNumbers.php

Please also read the complete description of the script, you will find all of these features are listed there also. http://codecanyon.net/item/m-captcha/4399437


hi, i have interests to buy your product. i have red the full details.but i still have some questions about your product.,i want to konw your script wether could check user input right or not (i mean the CAPTCHA)wthout refreshing the page. is this possible? thx!

Yes, it can be done without refreshing the page. The code that checks whether captcha is valid or not, can be put on a separate page and using ajax, we can call that page with refreshing the page. Let me know if you need further explanation from me. Thanks

Hi, demo is not found, please demo online for test

Hi, sorry for late reply. Demo is working now. Thanks