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can user make new post ?

Not yet we are working to fully integrate the POST Apis by Wordpress to ensure maximum security.

have you video demo ? when user share the link, what will show ? title, thumb and url link, or just url link ?

We included a screenshot of the User Interface. It will share the link of the article, video, image. You can custom this link.

I went run the build and received “MainViewController.m:199:14: Use of undeclared identifier ‘CustomHomeFeedSource’” and failed. Did I mis a step or is there a problem?


You can also contact us directly at team@leafcoding.com

We check we did not receive your message, can you email us again?

admob in future release?

Sure, we are about to release v1.1 today, we will include it right away.

I think you need to add a video about it because we should see how its works

We are working on it but as we are developing new items too we really want to focus on code quality over marketing at this moment.

I am also getting the error:

/Luz/MainViewController.m:199:14: Use of undeclared identifier ‘CustomHomeFeedSource’

great app, is it possible user without login or register can shows all image or movies, or it is required?

and how to administration , is it from wp backend or plugin?

App stopped when i click My Account. If i have many category, app also stuck.

how to disable login ? if i want test, why i must create a account ?

Will you be adding the the option for user to make their own post?

are you planning to launch its android version too,i wish to launch on both platforms

Wow this is great. Love its simplicity.

I think you’d have a lot more sales if you had a demo available on the App Store or a video walk through of the app. I really like what I see, but hesitant without seeing more details. Keep up the great work :-D

Hi, can the app uploads images to my wordpress? Handles wp media library? Thanks

This is Swift 2 or Obj-C?

there is many problem with the app - the api not working with wordpress and there is no tutorials for that - when i try to run the app with your API i get many error also , specifically when i press on menu - and all of that with no supporting from the team

Documents not enough for beginners.. there is no support

hi, could you clarify what is “yourapisdomain.com”? what is it?

Somewhat challenging to set up and I haven’t gotten any assistance through the developer’s contact form or by emailing the address listed in the comments above.

After several months of trying to reach the developer through multiple channels I have heard nothing back. I wouldn’t purchase this if you expect to need any support.

I bought your code, light in codecanyon, but I have problem clicking on the menu icon!

  • Terminating app due to uncaught exception ‘NSInternalInconsistencyException’, reason: ‘NSLayoutConstraint constant is not finite! That’s illegal. constant:nan firstAnchor:<NSLayoutXAxisAnchor:0×786e4260 “UIImageView:0×786df0d0.leading”> secondAnchor:<NSLayoutXAxisAnchor:0×786e3ef0 “UIView:0×786d8f30.leading”>’ libc++abi.dylib: terminating with uncaught exception of type NSException

@codecanyon help`s