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Hello ,

To create an app like this but for Android, how much would you charge me?

And some changes?

Thank you


Without having a deeper look at it: a few thousand USD would be necessary. But I have currently have no time for such a big project.



When you place calls and video calls?

When you insert the ‘function eliminates chat with all its inner content’?

How to put my User in GET HELP in section ABOUT?

I am not planning to implement voice and video calls. If you need those, please arrange with someone else to implement this for you or do it on your own :-)

When you insert the ‘function eliminates chat with all its inner content’?

I don’t know what that means, please elaborate. Also, please try not to open a new thread for every minor request, your threads are become quite numerous by now…

1. Inserted you send photos or video from your iPhone and share in the app without having to open the application.

2. Add chat archive.

3. Add 3D Touch and notifications with quick response. 4. Add widget

5. Fixed bugs and errors

6. Enter multi language

7. Add backgrounds in chat

8. Add privacy and security section

9. Add mute Chat

10. Delete account

When you update the app with all these things mentioned? It would take a big load update of news! Aspect your answer! Good job.

1. Add pictures and video slide inside a chat.

2. Edit photos and video when sending media.

3. Being able to save media in iphone


Here are some answers:

1. Planned on doing so, but no ETA yet.

2. Not planned on implementing this yet.

3. Planned on doing so, but no ETA yet.

4. Not planned.

5. No bugs and errors known to me atm.

6. I won’t add another language. Everything is ready for localization, you just need to provide the translation by yourself.

7. Not planned on doing so. I really don’t like such apps … ;-) but if you need it, implementing it should be quite easy.

8. Please elaborate this, what should be added there?

9. Great idea, never thought about it. Will put it on my list.

10. Do you really want this to happen….? ;-)

11. Could be complicated, but will think about it.

12. I do have a photo editor app. Merging those two projects is left as an exercise … :-D I won’t implement this, since it will make the other project obsolete.

13. Already implemented. Simply tap and hold on an image.

Generally speaking, I cannot give any ETA for any feature at the moment, since I am very busy and don’t have much time left beside doing all the support stuff.



Hello, if you do not make a specific changed files you are complicated test them all, you can specify which files have changed in version 1.13 and 1.14? thank you


Simply use “FileMerge”, a program that comes with XCode. FileMerge enables you to see what exact files and what exact lines have been changed between two versions.



Even insert Time Display Post Posted

I really do not understand what you mean here.

I find no guide to modify HELP ME with my user ID. SHOW ME THE GUIDE TO CHANGE CAN.


What? Please calm down … ;-)

What do you need? I already told you how to set a specific user as the help me user. Please also look at the FAQ here on the project page. Where exactly is your problem? This is a very easy process.

If you need to know what’s new in the update, please read the change log! In case you wonder what portions of the code exactly changed, please use FileMerge (comes with XCode) to detect the exact changes between two versions. In case you don’t know how to use FileMerge, simply google a tutorial, there are tons of them out there.

Link please

Link to what exactly? Please try to be more precise. The FAQ is here: https://codecanyon.net/item/luxchat-your-complete-chat-app-ios/19188696/support

And a tutorial is available when typing in “FileMerge” into Google.

how to display the sending time of a message?

Should I put this in the background chat: http://oi68.tinypic.com/20qxusj.jpg

Because when I delete a user’s conversation and reopen the messages inside remain but are not eliminated? HOW CAN I REMOVE THE ENTIRE CONVERSATION?


This is simply not a supported feature. If you want to implement this, you can do it on your own, even without much experience in coding. The trick is to not entirely delete the messages from the database, but only not show them to the user who wanted to delete the chat. The other user should still see the messages, so you can’t delete them entirely.

Also, please stop caps locking your messages. That’s just very rude and doesn’t help in solving your questions and feature requests.



1. add the profile editing function, change name, last name, city and phone number, as the image number 1

2. Add option to change your account password. as photo number 2

3. add chat archive as photo number 3.


Photo number 1: http://s16.imagestime.com/out.php/i1108261_IMG6136.jpg

Photo number 2: http://s16.imagestime.com/out.php/i1108262_IMG6137.jpg

Photo number 3: http://s16.imagestime.com/out.php/i1108263_IMG6138.jpg

hello Eric would also be nice to implement this form of audio listening without the need to open to force the player to Apple! I hug you

http://s16.imagestime.com/out.php/i1110848_IMG6235.PNG http://s16.imagestime.com/out.php/i1110847_IMG6234.PNG

how can I add the verified account badge next all’username?

The audio player is a great idea, however it is quite difficult to change the JSQMessagesViewController to adapt to this whilst keeping the possibility to easily implement provided updates to JSQMessages.

A verified badge next to a username should be doable with a very simple UIImageView that you put next to the username :-)

one of the best, polite, thoughtful authors i have seen. thanks for setting a good example.


Thanks for the kind words, really appreciate them. Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions! :-)




gr8 Purchased

you’re welcome. not sure if this has been answered already, but are u considering an android version? would be great to have a complete solution.


Not at the moment, but it may change in the future:-)




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Hello, I do not understand why in all versions specify that updates the file to edit and the version 1.14 does not say which files change, please tell me you want to change the files in order to submit the reset password feature in version 1.14?

thank you so much


It’s extremely cumbersome to list all the changed files. The easiest way is to simply use FileMerge, a program that is included with XCode, in order to spot the differences!:-)



I have trouble. In Xcode I choose “automatically manage signing” and getting error…. An Application Group with Identifier ‘group.eric.MessengerApp.com’ is not available. Please enter a different string.

What is a application group??? How Why do I change it?? Thanks

Hello? Support?


Please excuse the delay, I am on vacation…;-)

To solve your issue, simply choose another group identifier and replace it!:-)

Let me knownif you have more issues.



why not implement this wonderful open source in your project? good advice about it in my opinion! Then assess yourself if it’s worth it or not! let me know eric! thanks so much for everything

This is the project: https://github.com/wireapp o visit www.wire.com


I’ll have a look at it!:-)



let me know if you want to implement this project in your project www.wire.com


gr8 Purchased

hey buddy hope u r doing well.

1. regarding the help user, unfortunately, i cannot find anything in the documentation that mentions it. i looked at your support tab here and i am not sure which database you’re referring to—since there is the firebase one and the back4app one. in any case, i checked both databases and i could not find the specialuser field you were referring to. if u can guide me as to where to go to get this done, it would be great.

2. how is the push notification supposed to work when it comes to sound? i do not hear any sounds when for example one phone is closed and i send a message to the user on that phone. no sound is heard. also when i pick up the phone and touch the home button, i do not see any notice that a message was sent. i see the badge increase in number though. so i guess my question is how is the push supposed to work?

3. this is also related to question #2. when i go to parse dashboard and try to send a push notification, it doesnt get sent. i have pushes that i sent since 2 days ago and they are still sitting in the “sending” stage. i have my ios certicates and .p12 keys already uploaded to parse. i also uploaded the two files to the cloud code section just as the documentation says.

4. how can i increase the length of videos that can be sent? i tried increasing the integer 10 from EConstants.h file but that didnt seem to change anything.

5. regarding splash pages, how can i add a splash page that i have already designed in fireworks to the project?

thanks for your time and have a good weekend!

Hey mate,

I am on vacation right now, so please excuse any typos. Also, I will be able to help you in greater detail as soon as I have access to my computer again.

Nonetheless, here are some answers that hopefully solve most of your questions.

1. Sorry for the confusion. You have to create a new text field called “specialUser” in the userclass in the Parse dashboard if that field doesn’t exist already. Then simply set your help user :-)

2. Push notifications should work as any other push notification on your device i.e. they should appear on the lockscreen as well as banner on the homescreen and the icon badge should gradually increase. Now, as you mention sound; I am not sure that this might be a bug I have introduced when back4app fully supported push notifications. I will check this as soon as I am back, but if you want, you can check if you can find any mention of a soundfile in the push notification code (check the .js files as well as the client code on XCode).

3. If everything is setup properly, pushes should work as usual. Anything else hints to a setup problem. The fact that your parse test pushes don’t get sent is a hint that something isn’t correct in your setup. Check that you have uploaded valid development and production certificates to back4app and that your devices are registering properly to pushes in the parse dashboard. Make a clean and a reinstall to check if the registration really works. Test pushes sent from the dashboard will only work if your setup is correct. If the test pushes don’t work, the message pushes won’t either.

4. The problem is the maximal file size of back4app. This is where the 10 seconds limit comes from. Increasing it would mean you have to store a bigger file than actually allowed by back4app. This means you would have to implement some chopping and reassembling procedure. Reducing the time should however work.

5. I don’t know if I understood you well. Simply delete the launchscreen.xib and use your own splash screens. Tutorials on integrating and naming them can be found in huge numbers on stackoverflow and similar sites.

Hope this helps a bit. Let me know if you have more questions. And as already said, as soon as I am back, I will be able to check your push setup (you will need to add me as a developer to your projects temporarily).




gr8 Purchased

eric, in your pushnotification.js file there is sound file reference: sound : “105.caf”, would that be the sound that is supposed to play?

i have everything else setup correctly. apple push certs and parse stuff as well. it’s strange that it’s not working as expected.

Yes, that’s the sound file! Please check that it is indeed in the downloaded bundle:-)

Hi eric, have you watched the wire.com project a bit? Are you going to implement it in your project?

Sincerely, GIAN.


I had a look at it, yes. I put it on my list for future updates, but I’m unsure when I will implement it, so it won’t be for the immediate future.



Hi Erick, a couple of questions: 1.- How can users be deleted from a group? 2.- How can I add administrators to a group that have the rights to add more users? 3.- How is it done to do a monthly cleaning on the servers (back4app / FireBase) to not be saving so much data, images, etc. 4.- do you plan to update the app to be in swiftcode latest version?