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just wondering the messages and files data is purged after a few days or always stored on our system ? will that incur more cost to us on firebase or back4app ? any ad networks integrated ?


Sure, there is a possibility to do that. Simply write a background job and run it on your server or your back4app app :) see stackoverflow for examples:)

Cheers Eric

OK. I can design that myself. However, will it have any impact on the front end app? will it crash if the file dont exist, like user tries to download the picture sent 72 hours before and we now deleted it from the server. What will happen ?

No, the frontend is a nearly 1:1 display of the backend message data. If there is no message (image, text, video, doesn’t matter what type), it won’t be shown to the user, since it is simply not there.


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I called the files, respectively: sticker79 2x stickersend79 2x

I have included in their respective folders and png I modified:

- (NSInteger) CollectionView: (UICollectionView *) CollectionView numberOfItemsInSection: (NSInteger) section {return 79; }

it’s correct?

See my screenshots: http://imgur.com/a/Ge6xX


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hello, it does not work, do not charge the new stickers

So you have simply duplicated a sticker and renamed it? That should definitely work. Can you show me screenshots of everything? You can also contact me per mail!:-)

Can i run this on my own parse sever?

Sure! Back4app is effectively installing a parse server for you, but if you want to manage your own parse server, you can direct the app to connect to that server as well, no problem!

what api does the app use it guessing it Restapi?

No, since the app is only communicating with a server through the iOS Parse API, the Rest API is not explicitly needed. If you plan on implementing your own Parse server, you’ll need to use the Rest API, but only for the server part, not for the app itself.


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What does the new update do?

A few small bug fixes as well as a terms mask users need to accept before registering. Please read the change log file :-)

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Please what? :-)


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Hi, enrico20! Good job! I really like your app, but I need to make some changes for an additional fee. I would like to discuss this with you.

My skype: riot.flame whatsapp: +7 985 174 27 07 e-mail: info@12tm.ru

Thank you!


Please reach out to me via mail for any discussion about custom work :-)

Cheers, Eric