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just wondering the messages and files data is purged after a few days or always stored on our system ? will that incur more cost to us on firebase or back4app ? any ad networks integrated ?


Sure, there is a possibility to do that. Simply write a background job and run it on your server or your back4app app :) see stackoverflow for examples:)

Cheers Eric

OK. I can design that myself. However, will it have any impact on the front end app? will it crash if the file dont exist, like user tries to download the picture sent 72 hours before and we now deleted it from the server. What will happen ?

No, the frontend is a nearly 1:1 display of the backend message data. If there is no message (image, text, video, doesn’t matter what type), it won’t be shown to the user, since it is simply not there.

I called the files, respectively: sticker79 2x stickersend79 2x

I have included in their respective folders and png I modified:

- (NSInteger) CollectionView: (UICollectionView *) CollectionView numberOfItemsInSection: (NSInteger) section {return 79; }

it’s correct?

hello, it does not work, do not charge the new stickers

So you have simply duplicated a sticker and renamed it? That should definitely work. Can you show me screenshots of everything? You can also contact me per mail!:-)

Can i run this on my own parse sever?

Sure! Back4app is effectively installing a parse server for you, but if you want to manage your own parse server, you can direct the app to connect to that server as well, no problem!

what api does the app use it guessing it Restapi?

No, since the app is only communicating with a server through the iOS Parse API, the Rest API is not explicitly needed. If you plan on implementing your own Parse server, you’ll need to use the Rest API, but only for the server part, not for the app itself.

What does the new update do?

A few small bug fixes as well as a terms mask users need to accept before registering. Please read the change log file :-)

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Please what? :-)

Hi, enrico20! Good job! I really like your app, but I need to make some changes for an additional fee. I would like to discuss this with you.

My skype: riot.flame whatsapp: +7 985 174 27 07 e-mail: info@12tm.ru

Thank you!


Please reach out to me via mail for any discussion about custom work :-)

Cheers, Eric


danet13 Purchased

Hello, good job, I wanted to know when you expect a possible upgrade with in-app purchase for an annual or monthly subscription?

It would be nice that I publish the Android version …

Thanks so much


Already thought of such a feature but haven’t got any ETA for it at the moment.

Cheers Eric

windows I have come Can I Install Xcode window? Or come to change the application windows of the scam and publish it in .ipa?


Please reformulate your question, I think I didn’t quite get it. Are you trying to install XCode to Windows? If so, that is not possible, you need to use Mac OS X.

Cheers Eric

It has got it right. I have windows how can I change this app?

Your best bet is to install a virtual machine and run mac OS on it. Please consider researching this question online, as I am sure there are people who had the very same problem.

you use chat open source ? this is what your using : https://github.com/relatedcode/Messenger this is the same app after update ?


No, not at all. The Messenger project by RelatedCode is a chat messenger that is based upon JSQMessages library, which is also open source. My project uses JSQMessages to display the messages, and has some similar ideas to the messenger from RelatedCode, but a lot more features.

You could, however, build your very own messenger from scratch with these two projects, yes. A basic one though, as the only feature you’ll have is sending text messages, photos and stickers.

I gave these references as I tend to be completely clear on what open source projects I had a look at when planning and building my project. :-)

Let me know if you have more questions.



I have problems in modifying the app. I need a hand!

Together we configure the viewer with the team?

Would you mind showing me a screenshot of the setting I talked about? I need you to show me the codesigning setting (the one I showed in my screenshot). Never had your errors though, and a quick google search revealed for example the following: http://stackoverflow.com/a/10449010/4988014

This is not a problem related to the actual source code, but a problem related to your XCode program and your machine, so I suggest you definitely use the well-known sites to find an answer to your problem, because that will definitely help you more than I ever could ;-)

Also, try to not rename “LuxChat.app” to “iChat.app”. You don’t need it and doing so is prone to confusing XCode (at least this was often times the case in the past). If you want to name your app iChat, you can do so by simply changing the product name so that it will appear as “iChat” on the user’s phone. Renaming your .app file is not necessary though.

I modified the app successfully, but when logging in, I would think you should be able to login with both Email sign in or Facebook because they are both enabled on firebase but when I register with email or login, it routes me to Facebook overtime. Can I have the 2 options working separately?

Hi, That’s clearly a bug! Thanks for pointing this out, will fix this today and upload an update! Cheers Eric


danet13 Purchased

Hello, in the version 1.13 which files you have changed? if you specify the changes it is easier to locate them. Thank you so much


danet13 Purchased

Hello, I am having a lot of problems with the app because it lacks password recovery, when you add this feature? Thanks so much

Hi, I will probably include this in the next update, coming in a few days. Cheers Eric

hallo enrico, bitte check doch mal deine mails ab, habe dir was geschrieben, ist sehr wichtig. Danke!

Can I modify or create an .ipa file without Having developer account?

That’s a question not related to the project itself. Please check Apple’s developer website or stackoverflow since I have no prompt answer to this. Probably yes.

Because if I delete the chat and then reopen always see posts? When I delete chat you should also delete messages happy or not?

I don’t know what you mean by “posts”. Please elaborate. And please try to keep your requests in one single comment thread, having multiple threads with one single customer is very confusing.

profile pictures you see grainy do not see clear. solve

This is not a bug and hence does not need to be “solved”. Simply change the image quality in the code! Lowering the quality means you can store more data on your free plans, but if you want a higher quality, simply raise it by changing that setting. If you need more help, please tell me so.

when I delete a conversation, and I open my remains that old is not deleted as WhatsApp. how can I do that when you delete chat there also deletes messages containing? however I want to increase the image quality. help me

Android Version ?

Can you change it a little bit for a bit of money, as it really looks like Facebook Messenger.

Thank you