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Hello, I just purchased the most recent slider (standalone) and I am having trouble getting the pause function working correctly. I’m using jQuery 1.9.1 and lush 1.7.2. My code is as follows: var lushslider = null; $(document).ready(function(){

lushslider = $('.lush-slider').lush({
    autostart: false
    ,baseWidth: 1140
    , baseHeight: 600
    , slider: {
              pauseOnHover: false
            , navigation:   false
            , shadow:       false
            , keyboard:     false
            , loop:    1


The above is a the relevent components of the main code. Inside lush-slider I have 5 .lush slides. Inside each slide I have 5 to 20 animated elements.

When the close is pushed the elements of the currently visible slide keep animating their ‘in’ settings but it seems the ‘out’ settings stop. That is all the elements stack on top of each other instead of clearing from the screen. At the end of the slide it pauses. Sometimes it seems it will continue to the next slide and then stop at the end of the next slide (which is not the last slide).

Any ideas why this happens? Also, is there a way through the api to restart the slide show from beginning on a button push (non navigation based)? Thanks Greg

Hello Greg, your code looks ok. I would like to know if you have an online demo to check the markup and test it with the js together

Hi. I have installed the software successfully and it is working nicely with multiple slides. What I really want to do is have one background which shows continuously and 3 different text phrases appear and repeat. Is this possible with this software?


Also, I tried keeping the same background for all 3 slides but the problem is that there is a flicker as the image fades out and appears again. What I really want is for the background to constantly show and just the text to change. Im using Bootstrap. Hope this makes sense.

Managed to get it working as I saw there was an option to add an attribute to have only 1 slide and added your js code from a previous comment to stop the repetition. Working nicely now :)

Hi, that’s great! Thanks for let me know and sorry for the long delay.


Hi! Are you planning to support local video?

Hi, are you planing to implement local video support?

Hi, sorry for the delay. No, it only support youtube/vimeo videos like demo shows


Hi there. Can you tell me if your Lush slider allows you to add / delete slide on the fly once it is initiated? Thanks.

I have sent a message but I still have not received any reply!
please help me!

how do you eliminate the extra padding and border around the slider image? I couldn’t find it in the css

I’m going crazy. I’ve added Lush Slider to my page (uses bootstrap 3) and I can’t get it to work at all. It’s giving me a js error:

TypeError: s.slides is undefined


I can’t for the life of me figure out why this is happening.

Please help.

Can slider pause when video is played, and play when video is paused or ended? When will you support local video?

FYI on live preview the third slide (Lets get louder) sample is having layering issues in Safari 6.2.5. Some of text content strips are hidden under speaker images etc.

If you want a screenshot, happy to provide.

Oh, also 3 of the speakers and all orange bars are translucent (opacity issues). Had a look on Firefox and Chrome mac and no issues, so Safari issue.

Hi, I use lush with an html page using bootstrap 2.3 .. and works fine. I switch to bootstrap 3 and there is a problem. All animation works but there is a problem with the text. I use h1, h2 to display text which is also animated and it seems the padding is wrong. I mean when you have a color in background your text is not centered, for instance the last letter touch the right border of the h3…. Do you know what is wrong ? Thx

is possible stop the automatic resize the animated objects when i change the size of the window?

Hi Geedmo. Is the slider.html demo working for you in the set of demos?

Thanks, Jason

Hi, yes it’s working. Latest update only changed the youtube api because it was really outdated, the rest of the features should stay working the same.

Hi folks,

I would like to add a slider at the top of my web site like in the lush awake template but i couldn’t. how can i do it? Is there a manual?

Best regards, Firat

You read the documentation – tells you to the letter how to do what you want – Better still purchase it and read the Docs yourself – Am sure the Author will gladly help you then ;)

2 questions..can the carousal slider have multiple rows say 3-4? Is it possible to pull “live data”? Such as member photos?

Hi, I just bought this today. I’m having issues getting the regular slider working. I tried building out a slider myself first, then I tried checking your demo slider.html. That’s not working for me either. I haven’t touched the code on that page at all. The flexslider.html and other demos are working, but I can’t the regular slider to load up to save my life either from scratch or your demo. The code is exactly as you left it, and it’s linking to the js files properly. Any help on the matter is much appreciated, as I’m up against a quick deadline. Thanks.

Hi Great Product Please help need to change font size and the image size where i should do that and also to pause the slide. thank-you so much