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as this is for photography can you apply different prices for an image for example image 1= 6×4 size 4.99 , 8×6 size 6.99 etc?

hello karmadjez, I’m sorry, the answer is no. Best!

PLease can you provide the CSS to change the darkness of the hover in the gallery.

Also is is possible to change colour of text form white?

Also one of my albums wont go ‘full screen’. the other two on the page work fine.

Also when I load on mobile the text does not fit into image box

My site is https://www.ebirder.net/wildlife-portfolio/

Hello ebirder007,

To change the darkness add this CSS: .lunarGalleryItemHover { background: rgba(0,0,0,.7) !important; }

The .7 is the alpha, so you can decrease that, let’s say to .3

To change the size of title on small screens you can add this CSS: @media screen and (max-width: 480px) { .lnTitle { font-size: 16px !important; } }

For the other things, I can’t realize from the preview, if you cant use the plugin as you want, please request a refund, I will approve it.


Awesome – love the gallery – the best on the market – cheers!

when I activate lunar pro plugin, my slider revolution changes from Full Screen to a smaller size, can you help me with this??? Thanks in advance

hello Designkul, I did answer your email, Regards

Hi Jay, is the first time I posted here, and the unique email I have received from you is what you have write above. Can you please send me the reply to: info@designkul.com

Hola no he podido recibir mi paquete lunar ,mi mail no es el correcto por una letra . Ya esta pagado y necesito el paquete urgente,podria enviarmelo a mi mail correcto? edulcoradonatural@gmail.com,tengo factura paypal,si no recibo respuesta hago reembolso.

Good morning, I have not received my lunar theme package, the email is wrong, I pay with paypal I have invoice. For days I have not received an answer, they charge at the moment but the problems take forever, if I do not have an answer today, I will ask for my money, I have to work on the subject.

gracias ya esta resuelto¡¡por otro lado ya tengo instalado el plugin pero no consigo ver la galería lunar ,me sale woocommerce y un error https://descargastexturas.com/ se puede ver .que estoy haciendo mal?

No posts found! esto es lo que me sale en mi web ,no consigo ver la biblioteca lunar me sale la biblioteca woocommerce,cómo lo resuelvo? gracias

hello pedri2,

I’m sorry, I really don’t know why would not work for you, would be a bit harder to communicate through google translate, you can ask for a refund and I will approve it ASPA, you can find more about refund here: https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/202821460-Can-I-Get-A-Refund- . Let me know if I can help you with the refund.

Best of all,


Pre purchase questions

If I only sell digital photos, there is no need in asking for quantity of each photo, would it be possible to have a straight “add to cart button” instead of having to click twice? (first in the cart icon, than in the “add to cart” button)

What happens with vertical images?

thank you very much!

Just found the perfect exemple, is it possible to have this add to cart flow?


hello victoriemini, sorry for the delay, unfortunately is not possible with this plugin. Regards,

Hi there, just a pre-sales question. Does this plugin also create the downloadable file for the WooCommerce product or do we need to still upload the downloadable files that is downloaded by the customer? Kind regards Francois Wessels

Hello franwess,

Yes, the image is automatically transformed as downloadable.


Hello, I purchased this plugin last week but cant get it working. It shows message “No posts found”. I have tried several times, exactly following your instructions on your video guide, but no success. Can you advice what to do? Thanks, Martina

Hello Martina, I really don’t know why is not working with your environment, if you wish you can ask for a refund here: https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/202821460-Can-I-Get-A-Refund- Regards,


made it working. The mistake was that I created the woocom. cathegory after converting photos to products. When I deleted everything and uloaded again, it worked :). Last question is how do I make the zoom image (the one after clicking on zoom icon) larger?

Thank you, Martina

Hello, How can I translate the word that I put in label (in options of Lunar) to view details “Used for lunar album display” label? I need the word in 2 languages… How can I do variable with SK_LUNAR.openAlbumLabel? Thanks..

hello niltona, the labels that show up within the admin area can not be transtalted. Regards,

Hello, thanks for your reply. Cannot be translated?! Does this mean that I can not use this plugin on a multilingual site?


will your lunar-wordpress-photography-plugin can do the following :

This is the process: 1. Photographer takes loads of pictures during a wedding for example 2. The Photographer loads those pictures in the Gallery locked with a password 3. The photographer gives emails/text the password to the client 4. Client goes on website and chooses (proofs) which ones they want 5. Photographer prints, package and send it to client 6. or Client can buy the sizes they want and the photographer will print and send them

HI, i read in these comments, there is no support in variable products. Is it possible that you can implement it? So that i can save a master-product and add after that the pictures to products? Best regards. René

hello René, yes you’re right, there is no support for variable products, unfortunately it will not be implemented within the future.



drrmx Purchased

We have the following problem: when we will change the featured image % it will not be saved. And also sometimes when we save, images get lost…another question: will there be an update for the feature? or will there be no more?