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Nice work, GLWS! :)

hi, thank you!

very great script , whish you lots of sales ! :)

Thanx mate! :) All the best!

Looks great. Good Luck :)

Thanx mate!

Can I add the submenu?

Hello, sorry, the answer is no. Regards.

This won’t install. I’ve followed all instruction. Support doesn’t reply. Save your money and time!

Hi, could you send me a user/pass so I can try it myself (I will try to install it tomorrow). You can send me a personal message using the contact form (bottom-right) from my profile page here: http://codecanyon.net/user/jayc Regards,

where is the rating window so I can revise my rating? Still can’t make it work FYI

Ah, sorry, I believe we’ve talk over the email, you can rate th item from your download page. Cheers!

Hi, Nice work Could you give me an idea how to add video from youtube when somebody click at the thumb (not cover). I would like show video in this large popup. Thanks for help

Hello hexel, I’m sorry this portfolio does not support embeded videos, I have aimed to build it more artistically, YT and vimeo tend to be heavy and I did not included support for it. Regards,

Hi, Just wondering if there’s any way of adding in a caption to the gallery images?

Hello nettlewebdesign, currently I don’t have this option, I’ll check it out to see if I can easily implement this feature. Regards,

Hi Great stuff :)

just wondering if u have set any option if I want to remove the white border that moved around the pic when mouse over?

let me know,

Thanks, RS

Hello, Sorry I don’t have such an option within the admin area, you might add the display: none; for that border from CSS. Regards,

we use data-width=”32” it does not work that mean the gray border. Help me .

Hello, sorry for the delay, it was Eastern holidays for me, please send me an email pointing to the page you are using the plugin, you can send me an email using the contact form from my profile page. Regards

Is it possible to open just one image instead of an album or just zoom a single photo?

Hello, the answer is no, however you can set a custom external URL for the album, meaning it won’t open the album, it will redirect to that particular URL. Regards,

Hi Currently I’m facing an issue with the pop up gallery on the iphone. The photos don’t change once the gravity lightbox opens. Please help!!

I have also checked out your website on the iphone,http://www.sakuraplugins.com/showcase/lunar-js/. The same issue exists.

Hello, I apologize for the delay, I just tested with 5S, could you let me know what iPhone and what OS are you using? Regards,

Hi, I’m using jquery.nicescroll.min.js in my template. I saw jquery.nicescroll.min.js is bundled with your plugin too. I’m facing an issue with nicescroll & your plugin. In order to generate the issue, please follow the bellow steps.

1) Add this line jQuery(“html”).niceScroll({cursorcolor:”#ff0000”,cursorwidth: “10px”,touchbehavior:false,cursorborder: “0”,cursorborderradius: “0”}); to jQuery(document).ready(function(){});

2) In the lunar index.html, click a lunar gallery cover photo & lightbox will be opened with gallery images.

3) Now click the close button located at the right top corner in the lightbox.

4) Issue is, once you close the lightbox; now two scrollbars will be displayed in the lunar index.html page. ( One scrollbar from the niceScroll, other one is the default scrollbar )

5) I do not need to show the default scrollbar in the index.html page.

Let me know how to overcome this issue using a code or changing the original lunar plugin files. Thanks for the great plugin

Thanks, CB

Hello codebunny, sorry for the delay, I was on vacation for a week, unfortunately I could not reproduce this within your environment, if you wish I could personally offer you a refund, just send me an email with your paypal email. You can send me an email using the contact form from my profile page. Regards,

The only thing missing the ability to swipe images on the Ipad

:) sorry for that, swiping might cause problems on different devices. Cheers!

hi, good work. do you have wordpress plugin for this.

Hello, yes there is, check out my portfolio. Regards

I just uploaded to my plugin server and the example is not showing the albums. Only the logo and the 2 menu items are appearing, but the sample photos and the album is not working. What to do?

Help me please!!!

Hello agabarbosa, I’m sorry for the delay, I went on a short ski vacation without checking here the “on vacation settings”. If you wish you can make a refund request, I will approve it. Alternatively you can send me a link to the page you have installed the plugin. Regards,

I can not install … I need help … The script is giving error ..

hello, you have to un-zip the package first, it contains the documentation also. Let me know if you still have problems. Regards,

Hi There I use Lunar but there are some issues – can you help or provide CSS?

1. I want to set the level at which the gallery images are blacked out so they are not so dark. 2. On a mobile device some of the words/letters from the portfolio name appear in the image – almost like it is trying to resize but it does not work properly have trried on two different screen sizes. 3. The hover feature is not working on portfolio images with 25% screen coverage. How do I make this consistent? 4. How do I change the colour of the text from white to black? On the portfolio but not on the hover

You can see the page I built here https://www.ebirder.net/wildlife-portfolio/