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Hi rymanalu, does Lucy support all relationships that Eloquent offers? I’m looking for a CRUD Panel and yours is looking fine but I have a few hasMany and also polymorphic relationships!

For current version, Lucy only support basic relationship.

users won’t load data for datables on demo… can you fix so I can see?

Fixed. Thanks :)

When you upgrade to 5.3?

Hi mimolu1,

I’m still working on it. Please wait :)

any update soon?

Hi jvillafuerte,

I’m still working on it. Please wait :)

Hi, do you provide laravel 5.2 or 5.1 versions too? thank you.

can you answer please before I purchase: do you also provide 5.2 version. thank you

Lucy only provide 5.2 :)

Error when i try to create a module in demo version….

before I purchase, can you upload working demo version…I would like to explore all the features

Fixed :)


Can the system read from an MySQL database and create the tables and CRUD?

Lucy can’t read an existing MySQL database :)

When will version 1.1 be completed (for Laravel 5.3)?

Still working on it. Btw I heard that Laravel 5.4 will released in November.

Demo don’t works.

works now :)

I installed it and it is working but I am getting data table errors

Can you tell me the detail of errors?


Hi, looks very good. But… I need the relationships. In your documentation you have an example with authors and books. But if I create one of them first the other is not available yet and I can not choose the right relationship. Can I change a module or relationship then after I have created the module?

And, anyhow, can I change database fields with the software after creation of the module or do I have to do that in the generated scripts themself?



I see in the comments that image upload will be available as a field on models using the CRUD builder. It will be soon? Lucy It’s amazing but in the majority of projects image upload is a must.

Thanks for your time.

dear sirs, i’d like to know if there is a quite simple way to customize the dashboard based on role/users, and the same way prevent to access some web pages.

Best Regards

Although I read the documentation of the demo site, I don’t understand how to use Lucy well.

When I develop my application with Lucy, should I copy files generated by Lucy to my new project directory, and make tables using migration files?

Or in a project directory that Lucy was installed, I customize codes generated by Lucy ?

hi, if i try to save a table, created with crud builder i always get BadMethodCallException in Builder.php line 2405: Call to undefined method Illuminate\Database\Query\Builder::error()

Tested it with mysql and postgres, both same error. Checked manually for directory permission in /storage (its 775).

I cannot use what i payd for, please help

i waited 6 days now without any answer. Also the APP ENV Settings are not changed when i try to change it with provided frontend (yes still 775 on all files). If nothing happens now then i want my Money back to spend it for a working product, cause i aczually have NO SUPPORT and PARTIALLY NOT WORKING Product.

another 5 days without any answer

Hey, is this still alive ?


Thank you for this tool, its awesome !

I have a question about relationships: is there a way to set the display value in the select box.

If i take your example, and select Books.author_id as relationship with table, it displays IDs to choose from when i create a new book…. However it would be nice to display, the name of the author instead.

Can this be done ?



I managed to change the display name by editing “form.blade.php” and “view.blade.php”, however i can’t change it in index.blade.php …

any update Lucy to laravel 5.4?

Hello! this looks great, I have a pre-sales question. I need to give a front end to my wordpress registered users so they can upload a xls or cvs file into a table in my mysql db. Will I be able to give that capability to my users with this system? thanks!