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No responsive ? Took me 1 minute to get results on phone amd its just showing half

Hello INeedADollar
We will update soon. Thank you.

Stimulate condom purchase? Where an earth did that come from?

Are you open for custom work ??

WHich Screenshot ?

Mail me if you are open at panoldbiz1@gmail.com

hi can it be customize? or can you customize? tq

Yes, can you customize it in admin.

can u do customize for me?

What you want customize?

Hi I’m interested in purchasing your Lucky Wheel for wordpress:) I’d like to know if the Lucky Wheel Mobile Responsive? I want to link this Lucky Wheel to my mobile website app. Please contact me if this is mobile responsive. Thank you:-)

Hello millnovelties
We add mobile responsive. Thank you :D

Is it possible to limit spinning the wheel multiple times per user not only by cookie detection, but rather by cookie + IP detection?

Hello Dennsen1606
Yes,You can settings to make sure only user login.

Hmm, I think you’ve got me wrong: is it possible to limit the amount of tries for each user? So that every user can spin the wheel e.g. only once every 24 hours?

Hello Dennsen1606
Will update soon these features.


I just bought your plugin. I saw the screenshots and tried to use the plugin but I did not give me the pop up with options on adding a new wheel. Please advise or fix it. Thanks Judy

Hello judytoth
Can you submit ( ftp + addmin access) a ticker to me.
Thank you

Hi, Could you please give me a private email address where I can send the details you requested? I cannot find it anywhere. Thanks Judy

Can you send codecanyonplugin@gmail.com
Thank for choosing our plugin.

Hi there,

Interested in this plugin but here are the questions:

1) Is it possible to have this lucky wheel added in a page or post besides adding it to a woocommerce product ?

2) Is it possible to also use the lucky wheel the unregistered users ??

3) Is it possible to limit the lucky wheel by cookie + users ip and make it appear let’s say once 24-48 hours ???

4) Once a user gains a coupon for example what happens ?? How can he view the coupon code or how does it work ?? It adds automatically to cart or how it works ?

5) If a user gains a free product, what happens ?? How does it work ?? Is there any posibility to add it to cart ??

Let’s say these are my questions for now Thanks

Hello! tell me how you can disable the registration for?

Hello! Another point in the version for Wp when you click on the page to restart the wheel takes place in a few seconds

We will fix soon. Thank

Thank you, I will be grateful if you send it to my mail as

Hi, when I try and activate the plugin for WP I get fatal error:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘[’, expecting ‘)’ in /home/##########/public_html/wp-content/plugins/lucky-wheel/backend/table.php on line 12

Sorry, I have figured out my PHP version needed updating to 5.4

Thanks you, Please let me know if you have any questions

Someone asked you this question :is it possible to limit the amount of tries for each user? So that every user can spin the wheel e.g. only once every 24 hours?

and you answered two months ago that you will update soon these features.

so is there any updates because this is the most important thing you must have in the plugin

Hello WE-Market
I will update now
Thanks You

Hello Rednumber, Im going to purchase it now, but before I purchase i want to ask you if have you really updated the features , because I was looking at the item details and I couldn’t find a notice of the updated features we have discussed

How does a player win a prize? For example, can you set links to prizes from the wheel itself?

Hey, 2 questions. Is it possible to change the pop-up once a prize has been won? the current one is very spammy looking.

Also do you still intend to update the demo to look like the current picture?

I dont understand what you’re saying on your first point?? Is there a custom pop up feature?

Also do you know the date of your next update?


1. Sorry, You can custom pop-up once a prize has been won
2. Next month
Thanks you

Hi, are you still intending to update the live preview, its been over a month now.

If not, when I download the plugin will it have the updated graphics??


Hi. You have an extra closing div tag in your shortcode that breaks themes. Line 69 in file frontend/shortcode.php. Removed it and all is fixed. Just an FYI :)

Thank for choosing our plugin. Please send your admin access and FTP via my contact form at https://codecanyon.net/item/lucky-wheel-for-wordpress/18024489/support and I will help you check it.
Thanks You

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Hello chrisgannon
We write each line of code.
“Spin2Win Wheel – Spin It 2 Win It!” different “Spin2Win Wheel For WooCommerce – Spin2Gift” and Javascript version with wordpress. Please let me know what my product copy of yours
Please contact email: codecanyonplugin@gmail.com Thanks you

You have copied my design, my marketing copy, even the name. You have 23 hours left before I issue a DMCA notice. Thank you.

We did not copy design of you ( https://www.dropbox.com/s/hms76pkwskb6qwy/wheel.png?dl=0 )
And let me not name you, you need Trademark Policy
You can see ( https://codecanyon.net/category/wordpress?sort=date&term=social%20loker ) Everyone is entitled to use “Social Locker”
Please check again DMCA
Please contact email: codecanyonplugin@gmail.com
Thanks you