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The player list do mask a few characters of customer email address but not sufficient privacy as other people could look up first and second name to work out what were behind the mask. Any possibility to mask a few more characters to improve privacy?

Ignore this question for now. I now restrict the “player list” and not allowing player to be able to see it. But I think being able to provide results to all players is a good transparency to the game but better masking of details of other participants is essentials.

Hello henri-hui-envato
You can setup required user and contact, it will show meta
thanks you

Could you remove “phone” from the from as a required input? I think new customers will loose patience in putting in too much info before they can play the wheel. Please comment.

Hi, I fixed it
Thanks you

Hello rednumber, I am very very sorry for problems, but can you please refund me on my Paypal account and delete my license? I bought Luckywheel plugin from you, but did not realize that it function just with woocommerce 2.6, but I have version 3.0.4 of woocommerce on my wordpress website. I really apologize for complications… and hope you will be fair. Please let me know

Hello m4rt1n445
Thank for choosing our plugin. Please send your admin access and FTP via my contact form at and I will help you check it.
Thanks you

Hi, Several questions, we want to know if plugin is capable of this:

1. As I suppose, we can have discoiunt codes as the wheel prizes? 2. Is it possible to limit the spinning? For example, 1 visitor can spin the wheel only once per hour (by IP)?

hello PictureIdeas
1. You can set a coupon discoiunt codes
2. We will update son
Thanks you

When do you plan to update? Are we talking about several days? Or could it take weeks?

And how does the discount code work? As I see from your screenshots, the user has to buy the discount code after spinning? ( We need the user to get the discount for free, which he can use for any purchase on the website.

How exactly does this work? Do they have to purchase before they spin the wheel? Can each spot on the wheel have a variety of codes? Fore example of I was having people spin the wheel for BETA codes to a website?


Hello Barccc
Each person only turns the wheel once and each spot on the wheel have a variety of codes.


KVNHNF Purchased

Hello rednumber, I have a presale question regarding the wheel picture…can this be customized? That’s all I need to know thanks


KVNHNF Purchased

Hi, Thank you for your reply! One last thing and I stop bothering you, what about the blue fluo circle in the middle? How can I please change this one?

Many thanks!


KVNHNF Purchased

Also Wordpress sends the following message when activating your plugin: “The plugin generated 866 characters of unexpected output during activation. If you notice “headers already sent” messages, problems with syndication feeds or other issues, try deactivating or removing this plugin.”

Hi, Change border or color, you can find and replace in file “frontend/lucky-wheel.js”
-Problem “866” i will update soon.
Thanks you

Pre-sale questions: does this work on iPhone? I tried the demo and did not. Can I change the wheel image for custom images? How many wheel segments can I have? I mean, let’s say I want to give 0%, 10%, 20%, 30%... can I choose to have 10 segments and determine the probability of each segment? Thanks a lot!

Hello netojose
1. I use HTML 5 so it works with mobile.
2. You can custom images
3. You can add unlimited whell
4. You can choose to have 10 segments and determine the probability of each segment
Thanks you

Hi, just a question before my purchase. Can the wheel be placed on a separate page? Perhaps on its own pages.

Hello charlieboulevard
You can use plugin:
Thanks you

so far this is the only plugin i have found like this, but its missing a KEY feature i NEED!

please allow this to be a exit intent POPUP and ability to sync to mailchimp list and collect emails to be eligible to spin the wheel

woocommerce is missing a valueable plugin – shopify has Wheelio – woo has nothing similar

Hello whodunit27
We will update soon.
Thanks you

Hello, can this be used in a welcome splash screen? regards

Hello llermaly
We update next version
Thanks you

Hello there, I want to download and try the demo. Please send it.

Hello muratkpi
Sorry, we do not have a trial version. You can make a refund if you do not like it.
Thanks you

Am I able to use Woocommerce to generate coupons that I can then give to users and they get just one spin per coupon ? I would email them a unique, single use coupon that allows them a free spin?

Hello JaffaCakeLover
Sure, you can use it.
Thanks you

hello does it have an option to insert it into pop up like here

Hello Mag8891
You can use the plugin:
Thanks you

pre sale question: can I use with WC Vendors? type: Can it be individualized for each company? for example I have a list of 10 different companies and each one needs to configure the custom wheel

Hello daniel187
I support WC Vendors.
Thanks you

Hi.can i translate it ? i don’t want use plugin for translate it.can i use poedit?

hello Naftoon
you can use poedit
Thanks you

Your Plugin doesn’t work in RTL direction.I ask for fix my problem several time, but you even didn’t answer me

it isn’t right manner and support. i’m waiting for your answer more than three weeks but I didn’t receive any answer.