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Congratulations! Good Luck With Sale :)


Great Work, Congratulations GLWS :)

Thank you.

Great work! I wish you big sales! :-)

Thank you

fantastic work on this, good job :) i wish you all the best for sales ;)

Thank you

Hi, I just purchased your plugin which looks like it could be great for our website. However, when I activate it there seems to a be a conflict with either CSS or JS which seems to shrink the width of my pages and stops drop down menu’s from appearing. We use thrive architect to make our pages and use The7 theme if this helps with a diagnosis. I was going to submit a support ticket through your website but that also seems to be having issues not being able to find the stylesheets. Please can you advise?

I found the issue – The plugin is enqueing jQuery which is already enqued on our site. Commenting out line 22 in Luckyspin-wp/public/class-spinwheel-public.php made it work – ”//wp_enqueue_script( ‘swfrontjquery’, plugin_dir_url( FILE ) . ‘js/jquery.js’, array( ), “1.12.4”, false );” This is not an ideal solution as everytime this plugin is updated I will have to do this again. Might be an idea to utilize WordPress’s jquery instead of loading your own in the next update.

Hello SEOptiks,

Thanks for your comments, we will look into the matter soon. Please for any comments just drop a mail us on so the developers can directly the email.

we will check with our plugin and will update our version soon.

Thanks again.

Can I create physical prizes or just coupons with this?

Hello OmriS,

Physical Prizes, we hope you just want to show them the text that you won a prize etc, is that correct ? If yes then in that case you can place a text in win results. Still Questions: please directly contact us on

Well I’d need a way to prove they won the prize. Am I able to use pre defined text and pre defined coupon codes that get sent to them via email? If so, I could create a coupon code for the physical prize.

The email feature is not in this Plugin. It will just display the coupon codes.


rack38 Purchased

I have just purchased your product and I tried to go to your support page but it was all messed up and not displaying. My question is can I make this work on a designated page instead of a popup? I would like to send people to a certain page for this. Can that be done?

We regret for your inconvenience on our support page.

Actually, it will only display on popup but you can display that popup to specific page by entering url under “URL Filtering” section of settings > template creation.

If you have any further question or query then you can contact us directly on


I’ve installed your plugin and created a template. but when I wanna to re-edit my template, the message shows “Template is not exist!”

I can use preview function to see my template online, but the wheel is disappeared.

While creating template, you have to save template name in English instead of other language.

Regarding Preview of template it seem like some of them JS conflicting. So, I will send you email once it will be figure out.

thanks for your great help

your welcome

another question, in step 3 (Segments), how to set custom gravity for each Segment item? I saw there are (10, 20, 30, 40…etc), but I need more details. such as (0.5, 1.5, 66…etc)

You only can set the value mentioned on dropdown. there is no option to add custom value.

a question, if I don’t want to use mailchiump, where can I to export my data to CSV file?

Actually, As per the current version you could not able download CSV. You only get emails on your connected mailchimp list. Download CSV features will be available on next version.


kfigo6 Purchased

I bought your script but I can not download it from envato

If you have purchased then it can be downloaded from “Downloads” menu.


kfigo6 Purchased

I bought your script but I can not download it from envato

This plugin don’t have that feature. So, you have to customize it.


kfigo6 Purchased

you can tell how plz

We are providing that customization service. Please contact on

The aweber box is empty, there is no input field or button or anything to connect my account. I bought this specifically for aweber support as your images show.


thanks for speedy reply, will check back later to see if its been updated with aweber support

ok and if possible then we will notify you when available.

Dear Aliansoftware,

I am looking for a plugin that can do the following: From time to time we want to give 1 specific member the ability to spin the wheel to win 1 of 5 prices. If he/she spins it, they as well as the admin of the site get’s to know what that person has won. And this person can only spin 1 time, everytime we choose who can do a spin.

Is this possible? Please submit ticket we will send a Quote.

Then I will have to buy it first. Before I do that, I would like to know what the costs will be. How about you give me an e-mailadres that I can send the request to, so you can reply with a quote.