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It doesn´t work for PHP 5. If this were on the item details I had not purchased it.

When I’ve uploaded the library, I selected the version software as >5.3 but it seems that is not displayed anywhere.

Still, the library is fully tested and functional under PHP 5.5. So for “it doesn’t work” you need to provide specific details in order to be able to track the problem.

I got this error: PHP Fatal error: Using $this when not in object context in (path)/LSMailer/Drivers/LSSmtp.php on line 154

I’ve uploaded a new version with the fix (1.22). You should be automatically notified when it’s approved. I’ll keep an eye on it anyway.


p.s. just for my info, what’s your PHP version (above 5.4?)

My php version is 5.3.27

Can you send attachments via SMTP using this library?

Hi, attachments are supported.


Pre-sales question, does your script use phpMailer?

Thats great, So your script is able to do proper authentication and handshaking? For some reason phpMailer is failing to do that on my server, so I just want to know if yours will work before I purchase.

I think the best way to test it is to provide me with a test account and we’ll see. Tested with yahoo and gmail, it seemed ok.

Based on the provided details, I sent you a test message. My address in Cc: received the test email.

my php version is 7.0.6 , will it still work?

my php version is 7.0.6 , will it still work?

The library doesn’t have (yet) official support for PHP 7, so it’s more a matter of trial and see. Unfortunately I cannot provide you now with an answer, maybe some other people can fill in here the details.

Please can you tell me how much delay (in second) your soft sonnect and send with smtp 5 emails please ? I have a scipt but it too long

The delay for the software is most likely generated by the used smtp server, and probably has less to have with the script (unless your script is doing something really really costly in terms of processing).

In other words, the script might be fast enough but it’s for nothing if connecting to the smtp server takes a couple of seconds, for example.

Can you tell me if your script is ok for php 7 ?