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This author's response time can be up to 2 business days.

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What kind of support is included?

Support does NOT include the following:

  • We cannot provide general webhosting and/or general PHP support.
  • We cannot provide general support on Laravel, Vue, Javascript or other used technologies.
  • We cannot help with issues from your own customization.
  • We cannot provide customizations that extended default features. What you see in the demo is what comes with your purchase.
  • We cannot provide how-to advice on if the script is capable of doing what you want/need. Read documentation and try to determine if it will suit your needs.
  • We cannot provide fixes that are unique to your web hosting or server environment. If your hosting or server environment is different than what is listed in the requirements section, you’ll need to determine if it will work before purchasing.
  • We try for fast response times but as described on our support tab, response time may be up to 2 business days. Too many issue/feature questions that do not fall under support will slow down all response times. Please investigate for yourself thoroughly before contacting us.

Other notes and considerations:

  • If you found a bug feel free to report but first check if there in new version available.
  • Before asking questions, please search the comments area. Questions may have already been answered.
  • Before asking questions, please check the documentation.
  • Before asking questions, please check the FAQ’s.
  • If you are experiencing installation problem please open a support ticket. You can be assisted while your server meets the requirements.
  • Please do not ask for a free licence. We appreciate help but will not compensate for it.
  • Please dont ask for support on the comments sections. Usualy you will get the answer “Please open a support ticket”.
  • If your support is expired, before asking questions consider renewing it.
  • You cannot get a refund once the item has been downloaded under any circumstances.

Can I request a feature? Or can I pay you for a feature?

Firstly, you should only buy a product if it meets your requirements in its current form. Don’t expect any updates or new features.

The more popular it gets, the more updates. If it’s successfull, you get free development. Otherwise you have at least what you see right now. And the full source code to modify it to your needs.

You can always indicate which features you would like to see. We very much appreciate feedback.

The amount of time we can spend on a project depends on sales and other (paid) projects. For custom work you can send a message, but we only accept inquiries from companies that have serious expectations, not from private individuals.

Will you update the script?

We have created this script and we have the intention to update it. Of course, we can’t make hard promises, but as long as the financial compensation allows, we intend to work on this project. Without enough sales we obviously can’t spend as much time on it as we’d like.

However, make sure you only buy the script if it meets your needs in its current form.

Contact the author

This author provides limited support for this item through email contact form.

Item support includes:

  • Availability of the author to answer questions
  • Answering technical questions about item’s features
  • Assistance with reported bugs and issues
  • Help with included 3rd party assets

However, item support does not include:

  • Customization services
  • Installation services

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