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looks very interesting but where can i see full demo side as a normal user whom wanted to collect more points etc ? We can now log in as admin only at the moment but unable to see much flow from there. Please advise. THank you

Thanks, this is the full demo.

Admin: the user who signs in at the main login ( ). This user creates the campaigns. Since this is the single user version, there is only one user. The SaaS version is mutli-user ( ).

Staff members: users that can be created in the admin dashboard (Merchants > Staff members). They can sign into the staff area of a loyalty campaign (see Loyalty programs > Campaigns > Visit campaign > Staff Area).

Customers: users that sign up at a loyalty campaign website (e.g. ).

Great Work, Congratulations GLWS :)

Congratulations! Nice Work, GLWS :)

Hello, how can i translate to my language PT-BR?

It’s not translatable yet.

When I buy, will I have access to the source code?

Yes, but keep in mind a front-end framework (Vue.js) is used and a lot of the text is in the template files. So, it’s not a matter of editing php files to translate.

I am liking this, but have a question…

Where are the Merchant codes (that are entered manually) stored/accessed? As the Merchant or Admin, how do I know what to enter if the User were to click:

Earn Points > Merchant Enters Code > Enter Code Here (modal)?

Many thanks!

Hi, great question, when a staff member (aka merchant) logs in to the staff area (Loyalty programs > Campaigns > Visit campaign > Staff Area), there is an option to generate these codes (Points > Enter Code). All codes have an expiration period and can be used only once, to prevent codes from lingering around and being redeemed unexpectedly.

To test this you can use (or with the password welcome123 to log in to the staff area:

Go to Points > Enter Code to generate codes.

Thank you for the fast reply! May be something we could use, GLWS

I want to set up an ecommerce style site but use points or rewards instead of money, I want my partners to offer points or rewards to exchange for products from my catalog. Each partner could see the number of points changed, users see the history of points and products redeemed. I would like to know which option works best for my website, the SaaS option or this one?

One site is one campaign. If you can’t do what you want with the single user version, it’s also not possible with the SaaS edition. And I doubt the construction you describe is possible, there is no user role that can log in and only see the points history. Staff members can see their own history, but also have the option to generate codes and redeem rewards.


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Hello, where can we find a changelog ? Thanks

Edit: Ok found on your website ;)

Can the system be used in an offline setup like supermarket?

Yes, but rewarding points is a manual action, so you’d have to test if it would fit the specific use case of a supermarket where faster transactions (POS integration) would probaby be prefered over personal customer contact.

Possible to create custom field for customer profile?

There are “segments” for admins and staff members to categorize and analyze customers. There are no custom fields for customers to fill in.


  1. Is there any APIs that come with the system to call the various functions performed by merchant side?
  2. Can it support creating bar codes instead of QR Codes, and integrate with bar-code scanners on the point of sale of the merchant? and call the apis to complete the action?
  3. How can the merchant validate issued points against actual purchases if not integrated with the POS?
  4. How will it work for online business? Your documentation state 2 ways this could be done; staff generated codes and customer number. I am not sure i understand how this will work? Is it after the customer buys online, they have to contact the site to request a code? then go back to the loyalty site to enter it? How will this happen if used the customer number case?
  5. Thanks

One more question, on the campaign page for the merchant.
Is it possible to add tracking code such as Google Analytics / Facebook pixel?
Since this is web based only, I would also like to be be able to add web notifications – Can it allow for adding OneSignal code for each campaign page?
Thanks again

1. Not at the moment, this would be documented if it existed ( ). But you have access to the source code.

2. No:

3. Manually when a purchase is made.

4. Manually, same as #3.

5. Everything is possible, but it’s currently not implemented as a setting/feature.

Features request /suggestion :

1. Merchant show the pre-generate QR Code for consumer to scan for adding points

2. Daily login point collect

Thank you. Pre-generated QR codes would be usable one-time only. Basically the same as entering a generated code but with a different input device.

Do you provide the source code for all? and what are the languages to use?

Hello, could you better explain when we use mailgun and pusher so I can estimate the extra costs?


For the single user version the free tiers are more than enough. Mailgun is not required, but recommended and only used for reset password emails. Pusher is only used when scanning a QR for points or rewards.

Hi, its possible translate to another language?

No. Only if you have experience with Vue you can edit strings but there is no multi-language feature at the moment.

ok, thanks. Sorry but this is a urgent feature