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So if I work with multiple images (a gallery) I will have to input the code in each image? Or can I input the code into a gallery?

You will need to input the code individually on each image.

Hello Gambit, First of all best loupe plugin as I found so far. Is there any html version of this ? Have a good day

We don’t have an HTML version of this yet. But we’re open with the idea of making one sometime.

Can you tell me if in the short-code version mouse events will be detected on an image map on top of the image while the glass is active? I’d need to be able to click on things and capture what was hit, mouse coordinates, etc…

Apologies for the really late reply. For some weird reasons we haven’t notified about this.

But to give an answer regarding this one: It is possible, but you might need to play around with which value to pick up as certain components of the Loupe runs on JavaScript. So its values can be referenced easily.

Can I get this to work automatically with mouse over hover? Thanks

Yes, this is possible. We have settings where you can choose the behavior of Loupe between mouse drag or follow the mouse movement.

How do I apply the follow mouse movement to the short code, I’m not using the visual composer. Thank you

Here is what you can add in your shortcode.

Loupe using mouse drag:
image_loupe movement="draggable"

Loupe on mouse movement:
image_loupe movement="hover"

this plugin does not work! Unpacking the package…

Installing the plugin…

The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.

Plugin install failed.

Hello there,

When you download the ‘All Files and Documentations’, you’ll need to extract your zip file first and look for the ‘plugin’ folder.

The zip file inside the ‘plugin’ folder is the actual plugin that you need to upload for installation.

Where would I install the shortcode for this plugin to work on a system without visual composer? And once this shortcode is installed, will the loupe magnifying glass plugin work on existing images on my WordPress site? Thanks in advance for your help.

Hello there,

You can install the shortcodes through Visual/Text Mode of the page where you exactly want it. :)

I purchased this plugin thinking that I can add it to my PORTFOLIO LISTS element from the VC… It’s this possible?

Thank you,

Hello there,

Pardon for the late replies due to long holidays.

Regarding the Loupe on click, we still don’t have this feature. I’ll note this down as suggestion.

Is there a way I can get a refund? This plugin is useless for me without that feature plus the usability of it is terrible.

Only Code Canyon can process refunds. They also have Terms and Conditions regarding this one.

Is there a way to turn of the default position reset?

Currently, this feature is not available yet. But we are considering adding this feature in our next update.

Hi, can I set the position of the magnifier in back end and make it non dragable in front end?

Nope. Any changes you apply in backend will also be applied in the frontend. The loupe is really meant to be draggable.

Thanks for your reply, yes I know its dragable but to make sure you got my point that I want to place the loupe in certain place on the image to show a nice view from the image, but in front it it will show the image with the loupe where I set it from admin but the users can’t drag it and they will only see the image with the loupe

On the otherhand, this is actually possible by adding a Custom CSS in your Loupe. Here is the code that you can add:

.gambit-loupe-glass { pointer-events: none; }
This will render the Loupe to be static and non-draggable.

I would very much like to buy this plugin. Will this work with the main product image on WooCommerce Product page?

This depends if your product page can support Shortcodes from Third Party Plugins.

Dear Sir,

It is possible to show the loupe when somebody hovering on the img?

Working in enfold wordpress theme?

TX, d.

Hi! apologies for the late reply. The Loupe is always visible on the image. :) But we are planning to add a feature where we can just activate the Loupe effect when you hover exactly at the image.

How do you add your images to be with a browser bar? Like this image for example: http://demos2.gambit.ph/loupe/wp-content/uploads/sites/10427/2014/07/demo1.jpg I have been looking everywhere for a site that lets me add a browser bar to the images.. :)

We pretty much just made an existing image with a mockup browser. :)
And we also have a similar plugin that can add images and videos in a mockup as well, feel free to check it out: https://codecanyon.net/item/image-video-device-mockups-shortcode/8269855?s_rank=20

But the plugin dont have the same browser frame as you are using. Is there any online generator you are using, or photoshop?

This is a rasterized version of the mockup and a picture using Photoshop. :P

“Hi! apologies for the late reply. The Loupe is always visible on the image. :) But we are planning to add a feature where we can just activate the Loupe effect when you hover exactly at the image.” What is the ETA for this feature?

There is no exact ETA for this feature at the moment as we are also delivering updates with our other plugins.

I just purchased the plugin but am not using visual composer. need to use the shortcode 1) how do i identify the image? where do you find image id if you aren’t using visual composer? 2) how can i input the size of the image in the shortcode?

Hi there! You can find the list of Shortcodes and their descriptions from our Live Preview. As for your questions:

1) You can specify the image by using their image IDs. You can identify IDs by inserting an image via Insert Media, the ID is located along the lines of “wp-image”and usually goes as a number.

2) This will depend on your container size but you can resize it by adding a Custom CSS.

Thanks for the reply. I also submitted a support ticket. For some reason it’s not displaying properly.

We just sent our replies. Looking forward for your response and to fix this problem as well. :)

Would this work on Shopify? If so, I am interested in purchasing!

The Loupe plugin works particularly in WordPress only. If you can use Shopify in a Page/Post coming from WordPress, then you can use Loupe and insert an image. But this doesn’t integrate with Shopify itself.

we are planning to add a feature where we can just activate the Loupe effect when you hover exactly at the image. – when is the expected roll out of this feature?

Please stay tuned. We’ll upload soon! :)

Before buy ill like to make sure If will work using Visual Composer on a Carousel Gallery??? I currently have this plug in, but i can make the Loupe effect on a caousel

Hello Anders! Can you tell us what Carousel plugin are you using? :) But to explain, you can add Loupe anywhere as long as the content supports shortcodes or can be inserted with VC elements.

Although, since we’re not sure how your Carousel works, you might also need to consider the Carousel’s behavior as well. Since Loupe will require dragging the magnifying glass, your Carousel should be also able to disable dragging so it doesn’t override Loupe’s behavior. :)

Hi I was looking to purchase this plugin but I had a few questions.

1- Will this work with on Revolutions sliders or any other slider.

2- I’ve noticed a few people ask this before, Is it possible to hide the loupe when you are not hovering on an image.

3- Will I be able to click on a button on the slider if the loupe is on the slider.

Hi Hicksads! Thank you for the interest with Loupe. Also, with regards to your questions:

1. This will depend on your slider. But to give you an idea of how to insert Loupe, you can do it by either using as a Visual Composer element or by inserting shortcodes. If your slider can support inputs via VC or shortcodes, then Loupe can be added inside the slider.

2. I’m sorry, but this isn’t available yet. We have thoughts of adding this in the future updates, but it is also recommended to show the Loupe as this will make the plugin look more visible for users that is not familiar with it. :)

3. Yes. As long as you’re not navigating your slider by swiping through slides (some sliders may have this feature). Hover effects and touch enabled sliders tends to mix up the slider and element behavior. But in any case, some sliders have a capability to enable and disable this feature.

If you have any follow up questions, feel free to ask again. Have a nice day, Hicksads! :)