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Hi, How “Play Now” works? Can we link the play now to some custom website? Or can you do some custom work for me ? I am developing a website for my client similar lotto gopher dot com.

Play online loading external web site (thelotter.com)

Does it just generate numbers? Or its getting actual results from their websites?

Actual results and generate numbers next lottery

so actual results you have to manually add to plist file on server after every draw? Or its able to read from their website?

Manually add to plist file every draw

Nice work. Good Luck with sales… :)

I’m curious what the purpose of this plugin would be…?


Is it possible only to use for results? Also is there an entegration for result services like rss, web service etc?

Plist based data list

Where does the ad display at?

iAd support


I’m getting an error for the video.

“Error – Video URL contains neither sig nor s parameter”

How do I fix this?


Yes. I think that the app is not receiving the feed:

define YOUTUBE_CHANNEL_URL @”http://gdata.youtube.com/feeds/base/users/megamillions46/uploads?alt=rss&start-index=1&max-results=1&client=ytapi-youtube-rss-redirect&orderby=updated&v=2”

I’ve tested on the simulator and on the iPhone. Error on both.

Are you getting an error as well?

Updating waiting for review

Would you be able to customize this app?

Yes, customize

hi is there away you could make the app for android verson

Hello, I’m interested in your app. Before to buy it, I would like to know if I can integrate it with french Lottery ? Is it possible to change the website to play ? And how can I type the actual results ? Is it automatically generated through the website, or I can type it manually.

Thanks a lot for your help

You write an xml file actual results, I will help you change

Android version would have been the best pal

Hello.. any chances of developing a custom lottery pool script?

Example: https://www.sociallottopool.com/


how do I update plist file?

Modify plist file in Xcode. Upload your server, modify plist file patch

I can’t seem to get the countdown working, any help you can provide?

any updates on this app?

Swift version coming soon

Just wanted to check in with the swift version? Any movement?

Hi, I just purchased the app. What files do I need to edit before submitting it to the App store?

Does this support iOS 9.x ?

Are you planning on updating this in the future?