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Hi, I checked the live demo but I didn’t see any fields to generate live numbers! Where is the live demo that I can test this script live. How about US lottery?

Thanks, as I mentioned before $4 or $40 is not the question. Please let me know when you include US lottery (i.e. Mega Millions and Powerball). Good work my friend. Regards.

Hi yamon, the new script that does exactly what you’re asking will be available soon on Code Canyon. Until then you can check out the demo at http://www.bodi.ro/demo/powerball-lottery-number-generator-demo/

Installation = 10 seconds

Does what is says, what more could you ask for $4!

Brilliant work markessence.

Thank you for your kind words. Very soon we’ll release v1.2. You’ll have an option to enable CSS styling of your generated numbers ( default will be CSS yellow lottery balls :-) ).

I need little help, How can be this script be used as a system, i thinked that this was a little system where user type 6 numbers and press button and it shows down the results and if he has like 6 numbers correct to display him “you won” but i only see when refresh page only change numbers nothing more..please make it a little system for 4$ doesnt even not needed money, please i had payed 4$ please rebuild it a little. Thanks

Hi, this script generates 6 lucky random numbers for your visitors. It is not a lottery system script. It was written for the following scenario for example. You want to build a subscriber list and you need to have a tool to make people subscribe. In order to achieve this you would download this script and a. you give you visitors 6 numbers on their visit and ask them for their email to receive daily or weekly lucky numbers or b. you show them nothing and request subscription for lucky numbers delivery. I hope I’ve explained in a more clear manner. If you are in one of the above scenarios please send us your link and we’ll be happy to advice you how to grow your subscriber list based on Lottery Number Generator – 6/49. Cheers!

Such a shit script. They have used small methods to generate random numbers. it is not based on any UK, US lottery system. Bull shit. It is not working as per lottery commission , it is just printing 6 random numbers only, which any php programmer can do. I can do better then this , but I bought this script just because he mentioned it is based on UK lottery system. it is fake. let me know the way to get my money back. This script is bullshit.

Hi there, we are so sorry to see that kind of anger. It is your opinion and we respect that.

The script does exactly what is mentioned in the description (as you can clearly see in the Live Preview).

Warm Regards, Andy

Hi There,

As per the item description “This PHP script is designed to generate 6 random numbers in the range 1 – 49 inclusive, designed with the UK National Lottery in mind but it works with any 6/49 lottery.”

The extension just generate the random numbers which is correct, but in description it said , it is based on UK lottery System. Which is wrong. Its a kind of fraud. You lied to us, it is not based on any UK lottery System Rules. Please let us know how it is based on UK lottery system or let me know the way to fix it now.


Yes, it is true. It is designed with UK National Lottery in mind. For that reason we use our script for every draw since we’ve launched Lottery Number Generator – 6/49.

The idea started after we saw that awful number generator from the official website at http://www.national-lottery.co.uk/player/p/lotterydrawgames/lotto/numbergenerator.ftl

We wanted to have 6 numbers generated out of 49 available, without any stupid game.

Indeed UK National Lottery draws 6 balls + 1 bonus ball. But on your tickets you only have to choose 6. The 7th ball affects only players who match five numbers.

If you have other requests for extending the script for example to show 3 rows or something, please post your request to http://support.markessence.com and our team will definitely help you with that.

Our support forum is pretty empty right now because we’ve just started it.

Warm Refards,

Is it possible to input a list of winning lottery numbers and the script generates the most common sequence for you to play?

I’m afraid that is not possible with the standard version.

demo is not working neither the links you provided in link..!!

Hello Please. Need a little help, i want to display numbers in the balls style but finding it difficult. can you provide some guidelines please

Hi, you just need to include lotto649.php file as per docs. Did you check the /docs/ folder from the archive?

i just need an example of the code on here to put the “css include” to make the output come in balls format please. have tried all but its not working. very frustrating please. Please help me.

In the header of the page where you have included the PHP script, you can add <link href=”[PATH-TO]/lotto649.css” media=”all” rel=”stylesheet” /> and that’s it.

Yes Please, i followed the documentation but couldn’t get it to work. wanted to know where to put it in the php file. am a beginner thats why please.

Basically you can put the php anywhere as long as when you include it you specify the path.

hi,i want buy it but demo not working please give new link

I’m interested, but demo not working.

What will it Cost me to include customization services in my support


I have bought this script but it is NOT working!!!