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I initially got excited and was ready to buy but I saw the demo, its confusing and the interface is horrible. Not user-friendly at all. I think you need to go back to the drawing board on this one. ;(

I’m not sure what you mean but would be happy to maybe clarify. The demo basically shows the usage of some of the methods that can be used in their simplest styling and usage. With integration into a site the tables can be placed wherever you like on the page, if you want to show them at all. The script simply chooses from your list of prizes and pushes the result into the database, the more of a prize you have in the pool the better the odds of getting that prize. Let me know if that helps or if you have any specific suggestions for the example that may give a better showcase of the script.

Update has been pushed… Adds some CSS styling to make it a bit cleaner, new demo page included to give a better idea of how it can be used, and a bit different flow on the admin page. Also, you can now send an array of recipients to the getPrize method and it will choose recipient at random as well as a prize at random.

i could not see where is the prize first , and then how the people enter the contest .i means good to see the prize winners and but then where is the script online to win the prize , do u have with script and i am not able to figure out or it is not there and it is to capture prize winners for offline contest but it says random prizes winners etc .pls advise . i think this is good

Hello, the main actions of this script would be performed by the administrator of the website. The admin would enter prizes, and the amount of entries for each prize. Then the admin would call the draw a prize method, sending it the name of a recipient and it will choose the prize that the recipient wins and enter a record into the database saying the recipient won Prize 1 for example.

To have people enter a contest you can gather user information such as email address using a custom form and database table and then when you wish make a call to the getprize method, sending it an array of the users that entered. It will then choose a user from the sent array at random and a prize from your the prize table you have created.

All the methods and public variables that can be accessed for a full integration are available in the documentation.

I hope this helps

Hello.. any chances of developing a custom lottery pool script?



Hi, You closed this item?

no this item is still open, did not notice this comment

I cannot find lotterease.sql to upload into database. Please help?

Created lotterease database and trying to import MySqilDb.php and doesn’t work. Response is in errors.

Theres no file with .sql extension in the db folder

hello, please send an email to and I will send you the sql file. Sorry for the extended lateness.


I have a Consulting Company, one of the services that we provide is the Drug Testing / Test toxicological.

The Company hires us to perform a test in their company, but before we going to the refeir company, are sent to us is a list of employees. One or Two names/numbers will be the “one” tested.

We are looking for a tool / system that makes a random lottery of these name or number. And can be record/history.

It is something relatively simple, but I need this to be auditable. In order to keep a record for future reference.

Thanks a lot

Congrats! Nice work

I can’t find lotterease.sql and example.php in the .zip file Please send me.

Demo not working! :(

Demo STILL not working.