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i click on live preview – but cant see a live preview? – i really need to see what this does before parting with my $14

you can read the project description to know what the app do.

not very useful reply my friend – i really need to see this working -

live preview links you to download the app, its not rocket science

pixelmagicmedia – genius. But the link takes you to iTunes where you have to part with $1 for the live preview. Perhaps you should review before you comment.

Not getting off to a good start here huh ???? – i wont be buying !!


you don’t like give a preview of the app for free, then make a short example video it would be better for sales ;)


basically people, its just 4 views where you enter some details and it makes a calculation to show a result for each view.

The final view is just an html local page as i see it listing the calories of several food.

Also from the screens it looks its not IOS 7 compatible as well.

In my opinion the 14$ are too much just for these 4 calculations when in fact you can search online and get the formulas yourself.

Also if you have noticed there are many apps listed for 14$ or more that do far less than some older apps here listed for less than 14$.

if someone inside Envato knew some basic objective-c then the evaluation for the price would be a lot less as this does not do anything that justifies the 14$

anyway…good luck with sales

Is this an app that I can buy and rebrand for my weight loss website?

yes you can, but you need Extended License to rebrand it

Dude, I don’t get it, if I want to buy this code, I have to pay to test it then pay to buy it? how does that make sense to you? That’s the reason why you only have 3 sales, we can’t test the actual app, you’re selling fish in the water.

hi Is this Full Applications ? Is this the application is ready for use ?

yes full application and ready for use

You need to update this project. Nothing works. I had to delete most of the screens and rebuild them. I could have made the app myself instead of giving you money from an out of date app. Envato should delete apps that haven’t been updated after 3 iterations of iOS.

Kindly have me notified if the app is working on latest iOS/xcode and I’ll buy this app source code right away. Thanks.

Did you update the app for iOS 10 and xcode 8 ? did you add some new features in it?