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demo displays white page

I am not sure about the reason I checked the codecanyon preview url and it redirect to our site and the loader is working fine , try to use a modern browser or visit us directly http://leavy.cu.cc/blog/

Thanks for passing by :)

Thanks , i am happy to know that you like it :) . Stay in touch for more :)

Hi, presale question – can a loader be added to an individual WP page only? Cheers :D

Hi thanks for your trust :)

Now about your problem just make sure you set a delay and chose a loader (in our site we are using “loading loader”) customize the colors and settings in the loader options and save the settings and every thing should be fine.

For the drag and drop it only accept .loader files for now all available loaders are intalled already in the plugin you will use the drag&drop to upload new loaders .. we will add some new ones very soon.

I hope that this will help, and please go back to us if you find any other difficulties … we will add this in the plugin documentation to prevent any futur problems.

Have a nice day :)

Thanks but still can’t get it to work. Delay is set to 1s – not sure what it is for so chose the lowest value. If I check the ACTIVE LOADER box, it works on home page – sort of, what happens is the site first loads normally for a split second, then it goes to loader screen, only showing background with no animation, then loads the site.

As for the shortcoade – neither [ LOADER] nor [LOOADER] work at all on specific pages :(

This wasn’t reported by the other client so my best bet is that there is another plugin interfering , contact the support team on contact.leavy@gmail.com they will be more than happy to help and will solve your problem in no time :)

Hello Leavy,

would it be possible the other pre-loader animations in the loader list?

Thank You in advance!

Hi Leavy,

thank you for the response! To clarify, when I load your demo site, I see 1 pre-loader animation; is it possible to see the others that you have listed on your site (e.g. Double Cricles Loader, Four Suare Loader, Loader HourGlass, etc?)

Sorry we are using the normal version of the plugin wishi is only managed using the admin panel all i can do is chaning the loader once in a while for you to check the available loaders … but don’t worry we will provide multiple loaders as it is very easy to build LOOADER loaders :) and i am sure you will love most of them

Hi There We added a preview of most of our loaders and we will try to add the preview form now on of our new loaders . I hope this will help. Have a nice day :)

seems like if you had a good hosting there would be little or no loadtime and no one would ever see this.

The idea if the preloader is to show an animation while the page is loading … the hosting doesn’t have anything to do with this the visitor’s internet is the main responsible … but even if you have “GOOD HOSTING” and fast internet and you want to enjoy our animation you can just put a longer delay.

Thanks for sharing and passing by :)


I have kind of same request as second last comment above, is it possible for you to show all the pre-loaders which this plugin is offering, right now it display only different loaders names, and code but in acutal it will be great if you can give preview on all the loaders in form of .gif, or any other way which can easily display all loading designs..


It is the second time we get this request so we will came up with something to preview the loaders :) sit tight and stay in tough :D

Thanks for passing by

Hi There We added a preview of most of our loaders and we will try to add the preview form now on of our new loaders . I hope this will help. Have a nice day :D

This is nice but like with a lot of preloaders I see your page for half a second, then the loader comes in, is there anyway you can make it so it does not flash the site first and just pull in the loader? Also is the loader based on waiting until all elements on the page are loaded? If sliders are being preloaded will by the time it loads already of passed the 1st slide?

can I enable it only for homepage?

We added a shortcode to add the loader on specific content (pages and post) : just desactivate the loader in general using looader settings page set the loaders options naturaly and add the plugin shortcode in the chosen pages and posts and you are ready to go :)

Hi, is it simple for someone to use their own logo as the loader image with this?

Hi there

You can create a css loader with a logo params and turn it into a valid LOOADER file and upload it to the plugin , see the documentation section for creating new loaders by your self.

But if you liked a specific loader and want to customize it to have your logo and you don’t have any knowledge in CSS animations you can contact the support service using the email contact.leavy@gmail.com and they will be happy to help.

(please note that they can only customize “one” loader for you from the available ones)

Nice, Works fine, i turn delay in 0 seconds because i using memcached and my page load super faster.

Good work and update when need it

Thanks i send to you a email support

Thanks for faster support, now works extrafine, very nice plugin.

Have a Good Week.

Freedom for Marijuana ¡ ¡ ¡ ¡

Happy that we could help … enjoy and stay in touch for more :)

This looks awesome! I’d really like to duplicate the effect you have on your demo site…customizing the content within the super-sexy circles looks pretty straightforward, but I’m wondering – are those circles you have as the demo (to enter your site) offered as an option? If so, can you send me your settings? If not, how can I make them?

Great work! GLWS!

Happy to know that you like it :)

About the loader in our website it is one of the existing loader and all that we did was chaging the content manualy it is a 1 sec manual modification in the .loader file (check documentation)but we will be more than happy to help and teach you how to do yours just contact us on contact.leavy@gmail.com and the support team will help ASAP . Thanks for your trust , have a nice day :)

Thanks for the quick response! will do!


Could you tell me if I can enable this loader only for home page? I want to display my logo for a few seconds and then show my home page.

Hi We added a shortcode to add the loader on specific content (pages and post) : just desactivate the loader in general in looader settings page and add the plugin shortcode in the chosen pages and posts and you are ready to go :)

Have a nice day


1. Is it possible to add percentage while page is loading?

2. Can I use my own SVG image to make my own preloader (I want ot use my logo)?

Or, can I use PNG image?


Hi there!

The plug-in is so nice! I’d like to buy it. So in love with its effect. However, I notice a little flash of the website before the loader can actually comes in (even in the demo page or your homepage). Is there any demo that the loader actually is displayed first before all other elements?

Thank you so much!

Can the loading text be customized? Can the loading text appear on more than one line?

Please respond soon.

Hi there Yes the some loaders support text modifications and even if your favorite loader don’t support it please feel free to contact the support team and they will send another version of the loader that has this feature ASAP Have a good day :)

Every time I use the [looader] shortcode just for a specific page, it somehow loads for everyother page. Also under safari browser I don’t see anything in the dropdown menu when trying to pick a loader, I have to end up using firefox just to see settings.

Is there something I’m doing wrong, please let me know TIA

Hi There , Thanks for you trust.

In order to use the looader shortcode you need to disable the auto display in each page first ,by unchecking the “Activate loader” in the settings page. About the settings panel problem in safari : we aren’t sure about the cause of the problem but we will look into it and came back with the solution ASAP , in the mean time juste keep using another prowser to get to the settings and sorry for any trouble this may cause you. I hope that these instructions will help solve your problem , if not please feel free to contact the support team using contact.leavy@gmail.com and they will be more than happy to help

Have a good day,thanks again for your trust :)

Does not work for me :-|. In settings panel dropdown titled ‘Select Loader:’ is blank and if e.g. entering delay value it is not stored when clicking save. (when coming back to settings page, all values are blank).

Any Ideas?

Placed in plugins/leavy_wp_loader and all files seem to be there including files in /leavy_wp_loader/loaders. I’m using WP 4.0. Also tried disabling major plugins, which didn’t help.

First,Thanks for your trust.My best bet is that some other plugin is interfering with our code , Anyway please contact our support team on contact.leavy@gmail.com and i am sure they will be able to help.

Have a good day :) and thanks again for your trust

Hi , great plugin,

pls tell me can i have a text eg. loading above loader?


The Loader settings page is broken on Wordpress 4.2.1, any plans to update the plugin?