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ok. the DIR configs error – I can confirm that it’s because you’re prob running PHP5.2 or an earlier version. You need to upgrade to PHP5.3

I upgraded to PHP5.3 but still get same error. LongTweet had so much potential, but you can’t install it so it’s utterly useless.

Socialgrower… response to your error

Warning: fopen(DIR/../inc/configs.php) [function.fopen]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/..../admin/installation.php on line 209 Cannot open file (DIR/../inc/configs.php)

Check your file permissions and make sure all files are chmod to 755, if you have php5 or Apache 2.2 + then you need to modify the permissions to 755 and then you can return after installation and modify the class files and incliuded files back to 644. Don’t set permissions to any other settings, but 755 – if you allow i.e. 777 your server might reject the installation. Also, to be safe, make sure you download and install a fresh script so you’re not dealing with old, modified installation files that might have run at install up to the error. I’m confident that this will fix your issue

Thanks davisdole

I resolved the issue. I admit I was wrong about this, it’s actually a very good script for a low price. For those having same problem, there is a very simple fix:

Create .htaccess file with this rule: # Use PHP 5.3 AddType application/x-httpd-php53 .php

LongTweet is a good way to promote your website, products or services (as each user and users followers will see your ads) but the author did not market this script very well, probably why there are low sales, so for those thinking of purchasing, here are some potential uses for Long Tweet:

  • Provide Tweet Support
  • Write Articles & Reviews
  • Conduct Tweet Debates
  • Do Tweet Polls
  • Do Tweet Contests
  • Post Tweet Events
  • Post Pictures & Videos
  • Do Property Listings
  • Post Job Listings
  • Sell Your Stuff

Try it yourself here:

Thanks for you suggestions

Merhaba Hüseyin Bey;

Emeginize saglik, script gayet kullanisli ve güzel. Bir yerde sorun mevcut, onu bildirecegim size.

Herhangi bir twit’e tikladiginizda asagidaki sekilde bu alan bos görünmekte.

Örnegin :

Bu alanda resim linki su sekilde geliyor; (SONRASI NULL)

View my profile page linkinde de twitter adresi null gelmekte.

Bu hatalari giderme konusunda yardimci olursaniz memnun olurum.

iyi çalismalar dilerim. :)

Merhaba, orda gercekten sorun mevcut ben bu sorunla hemen ilgilenip size geri dönü? yapaca??m te?ekkürler

Turkce karakter hatasi da var malesef. Ornegin

Acelesi yok, zaman ayirdiginiz icin tesekkurler. Iyi calismalar dilerim.

Hi there,

I like the feature “Integrated fully dynamic theme fetched from twitter” but got few questions like can it be setup so you see other users theme without login etc./

If you go user profile page, you can see its theme without login

Hello, I’m using a wordpress need to be able of publishing my tweets as re-tweets in my followers tweet accounts. Can this be done with your plugin? I mean, if I use Twitter Oauth to ask users to allow us to publish tweets in their account, will your plugin be able to do it? Please reply ASAP. Regards

Hi, i have added this feature to my list and will be released to next time, thanks

When are you going to update to the new Twitter API?

Version parameter updated on twitter core line

It is updated according to Twitter v1.1

Just purchased despite some reservations because of all of the install issues documented here. Sure enough, I’m having the same problem. I am running PHP 5.3 and all of the folders are set to 755. I even tried setting up the .htaccess file that socialgrower mentioned, but it didn’t work for me. Very frustrating that so many people have reported this issue yet still no clear instructions from you on how to resolve. Please help.

Could you please send your demo link to my email through my profile ?

I have sent you all the information you’ve asked for and still waiting for a response back from you. Have also emailed you several times.

? got your email and trying to solve your problem

Huseyin bey; Tekrar merhaba, yukarida sordugum sorunlari cozdunuz mu acaba? Bilgilendirirseniz memnun olurum. Iyi calismalar dilerim.

Merhaba, kullan?c? ad?n?z? de?i?tirdiniz galiba. WebWon ile kay?tl? yorum yok bana mail ile geri dönü? yapabilir misiniz sorunu? Yanl?? hat?rlam?yorsam LongTweet birkaç yerde hatal? sayfaya gidiyordu.

hi, i have problem with assets folder i cant change chmod to 777 now is 000 or xxx. How can i fix it. Script no working good.

You are getting twitter error. Your twitter app is read only. Go to twitter app page and change twitter app settings to write,read

Yes right! I cant add the phone number on twitter becuase my operator is not supported and I cant change the permissions of the application. It is possible to bypass?

How? Phone number is not required. You can just change it in Settings tab

Hello ,how this script is working may you clarify for me a little?

Admin are you there?

Could you please check again?

How does this script work,do you mean that all all website/blog posts will be shared automatically in twitter?

Hello I would like to know if you have tested this product with PHP 5.4.2 I am thinking there should be no problem. This product looks like what I am looking for. Thank you

Never mind

Hi author
I faced “Internal Server Error” when I uploaded all script files on my server


Im getting this error in some pages:

Warning: simplexml_load_file( failed to open stream: HTTP request failed! HTTP/1.0 404 Not Found in /home/btcrate/public_html/inc/Framework/LongTweet.php on line 241

Warning: simplexml_load_file(): I/O warning : failed to load external entity “” in /home/btcrate/public_html/inc/Framework/LongTweet.php on line 241

Could you fix it? seems like outdated files

is this still working? We wanted to buy