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Nice work GLWS :)

Thanks a lot!!! ;)

Thanks a lot ;)

Hello Sir,I have landed on the right plugin Which I am searching for.I am about to buy this.Can you please tell me that we can change colors as we wanted to and can show full screen models popups with lighbox gallery and some tabbed content inside it.Does it works on cortana and redux based framework website.My website built on cortana frame work and have some ajax modal popup plugins for property listings that was built on redux framework.So still this work for my website.Please answer sir.Thanking you for paying attention on my request

Sir,Can you please work and update to high resolution.I wanted it in high resolution plugin.

Hi dear Lavilove,
Thanks for your requests.
#1: You can change border, box shadow, background and hover background color of items.
#2: We have popup full view but tabbed inside content do not support on this plugin.
#3: It’s work with most themes of wordpress but if it don’t work with your theme we can fix it for you or if not you can refund your item.
#4: We don’t have any plan to high resolution.
Best Regards

Looking to purchase and wanted to know if it will resize logos auto? I’m dealing with 30 logos and they vary in size and looking to display them in a professional manner. Thanks!

what you mean about resize auto? for better display, it’s good that you make your logos to same size.
But we can help you to fix theme if any problem exist.
Best Regards

Can you do sorting and filtering. Can the showcase box fields be changed and the image holder made smaller?

Filtering is available on stand alone version (
what you mean about showcase box fields?
You can made smaller image holder by increase margin between items.
Kind Regards

Hey there, I have this logo on my websites front page, I have it as a carousel to go through my websites sponsors. I have all of logos edited to 85px x 85px however the carousel has the images showing up really big is there any way I can edit it.

( if you would like to look.

For best quality you can set more padding and margin for items. check it and let me know if any other issues.
Best Regards

hi having issues with my Be theme from Themeforest – this was my comment to them and their response -

Muffin Builder columns that worked in previous versions of wordpress have now stopped working just updated from 14.5 to 14.9 and still not working – the accordions and the blogs should be side by side in Cheers Gerard

muffingroup muffingroup AUTHOR about 3 hours ago Flag Hey,

from what we see, general layout stopped working not just because of an update but because of your extra plugin named “iTehemland-Logo-Showcase-For-Vc”.

Thanks :)

This plugin is not even being used on the front page – but the install of it is interfering with the Be template ….. can you please fix this

May it send me your WP admin access to
and more describe about your issue.
Best Regards

Nice, bookmarked.

Hi dear st1s,
Thanks a lot

Hi there, I have a few questions. I am interested in the theme, I need the pop-out to be able to include information about the client logo when it’s clicked on. Can I have a grid layout that has a grayscale hover effect that can be clicked on to include information and links to other pages?


Yes, you can do it.


Hi, Can the grid be center-aligned within a VC 1/1 row?

You an do it with a simple custom CSS.

Hi, I sent you an message through contact because carousel layout doesn’t work.

We check it and reply ASAP

Hello, can the List style and Filter be used together? Thank you!

No, You can’t.

Hi. The lightboxes are not currently displaying on your demo. I want to make sure this will work before purchasing. Can you please fix?

Please send your issue to

it seems there is a bug in the caroussel mode … a div not closed or something like that because my theme is breaked when I use this mode … please consider debug and update thanks

Hi, Please send your issue to