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Hi there,

With internal Messaging, does that mean you can send a private message to each of the users?

I put everything in documentation. You can set where to redirect user after successful logging in or you can paste your code in ‘yourSite.php’ where you can find all data for logging and registering.

Thanks for the rely. I think i’m misunderstood. I mean is it possible to set a path for every each user, to redirect the user to the user’s private page?

Also will it able to make it, as every time a user make a registration, the admin will get a mail?

I know it out of the standard code, but will the system also be able to be set up under the box for name, a box for company name or business group, and two free text boxes in the registration, where the user has to tell the purpose of access to the website and a the user’s job description?


User: AD1122 Company: AD Inc. Pass: xxxx E-mail: xxxx@xxxx.com Pupose of access: Need access to your FTP server or media wizard to do my graphic design for you. Job description: graphic designer, making the magazines for you.

As the title says, this is internal messaging script, so no emails are involved. I made this script to be easily usable by variety of sites, but your request is for single website.

I am purchasing this script to setup a registration/login area for my website. It would be installed on http://tierrasanta2hoa.org/ specifically when you click the login on the top right.http://www.cmczona.com/HOA/ResidentLogin.php Currently you can just enter 12345 to demonstrate access to the private page but would like a login system such as your script. Right now it is just to display functionality. Basically residents would need to create a user id and password so they could gain access to a secured page for our home owners association.

do you recommend this script for that use?

Script with light theme is released. Yes I have one client, I’m making script for typography authors.

email me chirs@cmczona.com with your rates, unfortunately I moved forward with another script which I now regret.

I can’t send you mail, there is something wrong with your server. Explain me what project you have and we’ll make rate which is good for both of us. Send me mail, you have it on my profile.

How easy is it to add additional info fields? Also can the script email me a notification automatically when the user loads the info.

If you have basic programming skills then it is very easy to add any field you need, you need to add it in html, apply already styled css class and of course add new column in database.

I’m sorry but this script doesn’t have option to send notifications. I think this option is useful for small amount of users but if more users asks for it I will add it for sure.


Warning: session_start(): Cannot send session cookie – headers already sent by (output started at /hermes/bosoraweb118/b432/ipg.ryleeharrisoncom/index.php:12) in /hermes/bosoraweb118/b432/ipg.ryleeharrisoncom/index.php on line 15 Warning: session_start(): Cannot send session cache limiter – headers already sent (output started at /hermes/bosoraweb118/b432/ipg.ryleeharrisoncom/index.php:12) in /hermes/bosoraweb118/b432/ipg.ryleeharrisoncom/index.php on line 15


Contact me on my email: alenn.masic@gmail.com and I will help you to fix your issue

Just to mention, for future notice, this problem is fixed

Hello, does your system have “forgot password” functions?

No, but I will add this feature in day or two, also I’ll add option for users to change their passwords

Ok cool, i will wait for the update before i purchase :D

Update is released :)

Warning: include(/srv/http/database/connect.php): failed to open stream: Permission denied in /srv/http/index.php on line 23

Warning: include(): Failed opening ‘database/connect.php’ for inclusion (include_path=’.:/usr/share/pear’) in /srv/http/index.php on line 23

Notice: Undefined variable: mysqli in /srv/http/index.php on line 24

Fatal error: Call to a member function query() on a non-object in /srv/http/index.php on line 24

Help me please!

Check if you properly imported database, there should be ‘admin’ table with id_admin, username, password and theme fields

Ok, now it is working, but there is not style. There’s plain page, not like in screenshots.

Then you probably don’t have read permissions for main.css. I don’t know configuration of your server, but you should select all files and folders and put read permissions on all of them

How safe/secure is the code provided. Is php PDO? jw, Thanks!!

I used mysqli prepared queries. Script is tested against sql injections so you are safe on that side.

Thank you, I also sent you an email about something, thanks!

I’ve buyed it , but when i upload into my database script.sql it say:

Query SQL:


1044 – Access denied for user ‘botsbank’@’localhost’ to database ‘loginregister’

Could you help me?

I replied in email.

Thank you, but i’ve another issue, i sent you an email

I purchased this.. looks pretty nice, but can’t get it working. (probably I’m just doing something wrong)

I created phpmyadmin database, configured my connect.php, imported and executed scrip.sql.. Now I’m getting a blank page when I visit page, there’s no login form. any suggestion?

Hello. You should use Support button for this, but it’s ok. (future messages send using Support button)

First of all we need to find out where is the error. Add this to the very top of index.php:


ini_set(‘display_errors’,1); error_reporting(E_ALL);


Now when you run the script it should show you where is the error. If that doesn’t show you any errors, then check permissions on your server, all files must be readable and executable. And database should look like this:

- admin table (id_admin, username, password, theme) – in admin table should be some data - login table (user_id, username, password, email, name, lastname, active, code) - message table (idmessage, recipiendID, senderId, title, content, opened, received)

Best regards

Everything is working fine now! I was just to stupid – Alen helped me out! best script and support ever!

Hello …

I hope you can help me. I will do a page with log-in for my clients for their own gallery. Is it possible with your php … that i can say the clients A can with her password and email on Gallery A (maybe clientA.html) and clients B comes after log.in on Gallery B?!

I have not really much know-how … thats why i asked. Thank you for answers.

Hello. If I understood you well, every client have a gallery and you want them to login and modify their galleires.

My script covers only loging and registering users, and every user has it’s own page where he/she can read messages and change password, so you can use that to build your gallery. Your request is just matter of creating proper sql queries, so YES you can use my script for that.

Yes you understand its right ... every Clients her own Gallery. And I don`t want that Client A can`t see Gallery of Client B :) ... I want that after the login he comes to his own gallery! Thats why i asked … if i can write in the php … f.ex. client A with a@mail.com (mail client or Login Name) -> A-gallery.html client B with b@mail.com (mail client or Login Name) -> B-gallery.html client C with c@mail.com (mail client or Login Name) -> C-gallery.html .... Is it possible without any know how? Thanks :)

Well you need to have basic PHP knowledge to accoplish this, but it is possible with no problems

Need help sended you an email already

What has happen with Demo site? domain is dead. Do you still developing it? Is there new versions coming?

Sorry about Demo site, I’m busy with finishing my another project so I forgot to maintain Demo site. Login/register script is fully functional and I’m still developing it.

I bought your script, it’s nice, but very messy. You really have to do something with organizing stuff and put some files aside and keep main structure in root. Also please remove temporary~ files from archive.

Please add correct description to your script, it’s INTERNAL MESSAGES ONLY TO ADMIN.

Any help with this??? I cant get this working any which way. I ran the sql file and tables exist, but i dont see any “theme” table…and there is no reference to one in the sql file… Is this script deprecated???? Please help ALWAYS THE SAME ERROR!!!!!!!!! Fatal error: Call to a member function fetch_assoc() on a non-object in /home/happyjjd/public_html/Au/index.php on line 22

is it possible to automatically send admin an email to notify them of new subscribe?

That’s not possible

Thanks buddy… Works great


I have installed script and admin section is working fine by the looks of it but i wanted to make it so that the user login is the same as the admin one in appearance apart from the add user section and admin settings.

How would i make the admin panel and userpanel the same in appearance what would i need to put in the yoursite.php


You need to add CSS yourself. yoursite.php is only wrapper where you would put the code of your site.

can i use this with mailgunner????

It doesn’t contain such option but it can be reprogrammed to use mailgunner

thanks – was able to integrate mailgunner quite easily. I am now having an issue w/ pagination- I can only see firs 20 users

Dead project? Demo is not available.

Server was down, it’s ok now, thanks


ddmd86 Purchased

Your script does not work with domain that have ssl (https). I tested it and it does not proceed to login. Do you know how we can solve this?

Of course it works with https. Just remove the http: and https: from link and script tags.


ddmd86 Purchased

Connect.php, right?