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Awesome work. GLWS :)

Another Good Plug but he work on Cloud ?

Hi billoute,

Yes this plugin is compatible with Cloud.


Hello prestashoptrackglobe, I tried this module, but didn’t work. I not found in install description what need to “key” and “secret” fields? Would you help me please. Thanks+

Hi again,

We are uploading the new version fixing this error, if you want it right now, send us an email via our profile and we will send it to you.

Best regards.

Hi, please send me the new version please. Regards

Please contact us via our codecanyon profile (in rigth sidebar at the bottom)

What Logins are working?

You Say “Facebook, Twitter, Google, Vimeo, LinkedIn…” What dioes it mean with the ”...” ?

Other Plugins use this: Connect with Facebook Connect with Twitter Connect with Google Connect with Yahoo Connect with Paypal Connect with LinkedIn Connect with Microsoft Live Connect with Livejournal Connect with ClavID Connect with Flickr Connect with Wordpress Connect with Aol Connect with Foursquare Connect with Github Connect with Disqus Connect with Vkontakte Connect with Amazon (To enable Amazon Connect, Please make sure that SSL has enabled on your server) Connect with Dropbox (To enable Dropbox Connect, Please make sure that SSL has enabled on your server) Connect with Tumblr Connect with Pinterest (To enable Pinterest Connect, Please make sure that SSL has enabled on your server) Connect with Odnoklassniki (To enable Odnoklassniki Connect, Please make sure that SSL has enabled on your server) Connect with Connect with Yandex

Any one og this here too possible?


Now it only works with: OpenID, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, Windows Live, LinkedIn, Foursquare.

But we can add more like, GitHub, Vimeo, steam, twitch…


I already have to buy another plugin, in which a INSTALLATION MANUAL is and where the logins are possible, which have been described.

Would it be feasible to obtain a refund of my money?

If not, I have unfortunately spent for nothing money. I like code canyon and your modules but this time it has unfortunately not worked as I had imagined. I would also buy another module instead.

Please, send us an email and tell us what is not working or what do you imagine it will do, to clarify in description.



Hi there, just bought it, 1) what to put to Twitter app as callback? HTTP of website and /module/loginsocial/options?provider=Twitter ?

2) What to put to key and secret? Consumer key and Consumer Secret or Access Token and Token Secret?

It redirects me to modules/loginsocial/hybridauth/?hauth.start=Twitter&hauth.time=1458753237 with blank page and

/module/loginsocial/options?provider=twitter gaves me error 500

Have SSL and HTTPS.

Please quick help!

Hi, sorry for the late reply, we were on vacation.

Yes, that url is correct.

You only need to put API Key and API Secret in which one you want to use.

For further questions contact us via email.


Still getting error:

Property CustomerLoginSocial->age is not valid at line 909 in file classes/ObjectModel.php

904. } 905. 906. $message = $this->validateField($field, $this->$field); 907. if ($message !== true) { 908. if ($die) { 909. throw new PrestaShopException($message); 910. } 911. return $error_return ? $message : false; 912. } 913. } 914.

Need help, thx.

Hi again,

we are checking what can be happening here.

We highly recommend you to disable errors.


So what???

We fixed this in past versions, which version of the module are you using?

Sorry for late reply.

Prestashop Trackglobe.

the module does not work I set both facebook and twitter that antrambi cases I have a blank page or error

I would get a refund of the module

we have the same problem with the new version of the module

Would it be feasible to obtain a refund of my money?

Hi again,

Please, be sure you are using 1.1.7 and contact us via email for further assistance.



We downloaded and installed the latest version

still not working

Therefore we want a refund thank you so much

I am about to buy this module, is it working now? as by comment is confusing now (as I need this solution today) and how it works? let say people click log in with facebook account at for me in back office will create normal prestashop user? or how? (could be more screenshots :)

Yes, you need to unlink your shop from FACEBOOK

There you will see your shop and a X to delete, then you can use it again.


Prestashop Trackglobe

mm it still won’t let me. and if i delete account in presta shop and un link from facebook, i still see in presatashop module, when i click users and see my facebook ccount user id. i guess i need delete that one but how? direct from database?

oohhh :) sorry guys! because i didn’t get message back I bought other module and mistaken totally posting comments here! a big big apologies from me!

hello, I have some problems with facebook connect… i tried to log in with 3 different facebook accounts but still have the same issue: It recognize the user…i try to create the account with that user but the page just only refresh… it not save the user login credentials on the database/store

Thanks, Alex.

Hi alex,

Please contact us via email send. It will be helpful that you send more info like webpage and some access to see what can be happening.


Please send us calback url for google, and etc. we cant find the log and guider for setup this.

i give a rate. thanks for great module.

Thank you very much for rating :D

If you need more help, contact us and we will solve it ASAP. Suggestions are appreciated for improvements.


Prestashop Trackglobe

“AUTHORIZED REDIRECT URI” wrong display: and

module changes to modules

create step by step to how integrate module to google, facebook and etc


Sorry about that, we are going to update it in the new version, to fix it go into controllers/front/options.php and delete, die(‘1’); Line 96 aprox.

We forgot to delete after tests.


Yes, it’s working fine now, Thanks!

Hi Author, I have message U,

Please reply, i need asssist to install that


Hi, sorry for the late reply, we just reply to your email.



Puru991 Purchased

Is it responsive?


The plugin gives you the funcionality to login with the different social media platforms, it only shows to your customer buttons that they need to click and then it redirects to the official social media page for login. The buttons are fully customizables so you can make them responsive.


Prestashop Trackglobe


Puru991 Purchased

My website is responsive, and the login page is also responsive. So i think when I add your buttons, It will look good on mobile too? Do the buttons adjust to container width?

Yes, they should look good, maybe you need to change a bit of css, but they have their own classes so it’s easy to do.

Yes, the container take the same width at yours main one.


Hi, the module dont work!! i installed it and paste the api numbers that facebook provides but dont work!

i can’t see the buttons in the home and in the section to create a new account,thanks

Hi, we just answered your email.

Saturday and Sunday are free days.

Best regards,

Prestashop Trackglobe.


roca01 Purchased

Hello, installing the module I got this message:

Warning à la ligne 198 du fichier /homepages/30/d215591004/htdocs/Shop-literie/classes/helper/HelperList.php Argument #2 should be an array

Warning à la ligne 199 du fichier /homepages/30/d215591004/htdocs/Shop-literie/classes/helper/HelperList.php [2] sort() expects parameter 1 to be array, null given

Warning à la ligne 208 du fichier /homepages/30/d215591004/htdocs/Shop-literie/classes/helper/HelperList.php [2] Invalid argument supplied for foreach()

Best regards,

I didn’t understand anything of your last sentence, can you describe the problem?

For a better support send us an email.

PS: Your name seems spanish, we can talk in that language if you prefer it.


roca01 Purchased

Buenos días, el módulo no aparece sobre la página de conexión sin embargo es bien incorporado

Hi, in which language did you prefer the support? // Hola, en que idioma prefieres el soporte?

For further assistance please, send us an email to and send us your FTP and backoffice credentials for a better support. We will check it ASAP.

Para mas asistencia, por favor envianos un email a con los datos de acceso de tu FTP y el BackOffice lo miraremos lo antes posible.

PS / PD: Check that you add the hook correctly / Revisa que has añadido el hook donde corresponde.

Greetings / Un saludo

Prestashop Trackglobe


ghottor Purchased


Hi, i’m interested in your plugin, but i have one question about it. Is the button only on Authentication page? or with page check out too?

How it looks like for 1 page check out? Regards,

Hi just brought your plugin and absolutely no idea about install. your document is only add module in english, otherwise all module is in spanish?

I need your install guide step by step. thank you.

How to add facebook login on my-account page?


In order to install it you can follow this guide,

Then you need to add the code that we give to you on the configuration of the module: {hook h=’displayLoginSocial’} in any page you want to display the logins.


Prestashop Trackglobe


neomedro Purchased

This module is not working…the support is 0….the documentation is poor….