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Hello, seems like a cool plugin. Please explain the difference between what this does and the standard login with facebook does? Thanks

Hello. The biggest difference is that all members are saved into a list, with their data available for you: email, first name, last name, FB profile link.

Also, it’s integrated with Mailchimp & GetResponse, so you can stream the emails automatically to your Mailchimp and/or GetResponse lists.

Lastly, you can send a custom email to the new users

Pre-Sale question.. Does this also work for like WooCommerce so when someone buys something and they are at “checkout” it will let them login and it will fill out the information from their FB for them etc??. Thanks

any word on this update?

we updated plugin. Now plugin integrate with WooCommerce and EDD

Awesome!! thanks gonna purchase


I just signed into the live demo and it pulls my name into the username field with an “fb_” followed by my name. For example fb_joeshmoe

Would it be possible for the plugin to omit the “fb_” part when creating the username?

Thank you in advance : )

Awesome. So is it something that I can fix on my end or would you be able to update the plugin so that it may do so?

Thanksss : )

Yes,you can fix now

You can remove this prefix in settings


XREX44 Purchased

question 1 : i just purchased. i tried to verify purchase. i put in my user name purchase code and it says ive activated the plugin. then i refresh and it ask me to verify plugin again.

question 2: can this button be placed on a landing page to get visitors to have to register to access info? (this is what i purchased it for, just doubling checking)

1. Please make sure you don’t have the spaces in your code. Make sure you press first save and then activate. If the problem still exists, please email@dayes.co an admin access so that we can take a look

2. Yes it can be placed on landing page. Then it’s up to your setup (using other plugins, etc.) to provide the content to these logged in users, based on a certain role, probably.

Congratulations! Good luck with your sales =@

i am getting the following error while activating

Warning: array_merge(): Argument #2 is not an array in /home/niymit/public_html/wp-content/plugins/login-with-facebook/admin/partials/facebook/license.php on line 49 The plugin is activated

We sent you email

thanks now its working

hi..i want to confirm, what email we get? abc@facebook.com or abc@gmail/yahoo.com ??


The URL redirect is not working if the person is already signed in through facebook. How do I make it if someone is already registered, the URL redirect will work when they click the login with facebook button?

I am using this on a landing page to lock content, and then when they press login with facebook it will take them to the content page. It only works on new registrations right now

Hello, sorry to hear you have those troubles. Have you tried filling in this field? https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4uSNr1t9coSaGhiS1ZXY1BpWDQ/view?usp=drivesdk

Can i add custom fields? Like “Street Address”, “Country”, etc?

In this version, No

Hi, I’ve tried the demo, clicked on login and nothing happens. Can you test if it’s working?

I have two questions? Can you create more than one button? Also, do I get a “URL” sign up link, in case I need to add it to one of my own systems, or share it…

You can try to use link http://yourdomain.com.com/?loginFacebook=1&redirect=http://yourdomain.com.com/

I noticed in the screenshot of backend theirs an arrow to choose between mailchimp and others, im guessing Getresponse. My question is … Am I allowed to send leads to both Mailchimp and Getresponse lists, with the same button… One button?

No. You can send leads to Mailchimp or Getresponse

hi My plugin does not work anymore I only have “login error!” on a white page What can I do

We know about the problem. Yesterday the plugin worked correctly. Now we test what the problem is

Can you send your email and we send you plugin ?

LOGIN ERROR Plugin does nor work. We need help. It’s urgent

We know about the problem. Yesterday the plugin worked correctly. Now we test what the problem is

Can you send your email and we send you plugin ?

We need your support

We sent you a plugin

There is no mail in my account …. please send it to design@mode….. .... it’s my other email address

We sent a plugin

I have sent my email address

We sent you a plugin

Hi here is my email sbaudry@gmail.com

Thank you

We sent you email

I have no mail from you in my inbox…

We can’t send the plugin on email sbaudry@gmail.com A message that you sent could not be delivered to one or more of its recipients. This is a permanent error.


nekko_ Purchased

Hi, first thanks for the plugin and i hope you can understand my english.

I got a little problem with the plugin, i follow all the steps of the tab README, and this is not my first facebook or social plugin that i got to install, but i cant get this plugin:

1. save the data of the logins. 2. How configure the option to redirect to certain url after the login?? in this field? “Fixed redirect url for login:” Is not working at all

I think this really need more documentation to follow right.

Please guys, i think this is a such nice plugin, i dont wanna go with a bad impression.

Best Regards.

We will try fix it soon


antorres Purchased

Hi, before purchase I need to know some things:

I’m making a dynamic inside wordpress where user can register and then upload an image to a voting contest. More voted image, get a gift.

My question is: can I include your facebook login button to redirect to another page to enter the dynamic and proceed to participate, and then retrieve somehow the data from the participant (name, email etc)?