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Hi DayesDesign,

I’m Using Your “Login with Facebook” Plugin along with the “WooCommerce Social Login” Plugin that WooCommerce Sells.

The Target was to Let Users Sign-Up or Sign-In with their Twitter and Google Plus Logins through WooCommerce Social Login, but, when it comes to Facebook, they should Sign-Up or Sign-In through Your Plugin.

The Issue that I’m Facing : The Problem is Regarding the Button Placement. After Installing and Activating the Plugin, I Clicked on the “Integrate with WooCommerce” Button, and it definitely shows the Login Button on WP-Admin and MyAccount Pages. But the Placement of Buttons is Not Right.

The Buttons Generated by WooCommerce Social Login Appear Above the Form Fields, whereas, the Button Generated by this Plugin Appears Below the Form Fields ( Near the Login Button ).

Now, the Difference in Size and Paacement of Buttons from the Two Plugins is really Giving an Awkward Look and Feel to the “MyAccount” Page of My Website.

I’m Sending You the Links through Your Profile Field. Kindly Revert Asap.


I have a private portal with existing users and restricted access.

Could users connect their accounts to facebook?

At the moment I have only been able to create new users (which is what I don’t need)

If answers is yes, ¿whats wrong?

Does this only work for wordpress? Can i use it on a simple html5 website?

Hello DayesDesign! CAN YOU TO DO CUSTOMIZATION? Instead Mailchimp or GetResponse I like to save emails to my Wordpress Autoresponder plugin.. Thank you and have a nice weekend!

Hi, i installed the login with fb plugin on my wordpress website. Its a landing page, with this plugins log in with facebook button as the call to action. I have a similar setup on another website but with a normal form, but I added the 3 hidden buttons, to capture the links, source, medium and campaign fields, from the url. So when I make a url I add the “source” “medium” and “cmapaign” to the end of the link, to know where the user came from, and with js I extract that data into these hidden fields. I wanted to ask where I could add these hidden field buttons, on your code so that when they click on the fb login button, these hidden buttons get submitted as well as the email name etc. I want to be able to view these source medium and campaign, on the plugins excel part.

Nice button. I would consider buying this and the Google login button if the $15 paid for just than one button on one site, or if there was an extended license.

Will your application allow for a single login screen as opposed to the two step I see in your demo?

I would like for a visitor to a page see the Facebook login screen and not your button.

Thanks Rick

hi, ive installed the fb login plugin but im encountering the following issue ive recorded for you in this video: https://www.useloom.com/share/709ea384c8d64e44beb88db94f7ca9cf

Basically the login button is not working, and fb is saying the domain of the url is not included.

You can access to the website with the following credentials:

https://www.iosonolamusicacheascolto.it/wp-admin user: I0s0n0l@ pass: 6OwDE@49Ki2&V@rt

Tx for your support

Hello. Please, enter your site into Facebook Apps -> Facebook login ->Valid OAuth redirect URIs Look screenshot http://wow-company.com/screen/facebook.png

ok i did it, where is the Option to redirect to certain url after the login?

We will update plugin on this week and add function for redirect in shortcode

Will this plugin block the viewing of the website until you login with Facebook or enter email address to continue. Example page : https://www.touchofmodern.com/

The plugin registers the user on the site. You can block the site for unregistered users and use this plugin to register the user thereby providing access

After installation of plugin & entering purchase code, non of the links work: Settings, Users, Support, Join Us, License.

Please advise

Rick Scherer

We sent you email

Deactivate plugin for network and activate it for a single site. Then activate a license key

Hi, so i bought the login with facebook wp plugin a while back, and tried to activate it with a site, but i ended up not using it. Now I wanted to try and use it, but it says “Purchase code is already activated for website http://min11benja.com" I changed domain to www.min11benjaz.com I was wondering if it was posiible to unlock it so I can use it with the new domain bcuz i dont have the old one anymore.

Hello. You can activate plugin again

Hello DayesDesign !

I have questions about plugin :

- When the user connects via facebook, the site returns to http. Do you have an idea to solve this problem?

- Last thing, the module does not get the facebook profile picture of the user, in my buddypress. Do you have the solution?

Thank you very much for help !


Purchase code : 55a358e0-dbba-4aac-aec0-6a2a368ff577


Can you send the link to the page

Video Question : http://somup.com/cFeQq7VA8X

Can I pass values to the redirect link ” #= ” ?

Sorry, but no

Will this work on external landing pages?

Hello. What do you mean?

Will this work on HTML landing pages or only wordpress?

only wordpress

Hi I interested in your plugin but was wondering what is the latest update for this plugin…It did not show or telling customers anything about your latest update of the plugin like most plugin that I have bought from Themeforest

Hello. Sorry, but what do you mean?