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looks very interesting!

Any chance to also use this on the checkout page?

Something like this here would be nice:


Danke! ;)

Hey keyhanjun, thanks for sharing your idea. I’ll check whether it’s possible to add it there, too. :-)


This would be perfect for us, as our entire site is aimed at authors.

Can this also be used to log into the site as a normal user? And also will it create an account for the user that can be viewed from the admin?

Hey Business-Web, yes, I’m planning to code a plugin that allows Standard-WordPress users to login with Amazon. When a user logs in to your WordPress-driven site the plugin does the following: 1. Get the login-data from Amazon (which is an email address, the name and the postal code) 2. Search for the email address if it is already in the current WordPress database. If yes: log s/he in. If not, create a new “Customer” user.

As you see the plugin internally works with WordPress users.

Hope this helps.

Would love to see this for Prestashop! Any chance you plan on developing this for other platforms?

Hey bryansayler, and thanks for your comment. I don’t know what the Pretashop is (just googled it). So at current it’s not planned to developing for other platforms, sorry.

Just to clarify, users aren’t able to use their Amazon account to actually pay for their purchases?

Hey douglance_aysling, and thanks for your comment.

You’re right. Amazon does not provide any payment options. They only provide the login and send the postal code (if any) as well as the first and the last name of a user back to WooCommerce.


Does this plugin offer a widget / shortcode for displaying anywhere?

Is it possible to extend it to import the billing / shipping address upon login?

Hi WPWiseOwl, and thanks for your comment. No. At the moment the plugin only hooks into the “Login screen” of both WordPress and WooCommerce. But only if you’re using SSL because Amazon is forcing you to use SSL.

By the way: Amazon does not allow transferring the shipping/billing address. The only things they will send back to the server after login-in are the first name, the last name and maybe the postal code. It’s not possible to retrieve the full address.

Hope this helps.


Comments are a little confusing..



1 – Users use their Amazon account to register on your WordPress Site

2 – The users adds a product to shopping cart

3 – user goes to checkout then is redirected to Amazon via BUY NOW AMAZON



sorry for long question, hope this makes sense?

thanks in advance


Hey sedgwickmedia, and thanks for your comment. I hope you’re doing well today.

“Login with Amazon” means that the user on your website can log-in to your website by using his/her Amazon credentials. It does not support “Pay with Amazon”. This is a whole different thing. Therefore it does not log-in the user to Amazon, too.

Hope this helps.


Does this create a user account when a user uses it to log in the first time?

ignore that, I just read the FAQ

Hey Business-Web. Great that you found the answer ;) If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me again.

Greetings to you

Any chance would you know if your plugin is compatible with the “WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates – Wordpress Plugin” because I’d hate to purchase this without knowing first.

Hey iamART, and thanks for your comment + happy new year! :)

Unfortunately it’s not possible for me to test every single plugin if it works with my plugin(s). What does the WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates plugin exactly do?

It allows me to pull Amazon products and put them directly into my WordPress site (for my Amazon Associates account) and then customers can checkout through Amazon.

If they already checkout using Amazon, I guess you don’t need my plugin, do you? Because the login-functionality is already there.

If a user login with Amazon onto my site and click an Amazon afilliate link, is that user automatically login at amazon.com too? or does that user have to login again at amazon.com after clicking an affiliate link?


after reading your faq, i noticed that my current user password on wordpress will not work after login with amazon. is this correct? can this be fixed where wordpress user password will not change?

Hey inboxi, no, sorry. This is because WordPress needs a username and a password to log-in. Passwords get saved encrypted (that means that I cannot decrypt it) which results in the case that I have to set a new password every time a user logs-in.

hmm.. thought maybe you can make it similar to other facebook, twitter signin plugins where it did not affect current wordpress user. thanks though.


erstmal super Idee! Ich habe eine Frage bezüglich des Plugins, ich benutze das User Pro Plugin für den Social Login von Kunden auf meiner Affiliate Seite mit einer Wunschliste, die jedem Kunden nach dem Login angezeigt wird!

Wenn ich mich also mit Ihrem Plugin einlogge, ist derjenige dann automatisch in dem selben Account eingeloggt wie der User Pro Account? Sprich ist der Login in den Account von User Pro, z.b. per Facebook, der Selbe wie mit ihrem Amazon Login?

Ich hoffe Sie können mir folgen ;)

freundliche Grüße

Hallo Keremdo,

dankeschön ;)

Wenn für den User die selbe E-Mail-Adresse hinterlegt ist wie er für Amazon nutzt, dann ja. Aber das kann letztlich nicht ausgeschlossen werden. Viele Menschen nutzen für verschiedene Plattformen auch verschiedene E-Mail-Adressen. Das Problem hier ist, dass Amazon zur Identifikation die E-Mail-Adresse nutzt, Facebook aber nur eine ID. Es kann als rein technisch nicht festgestellt werden ob es sich um den gleichen Benutzer handelt.

Hoffe das hilft.

Viele Grüße