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hi, borni do you think i can use this script to sell my web hosting packages – and also standalone web designing packages. If yes can i sell multiple memberships for one same customer.

hello, great script:)

Can i just ask i got a small error, when someone regiters, they get sent email with a link to comfim email etc, well in the link, its showing wrong url.??


i need to take out /inc/ for it to work and i cant find the file to edit, can you help please.. Thank you,

Hello, contact me via PM please, And I will help you.

can you add pages to this?

Well done, pretty useful

I have a site which deals with creating review. Means if user is premium and paying monthly fee of $10 he can write review otherwise not.

Is your code usefull for this ? and can i track his payment details in admin ?

I tried to setup your code on local wamp server but screen is blank.

I changed config file like below:-

$db = new MySQLi(“localhost”,”root”,””,”admin”);

Please help me. It’s very urgent.

Hi, I want to buy this item but I need help to integrated it with this script so , I need every user want to use the service do paid subscribe at first ?

Contact me.

may I ask your email

You already have my email sanyar. You have contacted me previously several times ;)

I bought tis item but where can I edit users? I do not have the button view more in admin :(

hi borni, the Installation is not clear in the documentation, can explain how to start this up?

Hello, please PM

hi i bought this and set it up on a host and in the top corner its showing me the numbers 2002 and it keep saying email not found

the coder of this script is an idiot he has countless files in the wrong folders it wont work untill they are all moved

just as an example the verify email page is in the main directory

to make it work your going to have to move it to the inc folder or wen users get emails they wont be able to verify links

also in the core file there are more than a few errors you need to remove the ../inc/ from the included files as they are in same directory as core so ../inc/ is usless

also account_settings needs to be moved to user folder and edited at the include files as user_settings comes in the inc folder but in side the file it links to index.php and login.php simply by the file names and extensions wen in fact it should be ../user/index.php and ../user/login.php

there are quite a few other errors i have found that are simply crazy for any kind of coder to make even a noob one i have no idea how you can have files i the wrong folders and pointing to the wrong place and put it on here with out testing it!

you havent even fixed the email verification problem and updated the script on here even tho it was reported 7 months ago

i will be adding a complain against this seller to codecanyon

I am unable to login using my email that I set it up with. Instructions are unclear.

How do you add users? How do users add themselves??

Can it be integrated with CodeIgniter?

pls is this code still active ?

Hello Gabmedia What is your question about the script? Thanks.


What do I do wrong when I just get a white screen…....


Hello, Please PM me so I can take a look at it. and I can tell you more :D

Hi Support,

How exactly does this work..?

Is there a code that can be added to an index.htm page..?


Yes you can include every code you want the script checks at the top if the user is logged in or not So if the user isn’t logged in, will be redirected to the login page. IF it’s logged in then he can access the page. TO add more pages you just copy and modify the new file/page.

Thanks for those details.

I searched the demo and could’nt determine” Is admin the one to create the users or can a potential user request on a sign up page..?

also, lets say that part of my membership includes access to five subdomains that are using the your software login feature. Is it possible to have just ONE login per user to gain access to all 5 subdomain, assuming that they are logged into at least ONE of the sites..?

Thanks in advance.


Admin page worked perfectly, User page is not letting me login, it always says Wrong email/password combination, I used the ones in the instructions (free and premium) but nothing. Any ideas?

ok I already figured it out, in login.php the password is concatenated with a $salt variable, no idea what it is because it is not even defined, but I removed it and it worked. Before: $userlogin = user_login($email, $password.$salt); Now: $userlogin = user_login($email, $password);


I’m looking for a plugin for my customer ( a lawyer ) Their new clients can make an account. The lawyer can write the progression about their case in their account. The client can login and see this progression.

Is this possible?

Thank you much.



Hello Mirko, This sort of customization would cost extra in your case. It is possible of course.

You can email me and let me know further details Thank you

Ok, thank you!

Hi. I’ve installed the script but encountering one issue. When new Users register, the ‘Activation Email’ is not being delivered/ never received. Any ideas on what might be causing this issue and how I can fix it?

(I can see that it creates a new record for the User- it just doesn’t send out the activation email. Thanks!

Does the application have a front end which display the available packages