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karla31 Purchased

Hello, In advance sorry for my bad english :-)) I bought the script and am very satisfied. Unfortunately, I have a problem.

I have 3 different userlevel in the script deposited … The user who logs in looks for his userlevel and logs on normally …

After the registration and the confirmation of e-mail all get always the default user level … I would like but the user always gets the level of what he has selected in the memberships.

Am I doing something wrong? Many thanks for the help

Nachtrag: Auch Plan_id ist immer 0…

I seem to be having a permissions problem after install .. it says permissions need to be 644 or higher and they are so I am not sure why I cannot veiw the site at the this point


anjimgo Purchased

Is very confused the way is taken the links, almost all is broken, there is not works any /data/ folder links.

And have no documentation, how to setup paypal?

Please help me, I don´t want to ask for devolution at codecanyon


jannito Purchased

I already bought the script what I do not see where I set up paypal.

Can you help me?

Is it possible to setup user levels to have high user level to view some pages and lower user levels not to see the pages?

Hi, I’m interested in your script, but this seem to be a stand alone site. I already have a website and need to secure a few directories within the site and offer paid/premium membership to the users. Only the paid members should be able to access the directories.

I looked in the admin section of your script, but there was no administration capabilities to isolate or secure selected directories or pages within a website.

Please advise if your script provides such capability.


Hello JDwebdesigner. I also wrote in the affiliate pro forum because we bought their 2 products together. We need to integrate login pro to work with affiliate pro and we have 2 doubts in this plugin. 1) Is it possible to translate everything into Portuguese here from Brazil? If so, how do we do it? 2) We are in doubt of the purchase of 2 sites, it is possible to integrate together with the 2 sites below: http://www.crunchpress.com/demo/life/ou http://themes.skywarriorthemes.com/?theme=Fundingpress We look forward to your guidance. Thank you in advance.

Hello. I just bought the script, I find that the documentation is really very succinct. How to protect the pages for example in the demo http://jdwebdesigner.com/login-pro-demo/specialist? We do not understand at all how to implement the protection php in the pages, could you tell me the procedure? For example I want people who have registered and paid their subscription arrive on training.php for example, what should I put in header in this page to protect it correctly? Cordially. Laurent.

Hi, is it possible to add cc to all mails send? Thanks!

” PayPal examples included or Use your own payment processor!”

Could I for example use ccBill ?


I want to secure my html5 jQuery app with your script. For example, for a membership, I want the homepage after login to display index1.html

Then for another membership, I want the the homepage after login to display index2.html….

Indeed these pages have to be hidden for non connected users.

Is your script can achieve this ?

Best regards