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I am about to purchase this plug-in. One quick question before I pay, how can I provide 2 link (or 2 buttons) on the top right corner (with bar) for Register and login so I can bring user to the login/sign_up page I designed using your plug-in?

Can the link bec auto-switched from login to logout after I’ve login? Mark


Thank you for your comment. but I’m sorry,
on the top right corner (with bar)
this plugin is not have feature it. As an alternative proposal: you can will be on the site by using the is_user_logged().

And you can will try to feature in DEMO.

Thanks, gqevu6bsiz


i have purchase your product very fun but i found solution to have a modal popup with your login/register plugin

thank you for your help

Thank you for your comment but sorry, I do not know clearly to your problem. Is this your question? “How to modal popup login/register?”

For the modal popup, I’m sorry this plugin is not have feature to modal popup. And I would like to consider to add it feature.

Thanks, gqevu6bsiz

hello, I have problems with wordpress version 4.3.1 , not are activated the drop down boxes

Hello DonLuncho,

Thank you for your inquiry and I’m sorry for inconvenience. For not activated the drop down boxes, could you tell me please whether still have problem try the some browsers? i.e) Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari…etc.

If you have problems with only Google Chrome, sorry I just developing for fix.


I purchased your customise login for wordpress plug in. I can provide the purchase code if you need it. Owever i do have a problem when i try to get two column with the woocommerce my account registration form login. Instead of having the registration and the login (right/left) as a row they are inside a column … So registration is on top of login instead of being by is side ….

How can i fix it ? I want the same result as on your picture. This is why i purchased that plug in.

Thanks in advance. Massimo


I already tried all the above yesterday, but it didn’t solved my issue.

I don’t know how to reach the Javascript console and element styles.

Here is a screenshot of what i have actually :

Hello, Thank you for your screenshot. Maybe I think this cause of problem is Javascript/Css.

Could you please tell me url of my account page of your website?

And for Javascript console, console screen ability have browser.

e.g.) Console of Google Chrome with Windows is [Ctrl] + [F12]

Thanks, gqevu6bsiz


Thanks for your answer i sent you a mail with the link to my website as it is still under construction i don’t want it to be public yet.

I hope we will find the solution.


When i compare your version on your website and mine on my website

Those line are missing :

div class=”woocommerce” div class=”col2-set” id=”customer_login” /div

But when i’m inside the admin console i set the plug in to 2 columns …

I there a way to edit this page via ftp ???

Wich file sould i update ???

Thank you for your url. I check to it.

Your my account page is a little different as usual of WooCommerce.

And maybe, your activated/customized something tab panel login/register form.

Could you please check after disable tab panel ability of my account page?

Thanks, gqevu6bsiz

Hello Thanks for you answer,

I didn’t modified anything at the begining. The only thing i modified was with your plug in. The 2 columns never worked. When i reset the CSS with the button inside you plug in than i have the basic woocommerce register/login page with two colums. Once i try to use your plug in in order to get a Background and custom color it don’t work anymore. Did you tried your plugin with last version of woocommerce ? Than after because your plug in didn’t worked as i was expecting based on screenshots, i installed another one wich help me to customly change the look without having to type css command by my own. In order to set easier the color etc … Owever if i uninstall the second plugin i still can’t have the 2 columns with your plugin … The second plug in just help to change color of items. I can’t be sure that the problem is inside your plug but it don’t work for me. Is there a way to get a refund ?

Hello, Thank you for your reply.

I will answer one by one.

For latest version of WooCommerce, I checked to latest version to WooCommerce(2.4.7). Also, please check to demo page. My Account of Login Layout Customize Demo

For cause that does not work, I think html source of your my account page is a little different to those of the usual WooCommerce. So, it will not be able to work well if different from the usual source of WooCommerce. Please check to working on Demo.Login Layout Customize Demo

For example to your case source: <!- Nav Tabs ->, align-center mb-40 mb-xxs-30, tab-content tpl-minimal-tabs-cont section-text

For refund, sorry it is not possible to refund from me. Please check to refund policy and please contact to CodeCanyon Support.

Sorry if my understood is mistake and if you have any questions/problems, please contact me again.

Thanks, gqevu6bsiz

Hi, befor i can buy your plugin: is it compatible with the plugin “New User Approve” ? This plugin make a extra Alertbox between Logo and Login-Box (Wordpress-Default?)

Hi Yul,

I test to “New User Approve” plugin and I think it plugin Alertbox is correctly show. Screenshot:

Thanks, gqevu6bsiz

Hello :) i have a small question. I need register on www, but this must have few more fields. Not only NAME and EMAIL but i need : gender (best to choose one), name, second name and BOX to confirm regulamin. Your plugin can make this ??

Hello, Sorry this plugin is not able to make it fields. Please customize the your login form. Example for Multisite(Network):

Thanks, gqevu6bsiz

I am trying to get support and it is saying my code is invalid. I just bought this an hour ago so it must be valid. Please help.

Hi, I’m sorry my late reply. And for about the invalid code of your said, sorry I don’t know it code means. Could you please explain details?

Thanks, gqevu6bsiz

Hi – can social login/register buttons be added? If I use another plugin that adds social buttons to the login/registration form will they work with your plugin? I think these days it is very important to offer social login. I like your plugin very much but I cannot buy unless this is possible

Hi, Thank you for your inquiry. For about the social login, it is possible.

I tested plugin:

But there maybe can not be work by other plugins.

Thanks, gqevu6bsiz

Having an issue where I can’t edit the widget boxes (text box most importantly) in the Login Layout Customize > Log inForm section and for all of the sections. Let me know what the work around is for that. Thanks.

Hi tecdoc, Thank you for your inquiry.

I think your problem is Browser problem or Javascript error of your WordPress. Could you please test the demo environment?

If you work, I think this problem is maybe other plugins/theme of your WordPress, please try to temporary deactive the other plugins. If you not work, I think this problem is your Browser(Chrome, Firefox…etc), please try to change the Browser.

Thanks, gqevu6bsiz

I am having the same problem as tecdoc

Hi Miss_MOLL, Thank you for your inquiry.

Could you please your have problem details? I want to hear the same thing as tecdoc.

Hi Miss_MOLL and gqevu6bsiz

The issue I and Miss_MOLL appear to be having is a minor jQuery coding change a[href=#] needing to changed to a[href=”#”]. This problem is quite common in some WP themes and plugins. Here are the files that need to be fixed: login-layout-customize/admin/view/manage-container-settings.php login-layout-customize/admin/view/manage-header-settings.php login-layout-customize/admin/view/manage-footer-settings.php

1 Do a search for a[href=#available] and change it to a[href=”#available”] 2. Do a search for a[href=#remove] and change it to a[href=”#remove”] 3. Save each file, FTP and overwrite those old files to ones that you changed

Also – click on the right side of the arrow – and it should drop down properly.

Good luck and have a great day. TecDoc

Hi tecdoc, Miss_MOLL,

Thank you for your comment and investigation. Maybe I think your use WordPress version is 4.5, this plugin is compatibility(Software Version) to 3.8 – 4.3. So you have JS problem. Please note the differences between the versions.

Thanks, gqevu6bsiz

Hi gqevu6bsiz, Yes, I am using WP version 4.5, and the jQuery version that WP 4.5 uses forced a browser error because of the a[href=#] syntax (needs to be a[href=”#”] ). Really like using the plugin and wanted to use it with WP 4.5. So far that was the only error that I encountered with the plugin with WP 4.5 Thanks, tecdoc

Pre-Sales Question!!

Is this compatible with WPML sites?

Sorry this plugin is not compatible with WPML.

Thanks, gqevu6bsiz

HI, is it still suitable for Wordpress 4.6 and Woocommerce 2.6?


Sorry I don’t have compatibility working test on WordPress 4.6 and WooCommerce 2.6.

Thanks, gqevu6bsiz

1. How do I remove wordpress logo and replace with my own?

please edit item for WordPress logo remove or replace.

Login Layout Customize > Header(default item)

Thanks, gqevu6bsiz

How do I put text

“Forgot password. Back to site”

In white frame (same as login-form)

Please edit Log in Form item for “Forgot password. Back to site”.

Login Layout Customize > Log in Form.

And please see the document.

Thanks, gqevu6bsiz

PPQ: I have searched for long for a plug-in that offers a simple “log-in” text piece in the header. Its seen on all other platforms but wordpress. Log-in. And when logged in: Welcome Peter – Log-out”. AKA a short code which changes accordingly if you are logged in or not. All plug-ins worry about theming and styling but not of the functionality. Please let me know :)

Hi peter4576,

Thank you for your inquiry. Sorry short code of WP is not working on Login Layout Customize.

But it will be replace the text. Please refer to add short code on Document.

e.g.) if( is_user_logged_in() ) { $shortcodes[‘logged_in_text’] = ‘Welcome. logout.’; } else { $shortcodes[‘logged_in_text’] = ‘Welcome. Please log in.’; }

Thanks, gqevu6bsiz


I bought a Login Layout Customize on 2017-06-16.

Is it possible? If I change this normal login url “” to for example “”?

When I changed the login url with using other plugin, I can’t customize the login page.

Do you have way to resolve?

Thank you.


Thank you for your inquiry, but sorry it is not possible. Login Layout Customize is possible to only the default login page of WordPress.

Thanks, gqevu6bsiz