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HI i buy this plugins, but i could not found FAQ PAGE , i install plugins and active it , but i do not understand how work this plugins

my site :

Hi. FAQ is in your dashboard. Left side menu >> Layered Popups >> FAQ. Of course make sure that you installed main plugin Layered Popups. Also read documentation:

How can one can register as a new user in login box?

There is no such feature.

how about adding a field with payment method?

At that moment I don’t have such plan.

Will social login be supported?

Hi. Nope.

Hi, can we do registration popups with this plugin or the Layered Popups for Wordpress plugin?

Hi. Unfortunately, there is no such feature.

Hi. i have layered popups plugin already. i am looking for a solution for buddypress login. it should include both the normal login and also social login buttons. will this work?

or would i just add the normal shortcode and style it ?

Hi. Unfortunately, I didn’t test it with BuddyPress and it doesn’t have social login.

Can I add social login link in pop up? For example I am using Super Socializer plugin on my website.

You can add shortcodes to popup, but in this case form submission and login is handled by something else, not by my plugin.

I installed this add-on, configured a layered popup with login form, but it does not accept my user ID + password. When I use the exact same user ID + password in the normal login, I am logged in. But from the popup it just doesn’t work.

The strange thing is that the Webbrowser asks ti save the password, which normally only happens when the login was successful. But the borders of the name and password field become red and I am not logged in.

How to solve this?

Please provide access to WP dashboard. I’ll check.

It’s not necessary anymore. I found a conflicting plugin: Ash Matadeen’s reCAPTCHA v1.4.1 (

I use this plugin to have a reCaptcha on my backend login form. When I disable this plugin your plugin works normally as expected.

Of course I disabled loading of reCaptcha libraries in your plugin, because of possible conflicts, but that didn’t help.

So I replaced Ash Matadeen’s reCAPTCHA v1.4.1 with Robert Peake’s Login No Captcha reCaptcha plugin ( This plugin does the same job: adding a recaptcha to my backend login and it has no conflicts.

This works!

So the problem is solved. Maybe put a note on your page/site that Ash Matadeen’s reCAPTCHA plugin creates a conflict, preventing login with your plugin.

Thanks for info.

Hi, is it possible to have a LANGUAGE setting for the recaptcha add-on?

I see the reCaptcha is FIXED to english.

In the file modules/core-front.php change line 611

from: wp_register_script(‘recaptcha’, ‘');

to: wp_register_script(‘recaptcha’, ‘'.get_locale());

and you’re done.

Thanks for info. I’ll add this feature.

Compatible with woocommerce and buddypress logins?

It is compatible with any system which uses WP native user system. Please notice, this is add-on. You need main plugin to make it work.

Hi. For years they have been using their popup layers application and I find it very useful. I’m looking at your Box addons but I have the following doubt. I need the form to open when the user clicks a button. IF you enter the correct username and password, direct a specific webpage. Can your Addons do this? Thank you

Yes. You can redirect user to specific URL after successful log in.

Thank you proceed to your purchase. regards

Do you no longer support this add-on?

Bonjour, avant d’acheter cet Addon je souhaite savoir si le login est directement lié au compte du site Wordpress ainsi qu’au compte WooCommerce ? Ou alors la base de données est totalement indépendante ? Merci beaucoup.

Plugin uses WP standard user system.

The update would to downgrade the plugin, why ??? Thank you

Layered Popups Add-On – Login Box Vous utilisez la version 1.30. Mettez à jour vers la version 1.28. Afficher les détails de la version 1.28.

I don’t understand what you mean. Latest version available on CodeCanyon is 1.32. All previous versions are not available. CodeCanyon doesn’t keep them.

sorry I don’t explain correctly : in my wp dashboard, login box sait the last is 1.28 and ask me to upgrade from 1.30 to 1.28, reason why I don’t understand this bug. Thank you

Thanks for info. I’ll investigate it. Just ignore this message.

Just a comment: why dont you take the time to check if it’s compatible with woocommerce instead of replying that its compatible with wp native user system? woocommerce it’s now the single most important plugin.. I was going to boy your layer popup and this, but you dont look very helpful replying comments…im afraid! sorry to say that, but its my feeling