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What It does?

This item can register new users into your database, using their email account and a password.

Once the user has Sign Up successfully into the database, the user can login to your Android app.

It`s like facebook, twitter, google sign up or login system. The users cannot access to your app until they`ve signed up successfully.

How to configure and setup?

You will need to create a new empty database in your hosting.

You have to copy the PhpServicesKit folder into your html public on your hosting. Then, run the install assistant web page.

For password recovery system, you will need configure your smtp server, an email account and its password and the email subject. But you can use the google smtp server and a gmail account

Once you`ve uploaded the PhpServicesKit folder, open your web browser and access to your domain name.com/PhpServicesKit/install/ and you`ll see the auto install page. You`ll only need to complete the form and continue installation.

Now open your Android project folder and configure your domain name in the AppConfiguration.java file.

Now you’re ready to signup and login. Try the test@test.com 12345678 user & password.

Can I use SSL/HTTPS?

Yes, you must setup in your hosting and modify the http:// to https:// in AppConfiguration.java in your Android app.

This item does not store plain text passwords, all passwords are hashed before transmitting over internet, and hashed & salted in the database.