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Apk demo now available

How secure is it? So I can use it to build whatever app I want with a registration right? And yes apk would be helpful or a video of the login process

This is a Android app template wich uses HTTP or HTTPS, it have csrf, xss and mysql injection protection. By default all passwords are hashed in case you don’t have active ssl on your server. The application let you sign up, login and recovery password functions. This template is useful if you want to provide a login and signup function to your own Android app.

is the php back end supposed to have an admin page ? Or is it merely just to create the DB, but no admin to modify anything on the back end ? thx

the back-end hasn`t got a admin panel, so, the php script installation, create the database and tables, and control the login, signup and recovery services. In near future releases i will set a enable/disable users, improve the html recovery form, nowadays you only can manage users phpmyadmin via, but i will consider to implement a admin panel for future releases.


i am putting this here while i wait for developer respond to my email in case someone can help with solution – how does one go about testing this app using a localhost dev environment ? Obviously it doesnt work to use “localhost” in the “URL_DOMAIN_NAME”, so how can we get our machine & localhost available for the app to test ? thx

In the Android app code, you can use the http://myDomainName, or http://my.local.server.ip. You have to make sure the Android device and you local server are in the same LAN (local network).

In the back-end you must configure the Configuration.php file in order to let the login, signup and recovery services have access to the database.

Hi, I have a project using WebView to load my mobile website. My project uses google_play_services_lib and it currently use online login only. I want to add login and register features using this code in my project. Is it possible to use your code? If so, I want to buy it.

Hello, sorry for the delay, my Login & Sign up item is not a framework. This item provides login, signup & recovery functions, these functions are ready to configure some configuration parameters in the back-end and run automaticly without too much work by the admin, you can change some things in the android user interface layouts but the login, signup & recovery core functions have not been designed to be like a framework.

if you want to use this item you probably will need to replace your entire login system by this Login & Signup system. But the login & Signup kit is ready to manage either login and signup functions, even includes a password recovery system. The back-end is auto installable and it only requires information of your database user and password and some configuration for password recovery mail system.

If you are interested i can provide you a new demo app i`m now updating with android 5.0 support. The demo run with my own server and you can try the login, signup and password recovery system.

Hi Antonio, Thank you for the answer. I know your app provides login, signup and password recovery system. But, my user will not want to download this app for only these functions. I have to provide some things special to the registered users from inside this app. i mean registered users can sign in from this app and can edit/update their details, etc. So, I want to know if your app can serve secured pages from the server (loaded in a WebView) once a user is successfully logged in.

Hello. Unfortunately a login successful session will not work with the WebView session, so this feature isn’t implemented yet.

New Login&Signup Android Kit version will be released:

-Remember Me: you wont need to enter your email and password anymore

-AutoLogin: The app will login automaticly when the app starts.

-Android 5.0.1 improvements: UI views are adapted to Android 5.0.1 now.

New reales apk test here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/noqhyr8d2vncloh/LoginAndSignupKit.apk?dl=0

aun das soporte para este codigo?

Seguro la proxima semana lo compro por que ando necesitando un ingreso para mi app y respecto al control para el administrador eso no lo necesito ya tengo mi parte web, Simplemente tengo que llamar al mysql desde este codigo no? Una consulta cuando el usuario ingresa se guarda la sesion para que no tenga que estar ingresando varias veces? Es posible traer almenos 2 o 3 datos extra de la base de datos mysql? como nombre direccion y telefono? asi la tengo armada mi db

hola, este item, dispone de la aplicacion android y del backend en php, el backend se autoinstala, generando el solo todas las tablas que necesita la base de datos que tu le digas. En la aplicacion android solo tienes que sustituir la activity “ThisActivity” (Prueba la demo apk y la verás con los dos botones de test y close session) por la activity de tu propia aplicación.

En el backend solo tienes que modificar un archivo “Configuration.php” que contiene los datos necesarios de tu dominio, nombre de usuario y contraseña de base de datos y nombre de la base de datos.

La demo apk de la aplicación intenta hacer siempre un inicio de sesión cada vez que el usuario pone su contraseña y email correctos. La sesion que inicia no es necesaria para el correcto funcionamiento de la aplicacion, es solo un extra, pero puedes usar el ejemplo de “test session” para enviar/recibir tus propios datos a tu propia base de datos y además usar sesiones.

esta bien, Simplemente necesito que el usuario inicie sesion y traiga 1 dato extra (nombre ) y los guarde y no necesite volver a iniciar sesion simplemente 1 sola vez y al iniciar devuelta la app ya no requiera el inicio de sesion una vez iniciado antes

eclipse or android studio?

Great product. thanks a lot. highly recommended

Thank you!

I want to know if there is an HTML version of this. I’m trying to ad an HTML block to an Andorid APP. Is it possible or do I have to code it in the APK?

Hello, there are no HTML version of this item. Sorry

Excuse me but can I edit and use this product using Android Studio? Thank you!

Yes, you can import the android app project into Android Studio workspace.

After login it should load an url is this possible

yes, you can do this by adding a WebView component in your Android Activity, you will only have to replace my default android activity by your WebView

once logged in will the device remember the login details or is it like they will have to enter the id password again when they access the app

the login is ready to remember the user credentials (email and password), when the user logins for first time these credentials are saved as “valid data” and the next time the user runs the app the app will automaticly login with the stored credentials so it is not necesary to write email and password again.

The android app has a remember me switch.

A major release is coming soon!. New Admin Panel Configuration available for admin users! Improved & easyer system installation

Please i want to find out the HTTP Client you used to connect to web before i buy. Thank you, regards.

Hi, nowadays this ítem uses Apache HttpClient but soon this will be updated to HttpUrlConnection

We have the web view form http://codecanyon.net/item/universal-android-webview-app/8431507 can we integrate your password kit in to this app

Hello, I have problems entering the control panel. It gives me error to be able to enter with test. What can it be?

Hola, tengo problemas al entrar al panel de control. Intento pero me da error. Que puede ser?

Hola, verifica que tu servidor php tiene php 5.5 o superior, tambien puedes verificar si existe el usuario test@test.com en la base de datos. Tambien puedes probar a registrar un nuevo usuario con la aplicacion y ver si te permite logear correctamente

admin panel user id pw.. plz..:)


Hi, I would like to purchase your Login and Signup Kit For Android, however can you customize it for me? if you, can kindly email me at: jesuismykul@gmail.com

can i customize the table for register?

Hello. Yes, you can customize the tables in the way you want.