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Looks an awesome, I think it’s the only pre-loader that was created right here. I hop add more examples. and I have a woo idea about this kind of loaders, how about showing quotes while loader work !

Thanks for your comment. :)

You can check other 9 examples made by the WordPress version ( All examples can be achieved by the jQuery version as well.

BTW your idea sounds interesting. Thanks for the suggestion.

Very nice! Which is the minimum jQuery version required? How big are the CSS and JS files? does it work in Internet Explorer?

Thanks for your comment. :)

The minimum jQuery version is 1.8. CSS file is 43 KB and the minified JS file is 17 KB. As the animations are created by CSS3, currently a few loader animations don’t work perfectly as we expected in IE. We will improve this part in future updates. Thanks!

thanks for your answer. wish you many sales!

Thank you!

Great work :-) GL

Thank you! :)

fantastic work, very well done ! ;)

Thanks very much for your nice comment. :)

Good creation, A good buy and rating from me :)

Thank you! :)


aloyoon Purchased

hello very good work I just bought it but found only 3 examples where are the reset I need example 4 like this one

Hi, the example pages only for showing how to use the plugin. And here is the code for example 4:

(function($){ $(’#loftloader-wrapper’).loftloader({ bg_color: ’#687ba0’, bg_opacity: ‘1’, bg_animation: ‘split-v’, loader_type: ‘waterfilling’, loader_color: ’#00c1bb’, loader_looping: ‘once’, progress_type: ‘bar’, progress_bar_position: ‘top’, progress_bar_width: ‘100vw’, progress_bar_height: ‘6px’, progress_color: ’#ffffff’, load_time: 5 }); })(jQuery);

And we have updated the code to fix a minor bug for the loader Waterfilling (the one of example 4), please download the latest version to make sure it runs smoothly on your site. Thanks.

You can check the documentation for all options and values to customise your loading screen.

Best Regards,

The Loft.Ocean Team


The loader only triggers after the page has already showed up!! I have even tried to reorder the js and css files to the top of other js/css but still same issue :( I am using the vidpro theme, thanks.

Hi, I found the conflict is with wpDiscuz plugin, if deactivated the loader loads before page renders. Please check compatibly and advice as our site has already over 20000 comments and is relient on wpDiscuz. Thanks

Hi, sorry but there is no “purchased” and “supported” icons after your user name. Could you please confirm that the product you have purchased is the jQuery version or the WordPress plugin? Thanks.

Nice work!

Thank you!

Great Work !! I went through your examples and particularly impressed with example 8 and 9.

I believe its an image being transformed. My requirement is to show a dirty car getting cleaner while the loader progresses. Is it possible? Also can we show another image (say, Company Logo) at the bottom at the end?

Thank you for the kind words!

At the moment this isn’t possible. LoftLoader currently only supports one custom image in the loading screen. And there should be at least 2 images to build the loading screen as you described: 1 image for the dirty car and 1 image for the clean car.

We will consider adding a feature like this in one of the future updates. Thanks.

nice job Good Luck with sales

Thank you~

Great work! Good luck with sales!

Thank you~

Very well!

Thank you!

Hello, nice script and how can get the “Ending Transition – Shrink & Fade” I was looking for everywhere and I can’t found it


Some new features we have added to WordPress version recently haven’t been included in the jQuery version yet – “Ending Transition – Shrink & Fade” is one of them.

Currently our team is working on an update of jQuery version, all new features will be included in the next update.

Thank you very much.

Hi, just want to let you know that we have updated LoftLoader jQuery to version 1.0.2, and now the feature “Ending Transition – Shrink & Fade” is available. Thanks.

Thanks a lot

Hello, thank you very much for a Plugin. I try to build it in my PHP-Homepage with example-2. Unfortunetly, it looks very different as the Example. All needed files are inkluded – but something work not. Could you please help me? Here is my Link:

Thank you!

Regards, Kateryna

Hi Kateryna,

You only need one jquery script file for LoftLoader. So you can remove the script “jquery.min.js”, and only keep the script “jquery-1.11.3.min.js”. Thanks.

Best Regards,

The Loft.Ocean Team

Cool! Thanks, it works!

Best regards!


Glad to hear that! :)

Quick Question…We got everything installed but it seems like the primary page loads for a second or two then the loader initiates. Are we doing something wrong as to why its showing the page first then the loader? Here is the link:


Thanks for purchasing!

We have checked your site. Please put < div id=”loftloader-wrapper” > and call .loftloader( ) right below the opening < body > tag in your html page (see this screenshot: ).



candrid Purchased

Hey! This is one epic piece of work. I cannot, however, get the preloader’s to work, even when I copy and paste your code. Please advise.


Thanks for purchasing and contacting.

Could you please send your site URL (the link of a page you have added code of LoftLoader) to us so we can look into it for you? You can send it via email to or leave a comment here.


Hello loftloader team!

thanks again for this cool preloader, i got a question/feature .. i saw this on a other preloader: is it possible to set a cookie in options to “yes” then preloader comes only one time each page ? i mean when page is one time preloaded… then only fade the page in without the loader on next time! hope u understand what i mean.

thy in advance

regards from Germany

Hi, thank you for your kind feedback. Sorry but LoftLoader doesn’t support this feature. Thanks.

Can you integrate with my joomla website,I can buy it if you can help to integrate


Sorry but we are not familiar with Joomla and we don’t provide integration service.

Thanks very much for your interest in LoftLoader.


BOUSCAT Purchased

hello, i don’t know why, but it look longer to display loaded screen than my previous loader, any idea? (i ve tryed with time on 0 but it’s still slower to load page)


Thanks for purchasing and contacting. Please see below:

1. LoftLoader waits for all images to load, including regular images and background images. Some loaders might not detect load of background images.

2. And when the page has finished loading, it takes 1 second for LoftLoader’s ending animations: the loader/progress bar/message to fade out, then background color/image fade/slide out.

3. And there are many other reasons that might affect the loading time, like the internet speed, the content changes on your site, or changes of other plugins (new plugins have been installed or old plugins have been updated).

If you need our further help, could you please create a temporary testing account for us and let us log into your site so we can look into it for you. And please also send more details for the 2 loaders, including:

1. Which one is your previous loader, and what are the settings of it (does it have a custom image, progress bar, custom message, etc).

2. Have you tried switching between the 2 loaders and comparing the load time?

3. If we can have screenshots for the 2 loaders that would be helpful.

Please send via email to Thanks very much.


The Loft.Ocean Team