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Congrats on releasing a Page Builder!!

And can TinyMCE shortcoders be supported? I didn’t see a TinyMCE bar so that I can use shortcodes from other plugins easy.

Thank you. :)

1. About the developer API: Yes we do have the plan, still working on this part recently.

2. The dialog/settings panel: We will improve this part in the next update.

3. TinyMCE shortcoders: Currently we provide a Shortcode module for pasting shortcodes. We are going to make it easier to use in the next update.

Any question/suggestion are welcome. Thanks again!

Hi, thank you! Well, work on the API well :) It is the most important thing to compete against Visual Composer and other Page Builders. I really like this one and I’m willing to give a try. So let me know when you update the dialog/settings panel and make it easier to grab shortcodes from other plugins from their TinyMCE buttons to use in Loft! :) – Thanks!

nice work, i wish you good luck with your sales ;)

Thank you!

great plugin! modules – shortcodes? or you save your data in meta? thanks

Thanks. We made a shortcodes module which will parse all the shortcodes registered. But for all others, they are not shortcodes. And yes, the builder content is saved in meta.

Potentially a great product, but we need a real demo (even with minimal features) for a precise evaluation and see how it works. I can see that’s your first product on Codecanyon, so I wish you good luck with sales :)

Thank you very much for your comment~ We just get the real demo ready! Please go to the current demo page then you will find the Try Demo link. If you have any question, please feel free to contact us. :) Have fun!

I suggest moving settings and edit in one place, writting on the element seems cool, but it’s not really convenient, as no page builder is doing that, and people will have a really hard time to adapt. maybe an option by default not checked ?


Thanks very much for trying the demo.

Yes we know it’s not that common how we design the workflow as a page builder. We started this project in 2014, and in a very early version we did put the settings and edit in one place. But we changed a lot again and again and again during the journey, and this is how we finally decided to make it. We’d love to build something interesting and easy to use, and also a little bit unique.

You are right, other page builder plugins, for example, Visual Composer, there are a lot of users are familiar with the editing habit. But if every page builder looks/works in the same way, is that a kind of boring and lack of innovation?

When we first used Visual Composer in a client project back in 2012, we felt very confused. But it is a great plugin and getting more and more popular during these years. Jumping into something new is not very easy, but it’s also worth a try, right?

We don’t know for sure if there is any other page builder works like ours. If no, we are considering to add a slogan like “a page builder you’ve never seen” or something. ;)

Thanks again for your suggestion. And we are happy to have the opportunity to discuss this topic. :)

Hey, been keeping my eye on this for a while, but no updates in about a month ? is this not under development anymore ? are there an updates planned ?

seen some great apps / scripts / plugins etc just disappear so kinda on the fence and keeping my out for some kind of update to show that the project is still alive.


Thank you very much for paying attention to LoftBuilder! :)

Yes we are working on the next update, a lot to improve so the first update would be a little bit slower than usually it should be.

What we are working on currently: 1. Improve the whole framework. 2. Developer API. 3. New features. Including custom predefined sections, undo & redo, and more. 4. New modules and special sections.

LoftBuilder is our very important project and we are improving it and making it better every day. So yes it is still alive!

Thanks. Have a nice day!

sounds awesome :) keep up the great work :)

Thank you! :)

Can you add a video preview?

Sure. We will add videos soon. Thanks!

Hey, can we create our own predefined sections / pages and add to the “library” ?

Hi, sorry but we don’t have this feature currently. This is a very important feature and it will be added in the next update. Thanks! :)

Hi, what’s the password for demo ?

Hi, sorry the demo site just experienced some issues and now it’s back – just click on the “Try Demo” button on the demo site, it will take you to the edit page directly. Thanks very much.

Hello, I wish happy new year to you and all of your team. GLWS. Loftbuilder is great and unique. Keep up the great work, i am following you for next updates.

Hi, thank you for your kind words and happy new year!

Hello again, Me and others are waiting update with exciting. Adding custom content types and/or custom fields in post or page to the builder?

Hi, we have sent you an email and answered your question. Thanks very much.

Hello, the demo is not working. Whenever I clicked “content mode” or “page header” in the front end, nothing happens.


We have checked the demo site and it works perfectly. And just checked log and there was no error. Could you please try again? Thanks.

I am very interested in purchasing your product and have questions, please email me: JasonAdamsROI@gmail.com thanks

Does it create WP themes or not?


No, it doesn’t create WordPress themes.