Discussion on LUDO SIX - A Multiplayer Online & Offline Board Game 【 AdMob 】

Discussion on LUDO SIX - A Multiplayer Online & Offline Board Game 【 AdMob 】

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I want to buy this, but wanted to see updated features then buy. Can you at least tell me approximately when you will update this ?

We truly apologize for the inconvenience you’ve encountered with the Multiplayer functionality. Our team is actively investigating this matter to ensure a seamless experience. Rest assured, if any issues are identified, we are committed to swiftly rectifying them and providing an updated version that addresses compatibility concerns with the latest release. Your patience and understanding are greatly appreciated. Thank you for considering our product.

Thank you for responding, can i know when i can expect any updates soon ? So i can place an order.


Thank you for reaching out! We truly appreciate your interest in our products and your proactive approach to staying updated. We’re delighted to inform you that our team is diligently working on some exciting updates that will enhance your experience.

While we don’t have an exact date for the upcoming updates, rest assured that we’re committed to delivering the best possible products to our valued customers. Your eagerness to place an order is fantastic, and we want to ensure that when you do, you’ll be getting the latest and greatest.

In the meantime, feel free to explore our current offerings and get a sense of what we have available. If you have any questions or need assistance, please don’t hesitate to ask. We’re here to help.

Thank you again for considering us. We look forward to serving you and keeping you updated on our progress!

don’t you have any update?

Once you’ve entered the online mode and other players who own the game also join, the online player list will be displayed automatically.

Thank you

1) So all player have open this game so i will get them as a online player is it? 2) Another question player can be connect from different location or they have to join from same place?

1) So all player have open this game so i will get them as a online player is it?

Answer: When the term ‘open’ is used, it implies that another player needs to join the same game and be online for you to easily come across them.

2) Another question player can be connect from different location or they have to join from same place?

Answer: If the player is available online, they can connect from various locations.

We value your inquiries greatly. If you have a genuine interest in our product, we invite you to thoroughly experience the game’s features by playing it before reaching your ultimate decision.

Thank you

Can You update api level 30 in this

31 above this

Thank you for your suggestion. We appreciate your feedback and understand the importance of updating the API level. Our team is actively working on incorporating the latest version in our future updates. We apologize for any inconvenience caused, Your patience and understanding are greatly appreciated.

Thank you once again for sharing your thoughts.

1)can i use admob ads and fb ads? 2) do you have any admin panel for set up online player? tell me the process how i online player will connect? 3) if i want to reskin by you how is the reskin cost?


Thank you for your questions. We would like to share a document URL with you that can provide some helpful information regarding AdMob and Facebook ads. Please visit to check it out.

However, I regret to inform you that our application does not currently have an admin panel for setting up online players. But don’t worry, you will have options to set up online players within the application.

Lastly, I’m sorry to let you know that we do not offer custom support to modify the application at this time.

Thank you for considering our application. Let me know if you have any further questions.

i want to buy ludosix. is this compatible with android 12and latest sdk .will u help me untill it uploaded in playstore

Thank you for reaching out to us. Unfortunately, we don’t have a specific date for the deployment of the latest update. However, rest assured that it’s in our pipeline and we’re working hard to make it available in the near future. We recommend that you stay tuned to our codcanyon product page to get the latest updates on our product.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

If you update this will I get it for free or should I buy it again and can I publish this version in play store ?

I recommend that you refer to the Codecanyon product purchase licenses policy to get a clear understanding of whether you need to make another payment in the future or if the product update is free. While you are able to publish the product, it is important to note that the current version may not be compatible with the latest updates from Google and may raise security-related concerns.

Thank you

This app website version available???

Sorry right now don’t have the app website version.

Hi broo I have some problems give me your any Messenger site


Sorry for the inconvenience. Please share the details from the email. We will take a look and let you know the update.

Thank you

Hello any plan to release new update for this game?


Thank you for your queries. We plan to keep the same version and may do that in the future.

Thanks Again!!!

Money loss , i do not happy your services , please give me Solution

Sorry for the inconvenience. Unfortunately, we are not able to regenerate the issue. We will try to give a possible solution within Monday, as our office is closed for tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.

Thank you

Dear How can i connect node js server please help me


Please look at this documentation, and you will get detailed guidelines for the setup process.

Thank you

যখন সার্ভার লিংক এর সাথে আমাদের নোড যে এস সার্ভার এর লিংক দেওয়া হয় তখন এপ্লিকেশনে অনলাইন প্লেয়ার কাজ করেনা তবে যদি আপনাদের আইপি ব্যাবহার করা তবে কাজ করে এপ্লিকেশনে। আবার আপনাদের আইপি দিয়ে ৩ জনে অনলাইনে খেলতে গেলে এপ্লিকেশন থেকে বের করে দ্যায়।

সার্ভার সেটাপ এর একটা ডুকুমেন্টেশন প্রধান করলে ভালো হতো। এবং কোন ইউজার বিজয় হলো তার ডাটা কি সার্ভারে নিয়ে আসা যাবে ? Mysql সার্ভারে?

Let us check from our side and get back to you ASAP.

Thank you

Hello I have some questions about online featrue. Can user set username when playing online? How we can get data of which user win and lose the match? Is there any database?


Please check your email. We have replied your email.

Thank you

Node.JS setup problem in cpanel Can you help Or Provide any Node Js Server

Could you please explain the details of your problem? We have described the details in this document:

Sorry to inform you that we are not providing any such service as Node Js Server.

Thank you

Hi there, i bought your ludo six project. but i am having a problem with server set up of the game. I want a guide from you to, how to set up the node.js server of the game in firebase. kindly send me a mail with the steps to do it. thanks

Thank you for purchasing our product. We will get back to you as soon as possible through email.

Thank you

Hi there, i bought your game and you have targeted api 30. But play store is not allowing api 30. it requires api 32. Kindly update my game. my money wasted on it. cant publish it on play store. Its so much late give the update on api level 32 please reply me on my mail

Ok, we will take a look and try to get back to you ASAP.

Will this work in Android 11 and 12 ?

Yes, It will work but you have any issue please let us know.

Thank you

Question : Can we store user info and game rewards Data as default Database about Ludo games?

we like to purchase LUDO SIX from your company. so we need to know about it clearly first. pls send us reply to our mail :

Thanks for the question. We will get back to your question answer as quickly as possible.

Thanks again!!!

we need your positive information instantly.. Pls knock us over mail … waiting.

Please check your email.

Thank you

sir, should i buy domain hosting to setup this ludo? if yes so will you provide admin panel.

Yes, it’s an online game. Also, you can play offline. Please go through the documentation so you will understand.

Thank you

I want to know One thing without admin panel how can player join via online?

As I already mentioned, please review the documentation with the video tutorial. We have also added a demo apk on the page; please download it for testing purposes. I hope you will understand clearly.

Thank you

sir can i use admob or facebook ads? have you implemented both admob and facebook ads.

Yes you can use admob or facebook ads. Please read our document you will clear idea.

Thank you

Hello sir i want installation services pls contact me +91 7799565666 i already send what’s app

Hello Sir,

We will share with you the details installation services process through Email.

Thank you

Hi – I have been waiting for online multiplayer for a year now – You when is it coming ??

Hello Sir,

Sorry to hear about that. We have a plan to do it but are still not yet finalized on when we will go for an update. After updating the code, we will notify the client.

Thanks for your patience.

Thank you

Hi i want to purchase but once i confirm to u i want installation services and chating with voice players so pls contact me+917799565666

Hello Sir,

Please check your email inbox.

Thank you

For multiple player Ludo six

On your code you setup backend with Nord js ( socket io )

But we need same functionality on laraval Backend how to fix


Socket.IO is a library that enables real-time, bidirectional and event-based communication between the browser and the server. It consists of: a Node. js server.

Node js allows default implementation but for laravel Backend you can follow this ref

Hope it will give you some insights


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