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how to open the source code using Android studio software? is it possibe ? if not please tell me which software to open the source code

i am asking about source code files!!! , the app APK worked with me no problem

yes source also work fine in lolipop. Thanks,

it is perfect code working good , thankyou , but my last query , how to make the program appear in the notice area as an indication that iprogram works all the time?

Nice Work! i like your app Location Tracker but i want a full spy app to protect my kids with web admin (backend) for view and save history with full data (phone num, location, call).

Okay, You can mail me full requirements at passiontocode@gmail.com


I sent you a email.


don’t work for brazil, not send sms

perfect code , finally worked

can I repackage and sell this app under my own brand

No you cant.

want to make sure before buying: 1. is this implementing android background service?, so it will keep tracking even if the apps closed 2. can the source code be compiled with latest android studio?

GPS services are run in background. with the help of GPS you will get location info even if app is closed and not running in background. sorry you have to set up code in eclipse. It is developed in eclipse.


HI .is there version for white label , if yes how much .

Sorry I am not getting you.please explain. Thanks

is it compatible iwth the new google api?

Yes please check demo apk file. Thanks

can I upload it to store myself with different name?

Yes you can. Thanks

is this google map v2 ?

HI there, this seems like what I have been looking for. Does it allow to track multiple phones? And does it show on a map on a web URL? Thanks, Mayo

you can not see this on web it is an android app. please contact me on passiontocode@gmail.com for more details.


Thank you for the reply. Does it allow to track multiple phones? And does it show the location on a map on the android mobile device?

Please check apk file. You will better understand. Thanks,

Hi, first of all congrats for your work. I’m interested to buy but I want to add some features (most of them are already required previously by another users and you told them that is possible). I will send you an email shortly with my requirements.

Thanks for your appreciations. Mail me at passiontocode@gmail.com


please check your email. I send it again. I look forward to your reply. Thanks

Hi friend i am intrested in your apps, but i need to know if your apps work through the aid of internet or without internet

Please test the apk file

does it work with internet or it work without internet

Hello there, I love the comments your app has received so far. Great work :) . I want to purchase it but i want you to change the name for me. Will that cost me more?

Hi, I want to create a similar app for my website http://rastrearuncelular.com I was about to hire an app developer but just found this, can I translate it to Spanish without code knowledge? Thanks.

I love this application, here in this blog http://como-espiar.com/rastreador-de-celular/ how to track a cell with this application speak, I recommend you read it are many advantages

does it support Cell Tower Id location if app cannot get GPS?

can you send demo app to me?

still cannot download. Can I get demo app?

Hi.. do you have web/html5 version of this app? or maybe some dashboard map that can track phone location something like that

no. It is in android os only.

Hi ! It´s real time tracker?

Ya.You can test my demo apk. Thanks,