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Means ?

When i download the source project, it not looks like android studio project, please tell me where can i find it?. Thanks

It is in android studio only. Please send me picture of your code. Thanks,

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Hello, Did you got your code in android studio ? Thanks,

hi , what is in the new update?

My dear , what about an update for sending tracking message to email instead of SMS , because SMS is costly for people who are depending on the App

Friend of mine at http://rastrearuncelular.org/ that reviews apps like this, location and monitoring for cellphones told me this is one of the best apps, is lean and effective. Congrats.. happy to know other coders who create good applications.

I am using it in my project https://tecnobeta.net/rastrear-numero-celular-gratis/ and I think it is great and very useful.

Yes. Thanks,

Hi Good app and idea. I understand it will send an sms to the target phone if outside the geofence area. But what if I want to find the target inside the geofence area? What this app really needs is a server backend where we can see real-time location info about the target

This application will send you SMS only when user goes outside the GEO fense. Thanks,

The yes the GEO fence is a good feature but it limits the usefulness of the app. The app should report all movement in or outside the GEO fence. I wanted an app like this to monitor my sons mobile. However once the app notifies me that he has left the GRO fence, how would I then locate him.

This app is just to set the target persons boundary. Thanks,

Check this website to location tracker http://rastrearcelularya.com I think is the best

Okay.Will do it. Thanks,