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Hello, very interesting plugin… does it allow to search for users around you? some kind of proximity search? “show the users near you” based on the current location?

Hello, There is an option in General Settings that will enable user geolocation when he/she loads the map. If this option is activated your users will automatically see the map centered on their current position, thus effectively seeing the users around him/her

cool work ! all the best for your sales ;)

Hey thanks a lot Eric!

very interesting plugin, but i can use a realtime users loction in the map?

Hello! What do you mean by ‘realtime user location’ ? if what you mean is that you want the map to be centered on the current visitor location then yes it is possible. you just have to enable the user geolocation in the Map Settings tab of your map (toggle “Enable user geolocation” to yes)

Got it Installed and it’s working great. Love this new buddypress map. Thank you.

Great! Thanks for the comment!

Hi, I just purchased and installed the plugin and found the get a license key request in options, is the license key not included in the purchase price? Can’t find anything in your in your documentation and there is no code in the license folder do I have to pay another $4.99?

Hi Trimorphous, No you don’t need to buy another license, you can use the same license key both in the BuddyPress Addon tab and in the “general” tab addon.

Where is the License key then? There doesn’t seem to be one in the license details.

Have a look at the documentation file that is included in the zip. It tells you how to define your license key

Nice, bookmarked.


Hi I did the error of buying your plugin through your website and now I have no possibility to download the files… and your website does not have any account login link. please advice. thanks

Hi, I answered you right away, please check your mail

hi there,

your live demo isn’t working :(

Hi Ludomuse, thanks for letting me know! It is fixed now

Hi, is it possible to filter the listing while navigating on the map ? it’s seems there is a refresh but the content is still the same.

On the demo, the user list is flickering but the content is not changing when you navigate the map, so it is a bug ?

no, not a bug : each time you move the map the navlist is refreshed and ‘fades in’. I agree it is not really pretty, I am going to remove the visual effect next version

In order to filter the listing while navigating you have to enable the option ‘Refresh list as you go’ in your map settings

Hi! Unfortunately the envato purchase code / License Key just work in in default settings. In Buddypress Settings i get “Missing or incorrect License Key. Reminder : each license key is valid for only one domain. To use this plugin on several domains you need to purchase more licenses” / so i just bought another standard license, but nothing happend? Thank you for your soon help…

Hello, the license key must be entered too in the Buddypress options tab, not only in the general tab.Use it in both and it should work. In any case don’t hesitate to contact me at, not here as for some reason I don’t receive notifications from Envto telling me that I have comments. Thanks!

i did it in the buddypress tab….

Please contact me at and send me your license key so I can have a look


Pre question, if i add a kml file, the map can do the effect like google earth, going to the spot and show street view?


Hello Support for KML is limited to displaying polygons and simple markers. Streetview is not available.

Hi, what about update? thanks

Hello, what do you mean?

Useless when you are going to add different maps it show all users on every map

If you needed this particular feature you could have asked the question before buying or ask for a refund afterwards.

Rating 1 star just because you didn’t get what you expected says more about the kind of person you are than about the quality of the addon…

Hello, I have a field of localization delivered with the theme which makes it possible to enter a field buddypress with the api google maps.

a/ Is it possible to use this field with your plugin?

b/ Can we make a map of the location of the member, which I can retrieve in a shortcode (in order to insert it in a tab buffypress)?

c/ Can I make a map to filter the other members (50 maximum) buddypress and if possible within 50 km (without having to enter value, this would be the top) who lives near the connected member?


Hi, +1 please

Hello, sorry for the late answer.

a) You cannot use this field directly with the plugin although it probably wouldn’t be hard to custom code it. b) You could map the user’s location but not in realtime though c) there is no radius search in the plugin

Hello reversedk, i text you now 3 Time but no Answer is comming back. i install your plugin 3 time and everytime come that the plugin have not a save script and have so much securityholes, and the second problem is that the Key is not working after your update…..because of your plugin my site goes down….. now i want my money back!!! and i want my money back that i pay for a key that i dont become from you i pay here on for your plugin and in your site for hide watermaker but i become nothing untill now…. i try to generate that more then 8 times…..what kind of service is that to take care of your coustmers????? i want my money back or i will go to police

Dear Ganeshaa, It is the 3rd time I answer you! Please check your spam folder. In my previous message I was asking you to contact me at my mail address with more details. I even offered to generate the key for you as it seems you dont get how to do it yourself. I cant give you your key here in public I need you to write me privately.

If you still want a refund I will gladly grant it, just confirm me here and send me your full website Url.. Please be aware that the refund will rescind your right to use the plugin, which means LocateAnything won’t work anymore on your website.